Sentient AI Could Be the Future of Marketing

The world of marketing has changed in the last five or ten years. The current methods of marketing use modern technology as well as progressive research to find more efficient ways of promoting products and services. One of the most significant changes within marketing happened with the rise of the digital and the internet era. At first, it was the transition from newspaper to radio and television. Later the computers become mainstream and marketing specialists adapted while continuing research into this new medium.

Sentient AI would not be a concept many people think of relating to marketing, but AI is already making an impact on the technology involved in marketing. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before it becomes widely spread and widely used among other things to influence consumers and interact with them. Technology analyses the interaction people have on the internet and recent developments helped an AI analyze their behavior and then provide relevant ads to people on Facebook and other social media.

Advertising brings in a high percentage of revenue for companies so a Sentient AI that could tailor the ads to their recipients and result is more clicks would be useful for both sides of the market. Users would stop seeing advertising they don’t find relevant for their purpose and companies would be able to gain more clients and keep their current customer base interested.

Another aspect that researchers are working on is the option of receiving feedback as soon as the advertisement encourages consumers to interact with it. People are more connected than ever, and they read and write online reviews about products and services shaping the market as they go. People don’t trust into advertising as much as they believe in consumer feedback. So if the input could become instant, it would give customers entertaining interaction and hold their attention. Also, it would provide companies with response what to work on and how the marketing is doing as a whole.

Sentient AI would also influence the customer service, making it easier to solve various problems, extending office hours since the human input would not be as necessary. Therefore it would become quicker and more efficient within the multiple aspects of business also making it cheaper for the companies.

It is possible that such advancement in technology is still a thing of the future, but businesses are already seeing little new stuff within technology they use to create marketing campaigns. They appear here and there pointing the way of AIs in the future. Visit to know more about Sentient.

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