Health services at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex is a private limited company and an independent group based in the United Kingdom. Sussex is a healthcare group that provides nursing and residential care to the residents of Sussex.

These services are not only offered in the homes but also away from the houses. Sussex services are person-centered and are on issues related to the health status of the residents of Sussex.
Sussex healthcare incorporated on the 24th of March 2008.

Sussex, therefore, offers specialist needs to the people with various health problems that are considered urgent such as brain injuries, multiple disabilities that are related to the learning processes, and autism.

The organization does not restrict to specific age group or generation in its provision of services. They offer their services to all people ranging from the children to the old. It is therefore not a child organization nor an adult organization; it serves both.

Sussex keeps making various innovations relating to technology in their very many efforts to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the services at the company to make the quality of life at Sussex and ensure there is a difference to the well-being of these individuals.

The organization offers various additional services. These services include respite care, gymnasium, sensory rooms, pools for hydrotherapy, day-care, physiotherapy, and many holistic therapies.

The healthcare organization has got quality and passionate staff that is committed to offering healthcare services to the residents of Sussex.

The staff is selected for each care home and undergo healthcare training and imparted with the necessary knowledge required to help them perform their duties efficiently.

Some of the facilities under the custody of the Sussex healthcare include Horncastle house in western Sussex, Horncastle Care Centre.

Beachcroft care center on the outskirts of Eastern Grinstead, forest lodge, The Laurels, upper Mead, Longfield Manor, Clemsfold house, Rapkyns care center; also known as the Grange, Wisteria Lodge.The granary, Norfolk lodge, Kingsmead lodge, Kingsmead care center, Rapkyns care center, Beech Lodge, Orchard Lodge, Wood Hurst lodge, and the White lodge located in the middle of Purley near Croydon.

These health facilities serve different purposes. Among them is the Horncastle care that offers its services to the adults with brain injuries, The Laurels which provides a safe and comfortable environment for the young adults with health needs, and Clemsford which offers accommodation and care for the older people.

Others include the Kingsmeed lodge which deals with mental health issues affecting the people of Sussex, Beech lodge that provides care for the young adults that face disabilities with learning and physical disabilities, among others.

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