Highland Capital Management‘s Korea Healthcare Fund

Established in 1993 by Dondero J and Okada Mark, Highland Capital is currently among the large credit managers with a wealth of experience in global alternative investments. It currently has $18 billion in terms of assets that is under its management and registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. These attributes make it one of the best in the asset and equity funds management. Read this article at Dallas News.

Background of operation

Highland Capital Management’s affiliate, Highland Management (Korea) has closed a deal with South Korea’s pension service, National Pension Service; the deal is a $147 million private fund that is focused on healthcare. The pension service is the funds anchor investor with an approximated value of $499.8billion with a $465.13 corpus.

Investment portfolio

The various investment objectives by the investors in the deal include accessibility co-investment opportunities to enable them meet strategic objectives they have in China, United States and Korea. The fund co-managers are Stonebridge Capital, which is a firm dealing in private equity, and also venture capital. The deal is Highland’s first Asian equity fund that has a healthcare orientation, and has offered Asian investors with interest in the healthcare sector to invest with a fund that has experience in the sector. Previous investments have been through direct or multipurpose funds.


Highland Capital has over 15 years’ experience and track record in dealing in similar fund arrangements in relation to dealing with healthcare companies, with management of over $1.5 billion assets belonging to various asset classes that are healthcare assets in nature. It specializes in hedge funds (credit), loan obligations that are collateralized, separate accounts with long-only funding, and private equity dealing in special situation or distressed situations. It also deals in alternative investments such as natural resources and emerging markets, they also invest in equities that are long or short in nature.

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The Conclusion

Healthcare investors can tap in on the healthcare market, especially in Asia where there has been an increase in accessibility towards health care services which has resulted in an increase in utilization levels and led to a complex demand by both the government and consumer demands on the healthcare sector. This has created an opportunity for value-based models on matters reimbursement. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

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