Glen Wakeman: Successful Financial Investor

Glen Waken is a major Financial Services, Executive, Business owner, Investor, Board member, CEO, Financial Mentor and experience of more than 21 years in business development. Glen Wakeman is a passionate person and improves his agility and company through five crucial dimensions: Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance. Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of the LaunchPad Holdings that comprises of various fully launched automated software services. These services enable beginners in entrepreneurship industry to develop a working financial plan. The system’s software is user-based and enjoys most of its accelerating curve. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

The LaunchPad Toolkit is complemented by a deep and broad library of suggestions and tips that are available for guidance to business people. The toolkit helps entrepreneurs in their companies and is mainly supported by a vast ecosystem of capital advisors and providers.

Glen Wakeman was the President and Founder of Nova Four. Nova Four is a firm that solely provided strategic advice and also capital to developing forms. Glen Wakeman was also responsible for CEO coaching and various Board duties as a way of improving the sustainability of the company.

Glen Wakeman received several international, national and local awards due to his competent leadership skills as well as a dedication towards social responsibility. He spent more than 20 years in GE Capital. This is where he developed progressive and complex leadership skills.


Glen Wakeman has lived in 6 countries, and he has been responsive to major operations in more than 30 countries. While he was working in GE capital, they recognized his as the Growth Leadership Model by Board of Directors. He went to the University of Chicago for his masters and the University of Scranton for his degree in Finance and Economics.


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