Lime Crime Releases Darker Shades for Darker Hair

Lime Crime is a haircare and cosmetic company with a line of hair dye called Unicorn Hair. The company released four new hair dyes to the line, especially for people with dark or brunette hair. The new products are Chestnut, Sea Witch, Squid and Charcoal.

Chestnut is a full-coverage maroon brown, that goes well with fall colors and brightens the eyes.

Sea Witch is full-coverage and a rich teal. This color goes well with dark because of it’s hues in the sunlight.

Squid is a bluish purple, full-coverage and is best on lighter brown hair. This color is also full-coverage.

Finally, Charcoal is a black-grey, that gives darker hair a great tone and all over color, which is a good dye for chilly winters.

LimeCrime offers these colors in a semi-permanent dye, so they wash out over time. They are made to stay colorful as they fade over time. Lime Crime also does not test on animals and the hair color is vegan.

Matching the hair color products with the cosmetics is a great way to add a splash of color to complement your whole look. The venus eye shadow and unicorn lipstick are a good combination of colors that blend well with the new products in the Unicorn Hair line.

Lime Crime is a socially responsible company, giving everyone a change to enjoy a new look in hair and makeup. Brunettes now have the ability to wear a hair color that fades in a natural way and is semi-permanent. They also encourage mixing your own colors!

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