Desiree Perez is Much More Than Roc Nation’s Main Negotiator

Within the entertainment industry, Desiree Perez has built one of the strongest reputations as the chief negotiator with an eye on the building of a powerful business at the label owned by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. First arriving at the business of the rapper when it was simply SC Enterprises, Perez has become an indispensable part of the team at the label and entertainment brand with many members of the entertainment industry revealing her tough, no-nonsense stance during negotiations has led to Roc Nation becoming one of the fastest rising entertainment businesses in the world.

After being named as one of the leading female executives in the entertainment industry by “Billboard” magazine her position as much more than simply a tough negotiator is finally being recognized. Desiree Perez has been instrumental in developing the role of sponsors making live tours and events more profitable than ever before for the entertainment brand; the executive has been instrumental in building the business relationship between Roc Nation and the Live Nation events brand which has allowed greater profits to be gained by the label when artists head out on tour. Jay-Z’s own “4:44” world tour has been one of the chief recipients of the success of Desiree Perez’s sponsorship business model with the link to sportswear giant Puma allowing a 21 percent higher profit to be achieved.

The entertainment business allows Desiree Perez to make major advances in her work with new artists including those recently signed to Roc Nation. Although she has taken a major role in the development of the Roc Nation sports agency, Desiree Perez also mentors many artists and has played a pivotal role in the relaunch of the acting and music career of “Umbrella” singer Rihanna.


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