ClassDojo Makes The Educational Experience Fun For Students, Teachers and Parents

A fascinating article that recently appeared on the Entrepreneur website explores the thriving and exciting field of education technology. With such successful products as ClassDojo being utilized extensively in many American schools already, any new education technology products that come along will have to fulfill specific needs.

According to the Entrepreneur article, a large increase in educational technology investments in the year 2017 has overshadowed the slow-growth year that preceded it. In addition to consistent growth by ClassDojo, 2017 was a good year for the educational game Classcraft, and the adaptive learning company Nearpod. Because the Republicans will most likely be cutting federal education funds in 2018, potential investors are paying close attention to the situation.

More so than with administrators, it is teachers who really know what does or does not work in the classroom. Education budgets are often very limited, and tech products that are being introduced to today’s classroom usually need to be considered as necessary.

Introduced in 2011, ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that is used by teachers, parents and students. Providing ground-up change in the educational experience, this communication platform allows users to share messages, photos and videos.

Creating community when it is used, ClassDojo gives parents the opportunity to actually see some of the work and activities that are taking place in their children’s school day. This communication platform provides a connection and sense of empowerment that was previously unavailable.

Most American schools now offer online access to their students and nearly 90 percent now feature broadband service. In today’s world, it is important for education technology companies to not only provide high quality, appealing products, but to also provide consistent product support.

Although pens and pencils are still used for some classroom assignments, today’s students, teachers and parents are embracing the innovative technology provided by ClassDojo. With this great app being used at two in three schools, ClassDojo is creating a positive culture that makes the educational experience fun for everyone.

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