Glen Wakeman and His Inspiration to Startups

Glen Wakeman went to the University of Scranton with a BSc. Economics and finance in the 1980s. After getting the real-world exposure, he decided to go back to school and enrolled at the University of Chicago. There, he graduated with an MBA in Finance in 1993. Glen has had the pleasure of living in six countries and working in 32. All this took place during his 20-year-long career with GE Capital. He has transformed businesses employing more than 17,000 workers and with $15 billion in assets. His expertise includes start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and integrations, among other entrepreneurial-related fields.

Currently, Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings. This is a SAAS company that helps new entrepreneurs to maximize their success by providing them with online business planning services. He is usually blogging about current business trends, global affairs, and leadership. His blogs are always full of advice that relates to capital acquisition, strategy, and financing.

The LaunchPad Toolkit is known to offer great tips and suggestions to entrepreneurs trying to launch their companies. It has received support from a broad ecosystem of advisors and capital lenders.

Glen usually mentors C-level executives and many start-ups (Instagram). He is always looking for innovation, growth, and developing executives. To him, success is more about helping others achieve their dreams. Instead of piling his entrepreneurial, writer, and business knowledge, he prefers to help other enterprises succeed in breaking off the ground.

Apart from running his company, the Launchpad Holdings, he also ensures that small start-ups get to succeed and even go beyond their expected limits. It is not by luck that Glen Wakeman is so successful; he has worked effortlessly to achieve everything and be where he is today.

He started out in 1983 when he secured a job with GE Money Latin America. This was the icebreaker for Glen, and it would mold a globally renowned entrepreneur. While working there, Glen managed to develop a nine-country operation just from a humble start-up. Currently, the corporation has over 1,000 branches, more than 17,000 employees, and annual earnings of over $100 million. Its assets also exceed $12 billion.


Glen Walkman’s expertise lies in different fields, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Transforming business
  • Capital markets
  • Strategy
  • Business growth


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