Jorge Moll Leads the Way In Collaborative Research Practices

Jorge Moll, a leading neuroscientist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is conducting research to discover what makes people genuinely happy. He is the Founder and President and a board member at D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), as well the as Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

Dr. Jorge Moll graduated with his MD in Neuroscience and completed his residency at Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Moll completed his Ph.D. In Experimental Pathophysiology at São Paulo University. A deep seeded love for his country and people made his career path an easy choice, conducting research and educating others in his home city of Rio de Janeiro.

As a leader of many different businesses and research groups, Dr. Jorge Moll stays very busy. A typical day is spent meeting with a variety of people; students, colleagues, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and discussing many different topics. In addition to the many meetings he attends and leads, he also makes time to spend with his children, watching movies or playing Legos. Dr. Moll values open communication, collaboration and innovative thinking and incorporates and practices transparency in all of his businesses and relationships.

Dr. Moll’s interests are as varied as his many daily meetings. True to his scientific nature, he is particularly intrigued by gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Outside of medicine, Dr. Moll finds artificial intelligence fascinating. He is also eager to research cognitive systems and a variety of ways that machines and brains can work together.

Due to the many hats Dr. Moll wears, and the vast number of people and projects he invests in, he relies on wisdom to discern which ideas he will dedicate his time and efforts toward developing ( Dr. Moll specifically chooses to pursue ideas that allow him to easily create a measureable plan of action, and that have collaborative opportunities with other researchers and professionals. He does not allow ideas to remain ideas for long, he either moves forward with them, or drops them in favor of other possibilities.

Dr. Moll lives out his belief of not repeating things over and over, but rather consistently moving forward.


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