Tricks to Avoid End of Quarter Campaign Mistakes According To NGP VAN

For most campaigns, the end- of -quarter can turn out to be an extreme tasking time. At this time in the quarter, you need to meet various last minute fundraising goals, which mean that digital teams and financial teams can get overstretched. If you want to make the end quarter a little bit easier, it is necessary to take into consideration the following top tips.

Always keep common easy-to-use emails in your back pocket. If you work for a company like NGP VAN- a leading provider in progressive technology- where you are sending similar emails for four to five days in a row, running out of ideas can be a common occurrence. You are going to need to have several ideas in your back pocket which you can use and will not demand a lot of thinking to put together during this stressful time. The following are some of the ideas you can utilize when you’re out of ideas, provided by NGP VAN.

You can use variables like people who have joined your Facebook groups, the number of email subscribers, and the number of volunteers. Get the exact amount that you have raised in the first quarter and the number of donations that you have already received as a group.

  • Use a thermometer

It is to indicate how close the group is to hitting your targets but including as an amateur that indicates how close you are to hit new benchmark goals.

  • Always indicates the average contribution

If you have a below average contribution, it is vital to share that with your supporters and request them to chip in the average donation contribution.

  • Remember to show what other people contribute

After you receive contributions, always redirect a form to the donors asking them to share the reason they contributed to this campaign. Remember to ask for permission to share these stories. Pick the very impactful stories and write them on your pages.

Always write what you can in advance!

Writing can be a time-consuming process in most occurrences. You can ease this burden by writing most of your content in advance.


NGP VAN focuses on assisting progressive organizations and campaigns leverage technology to meet their targets. In 2009, NGP VAN was the biggest partisan provider in the compliance software campaign.

NGP VAN started in November 2010 when its predecessor companies merged. NGP VAN two predecessor companies are NGP software and Voter Activation Network. The firm has worked on most major progressive campaigns including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.


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