The Excellence In Foodservice & How OSI Group Has Changed The Game

The foodservice industry is definitely one of the most fascinating industries known to man. This is also one of the most challenging and demanding industries on earth. Having the ability to produce, to manage and to distribute foods is a full-time job. There is one food provider that embodies this notion perfectly, and it’s known as OSI Group. OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois, but it has facilities on just about every continent. These facilities are very high-tech, and they have the capability to produce a wide array of foods. So, where are the companies actually located? Well, to give you a better sense of understanding its magnitude, OSI has facilities in Hungary, in Poland, in Germany, in Brazil, in Canada, in the United States, in the Netherland, in the United Kingdom, in Japan and in many other regions.

Business acquisitions are a major part of doing business, and it plays a major role in growth. OSI Group is no stranger to business acquisitions, and it has acquired some of the top brands in the industry. BAHO Food was acquired back in 2016, and it will give OSI Group a huge advantage for growth in untapped markets. This private-Dutch company is one of the most well-known names in Europe. BAHO Food serves a large statistical area of about 18 different countries, and it produces a wide range of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods. OSI Group will also hold on to BAHO Food‘s managing director as well as hold on to its entire management team.

This company really isn’t in the business of monopolizing the food service industry. As you can see, OSI Group does a fruitful job of retaining many of the employees from the acquired companies. This is business 101 and as of now, no other food provider is doing it any better than this company.


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