Enhanced Athlete Works to Win the Case

Enhanced Athlete is a company focused on their customers. They offer their services so people can feel better about themselves. They also offer coaching and gear that can help athletes succeed with all the options they need. The company spent a long time building their business up and relying on their good name to get through in the world of helping athletes. They spent most of their time doing what they could to give back to the people they saw as the best customers and that’s how they work to give them the options they need to get better.


When Nutrition Distribution tried to make things harder on Enhanced Athlete by suing them, they knew they had to do something. Enhanced Athlete saw this happen many times with the same company. They continued trying to sue people so they could make money. Enhanced Athlete felt they were where it needed to end. They knew the company was bogus and they did what they could to ensure everyone else knew it too. Now, it looks as though the case is swinging in favor of Enhanced Athlete because they know they did nothing wrong in the industry. It is their way of giving people a chance to see things will get better.


Enhanced Athlete saw Nutrition Distribution as nothing more than a company that just likes to sue other companies. They don’t even have a real claim in the nutrition industry. Instead, they just try suing companies that sell products similar to theirs. Most of the companies are new and they don’t have enough to stand on to fight Nutrition Distribution. They either end up losing the case or paying a settlement amount to ND because it means they don’t go out of business. The company makes its money that way.


Enhanced Athlete knew this wasn’t right and wanted to stop it. Unlike many of the other companies Nutrition Distribution went after, Enhanced Athlete knew what they were doing. They had been working for a long time and people saw them as a successful company in the industry. They had a great reputation and a lot of money behind them. Unlike the others, they could fight against ND. They decided to do it and now things are looking up. While they haven’t won the case, it’s gone better for them than it has with other companies that saw the same suit presented to them by Nutrition Distribution.

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