End Citizens United Makes Endorsements

The 2018 midterm election cycle is seeing a major change in the political campaigning process. This change is the refusal of corporate funds for platform operations. And although the phenomenon appears to be something that only happens within the Democratic party, it is a refreshing strategy.

Jane Raybould is just one of these party members who has already turned down big money from corporate PAC sponsors. She wants the voters of Nebraska to know that her U.S. Senate race is not for sale and their best interests come first. And, that is exactly why End Citizens United (ECU) endorses Jane Raybould bid for being a Senate member. As a side note, the opposite can be said of her opponent, Senator Fischer who acquires about half of her campaign funds from special interest organizations.

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The turning away of corporate funds is actually a growing trend, as a more than 80 political figures have opted out of having deep-pocket support in lieu of grassroots solutions for funding. It is just one of the goals of End Citizens United to support these candidates and raise awareness for their causes. This turning away from PAC and special interest money is not just about playing fair on the campaign trail, which should be more than enough reason to endorse the act. It is also about listening to the will of voters, while protecting the validity of the voting process.

An incredible per cent of the United States citizenry believe that a few big interest groups are manipulating the role of government while at the same time corrupting its purpose. A significantly lower percent of people believe that a candidate’s refusal of corporate and PAC funding is a good indicator of trust worth. In the case of Raybould, the endorsement from End Citizens United puts her in contact with thousands of its members who might turn out to be supporters and even volunteers. ECU accept $15 only for individual donation.

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