Shiraz Boghani Of Splendid Hospitality

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a partner in the Sussex Health Care Centers and Support Services. Sussex Health Care has been awarded the premier therapy model for healthcare in the United Kingdom. Sussex has thousands of ensuite group homes which supports the elderly and individuals who suffer from aging and neurological conditions. Mr. Boghani is an astute businessman with a successful portfolio in real estate ventures.

Mr. Boghani is also a hotelier, chairperson, and founder of the successful U.K. chain known as The Splendid Hospitality Group. Shiraz has designed his hotel chains with innovative designs and comfort. The largest of the luxury Splendid hotels is located in the center of downtown London. As a privately-owned brand, The Splendid Hospitality Group models range from boutique style, upper mid-scale, mid-scale, and luxury.

Shiraz Boghani did not rest on his hotel laurels, he also became a founding partner and chairman of the Sojourn Hotels LLP. Sojourn Hotels are also located in the U.K. region featuring ample leisure amenities including chef-inspired restaurants and bars, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, and more.

In 2016, Mr. Shiraz Boghani was named Hotelier of the Year which is awarded by The Asian Business Award Company. The annual Asian Business awards are given to businesses with a continual excellence record of consistent commercial success, through a vision of growth, proven leadership, a professional management reputation, and quality overall talent development.

Mr. Boghani was born in Kenya, Africa before he migrated to England. Shiraz Boghani is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader in the hotel, healthcare, real estate, and financing industry. In 1969 Shiraz migrated to the United Kingdom where he began a career in the accounting field. He continued his accounting education by becoming a member of England’s Institute of Chartered Accounts.

Shiraz Boghani started his financial career with a small accounting firm in England, then he joined the eminent KPMG Company. After a short stint in finance, he turned his attention to the hospitality industry where he soon established more than 25 limited-service hotels. Shiraz Boghani is a preeminent business visionary which is why he has received many community organization appointments.

Shiraz was appointed the Chairman of the National Conciliation, a member of the Arbitration Board for the Ismaili Community National Council, the Aga Khan Foundation, and the Aga Khan University. In keeping with his ancestry, he is leading and directing these organizations into a working relationship between the British and Muslim citizens.

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