Jeff Yastine: Kennedy Accounts As a Unique Investment Vehicle

Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist who has a long and storied career. He first rose to prominence in the financial journalism industry is a member of PBS publication The Nightly Business Report. For his work on The Nightly Business Report on investigative journalism regarding American road systems, he received an Emmy nomination and entered into the national spotlight. Today he is even more famous for his work regarding financial investment advice as a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Over his career, he has had the opportunity to firsthand see the inner machinations of the finance industry and has had the ability to meet firsthand with investment legends such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, and even William Buffett. Today he is best known for his work on Total Wealth Insider a publication from Banyan Hill Publishing Company for which he is the editor. Less prominently he is also a contributor to several other publications for the company including Sovereign Investor Daily. View Jeff’s profile on

Although Jeff Yastine is well known for his work in financial journalism, he is now best known for his recent viral video in which he discusses and describes a unique investment opportunity that he refers to as Kennedy Accounts. The term Kennedy Accounts was invented by Jeff Yastine but does refer to a unique investment opportunity in the American economy that is very real. Kennedy Accounts refer to the purchase of stock using Direct Stock Purchase Plans. Direct Stock Purchase Plans, or DSPP, allow an individual investor to purchase stock directly from the company instead of using a stockbroker as is typical in the stock market. By eliminating the need for a stockbroker, individuals who invest using a Direct Stock Purchase Plans are able to eliminate one of the most common costs associated with a conventional stock market investment, commissions. As a result of the elimination of Wall Street these investments have not been popularized as companies are not even allowed to advertise their existence. It gets even better as individuals who purchase stock using a DSPP will many times receive a discount of up to 5% from companies as compared to their typical market value on the conventional stock market. Follow Jeff Yastine on

It is quite obvious that by eliminating fees and receiving a discount on your investment, it is possible to generate significant returns that are far more substantial than you would receive if you had invested through a regular stockbroker.


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