Aloha Construction Article #1

When it comes to general contractors, the United States has a plethora to choose from. These businesses provide some of the very best construction services on the planet, but all aren’t created equal. Wherever you are in this country, you shouldn’t be too far out of the way to receive services. Based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois, is Aloha Construction, and it has taken home-restorative services to the next level. These home-restorative services includes roof installation, stucco installation, waterproofing, soffit installation, window-fascia repair, flashing, roof repair, bathroom repair, kitchen design and many more.

Having good ethics is a very important quality to posses. By having good ethics, a one-time client has the potential to become an long-term client. In 2017, Aloha Construction won the prestigious Torch Award. This specific award honors companies who consistently demonstrates high ethics, leadership, social responsibility and top-notch services. In other words, this award is a representation of obtaining high standards. This particular award has been around since 1996, and various companies have won the award, especially general contractors. According to a panel of judges, there were quite a few companies that were in the running, but Aloha Construction outshined them all. One of the main things that turned-the-tide was that the company was consistent with supporting its community. CEO Dave Farbaky has done an amazing job of staying connected to the Lake Zurich-community, and the company actually contributes on a regular basis.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation has done so by launching a shopping spree for children in the local community. By partnering with Learning Express and Omni Youth Services, Aloha Construction was able to collect more than $7,000 worth of new toys. In the end, Aloha Construction is simply practicing what it preaches and that speaks volumes.

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