OSI Group Awarded Global Honour, Continues to Expand

OSI Group, one of America’s largest private companies in the world, has something else to be very proud of. In November 2016 the group’s European subsidiary, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council for their exemplary management of environmental risks.

Although this was not the first time the company won the award (they won it in 2013 and 2015 respectively) it was a tough competition for the award this year. OSI group was one of just 18 organization to be presented with the prestigious award this year. Not bad for a company with very humble beginnings in rural America nearly 100 years ago.

The OSI Group has been based in Aurora, Illinois since 1909 when it was founded by Otto Kolschowski. The early business was merely a neighborhood meat market but would eventually expand thanks in part to a young fledgling fast-food company named McDonald’s.

Now with over 20,000 employees around the globe, OSI group is gaining recognition in ways that were previously deemed unimaginable. According to Forbes, OSI groups annual sales are in excess of $6.1 billion and continues to be on the rise.

Through partnerships with other fast-food chains, such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, and Starbucks, OSI group has made a huge global impact.

But expansion doesn’t mean the company has forgotten about quality. Quite the opposite has happened, as the company maintains a stellar reputation for delivering a wide selection of quality meats to its customers. Everything from meat patties to hot dogs, to bacon and fish, is provided by OSI with quality, care, and exceptional service.

With more than 65 facilities located in 17 countries around the world, it’s easy to see why and how OSI group has been able to expand vastly. Recently it acquired Flagship Europe, Tyson Food Plant and BAHO foods all with similar successes.

Its safe to say that OSI group won’t be going away any time soon and with their commitment to managing environmental risks, the company has a very profitable and sustainable future to look forward to.

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