Introduction to the use of digital wallets

Introduction to the use of digital wallets.

There has been an introduction of the use of digital wallets to replace the popular traditional leather ones. This concept has however not been embraced by the majority of people. The digital wallets have proven to be a better place to keep one’s cash, credit cards as well as loyalty cards. These wallets provide a safer place to store one’s money. They are furthermore convenient as just a single digital device can replace all the paperwork. These wallets range concerning countries and regions.

In the United Kingdom and Europe generally, the use of the European Wallet has been adapted. This wallet is connected to one’s bank account. The wallet allows one to keep their money in many different currencies as desired. The common coins used usually include euros and dollars. The wallet can as well be connected to the owner’s ATM cards to enable them to withdraw cash from ATMs. Money can be deposited to this wallet directly from ones checking account. One can as well change their money into a credit card and connect it to the portfolio. This option allows the user to use cryptocurrency to pay bills and services. These digital wallets can be used solely as one’s account without being connected to a bank account.


Companies such as EcoPayz and PSI-Pay provide digital wallet services in Europe. EcoPayz allows free customer registration. It as well enables its clients to deposit cash into their wallets, make transfers and spend their money as desired. It offers its clients a lot of services at very affordable fees. The firm usually groups its clients into five groups, from Classic all the way to VIP. The three highest levels enjoy the luxury of making international currency exchange. PSI-Pay, on the other hand, is a similar company. The only difference is that the UK Financial Conduct Authority is controlling it. Due to the involvement of the UK Financial Conduct Authority, PSI- Pay has posed to be the safest company in offering digital money transfer services. This company provides its service both locally and internationally. It has been growing since 2013 when the government started encouraging the use of digital currencies.


PSI-Pay has had a contract to work with Kerv. This contract has enabled them to reach vast international markets. Kerv users have the opportunities to use MasterCard to fund their digital wallets.


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