The Future of Crypto is with Video Games, According to Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX

If someone were to ask Malcolm CasSelle how he believes the future of cryptocurrency will unfold, chances are he will tell you that its future lies with video games. This is because Malcolm CasSelle has been using cryptocurrencies to run third-party video game asset trading marketplaces since nearly the introduction of bitcoin.

OPSkins is the leading name in helmet and gun skins right now. This is the company that Malcolm CasSelle calls home. This company buys and sells skins and overrides for games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It sounds like this is a very niche audience, but the marketplace is extremely large. Many games called “free-to-play” do not charge players a base cost to begin playing the game;however, they release limited items that must be purchased or won from loot crates. These items are often available for only a limited time and can go for hundreds of dollars on OPSkins.

OPSkins owes much of its success to blockchain protocol. This type of protocol creates a scenario where all records of transactions are stored on hundreds of people’s machines. This makes the information unable to be hacked, creating the most secure payment method of all time.

Malcolm CasSelle has now founded a new entry into the third-party video game marketplace. WAX doesn’t aim to replace OPSkins but expand on its vision. While OPSKins is focusing strictly on MOBA and Battle Royale genres, WAX aims to meet the needs of all video game users.

Malcolm CasSelle may currently be the President of WAX, but he has also been involved in a long list of other companies in the tech industry. He has invested in big companies such as Facebook and Zynga. CasSelle is also involved in the publication industry and multimedia. His former companies were MediaPass and Xfire, among others.

Malcolm CasSelle learned the ins and outs of programming at MIT and Standford, where he holds degrees in Computer Sciences. In addition to his knowledge on all things programming and tech, Malcolm CasSelle speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

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