IC System helps creditors

IC System is a stable Accounts Receivable Management that was established in 1938. This corporation can help creditors reduce or eliminate the debts they are try to retrieve from their clients. They were the first company in the United States to replace typewriters with computers. They have 5 core values which they train their employees to excel and provide excellent quality at Compliance standards.

They focus on people, integrity, performance, pride, and innovation. If you’re a creditor looking to have your debts reduced or eliminated by a secure company that you can confide in, then this may be right for you. IC System was audited by FRSecure, a specialist and third-party auditor. FRSecure insures true security compliance, including PCI DSS payment card industry, Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and FTC.

IC System is nationally licensed in 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. Companies that are not licensed everywhere cannot obtain collection from the clients, therefore making it harder for them to clear out that debt. If your office tries to collect a debt outside of the states that is licensed, you run the risk of catching a lawsuit. IC System has the appropriate licenses and bonds to offer collection services in the 50 states.

IC System gives back to the community. IC System helps charities such as American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, St Jude Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities and more.

They help their employees when they have a serious health issue in their life. This company brings quality to the table for its client with the FRSecure system, being nationally licensed in all 50 states and caring for the community. IC System is a company that cares about its employees and monitors them to provide you excellent service.

Look no further into checking this Company if you’re a creditor looking to retrieve your debts with a secured team with excellent ethical values.


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