Sean Penn Lives Vicariously Through Bob Honey

People who have seen success in the film industry don’t usually take a break from it just to enter into a completely different line of work. Sean Penn, however, did. Penn says that he is tired of the movie industry because of what it requires: collaboration.


In Penn’s own words, collaboration can really break a movie. Yes, collaboration can bring a lot of good, innovative ideas to the table, but it can also negatively transform your movie into something that you never planned it would be. Collaboration, however, is necessary. Why? Because when you’re in the film industry, you are in a business where you absolutely must work with others. Working with others often means sharing ideas. When working in film, you must be willing to compromise. Sean Penn doesn’t like compromising, which is why he stepped away from the film industry for a while to try out life as an author, and guess what: he is loving it.

Penn really enjoyed writing his first ever book, and he’s sharing it with the world. He entitled it Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. It is a story that shows just how Sean Penn views modern America. Even the characters relate to real-life characters. Okay, so the characters don’t relate to real-life characters in every way.


For example, Sean Penn isn’t a self-employed septic tank salesman who doubles as a skilled, deadly assassin, but he does relate to Bob Honey in the fact that they are both pariahs (outsiders). Penn feels like a pariah because he is estranged from his children. He vents about this a bit by nicknaming Bob Honey “Papa Pariah.”


A second character that relates to a real-life person is The Landlord, a character who, from start to finish, has too much power. The Landlord started off with power and was elected to a higher position that allowed him even more power. Does this remind you of anyone? Yes, that’s right! The President of the United States!


Sean Penn has likened the character of The Landlord to America’s very own president, and, just as Sean Penn feels that Donald Trump needs to lose some of his power and be taken down, Bob Honey feels that The Landlord should lose some of the power that he has. This book has been met with critical reviews by readers of all ages. Reviews have been mixed but Penn says some of his best laughs came from the worst reviews.


Even people who have been fans of Sean Penn for a long while have had less than positive things to say about the book, calling it dystopian fiction and saying that it has no plot. One thing is for sure, though: Penn isn’t interested in turning the book into a movie. He says that any director who wishes to, however, has his full support – just not his financial support.

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