NewsWatch Rollermouse Red and Balance Keyboard Review

Contour Design’s quest for the “Ultimate Workstation” takes shape in their latest offerings: the Rollermouse Red and Balance Keyboard. A truly innovative reimagining of the mouse, the Rollermouse features a “roller bar” that sits in between you and your keyboard for a pain-free work environment.


A small ergonomic sleeve that sits in the middle of the bar acts as your mouse. Contour Design’s seven-senses tracking technology is intuitive and easy to learn. Simply slide the bar to move the mouse left to right and rolling forward and backward to move the mouse vertically. Clicking the mouse is as easy as tapping lightly on the bar. The Rollerbar is a great solution for those who have developed RSI problems from constant clicking, reaching, and moving that are part of normal mouse use.


The Rollermouse keeps you engaged in your work. Even as you type, the mouse is at your fingertips. There is no need to take your hands away from your keyboard, the Rollermouse is already there. The Rollermouse is no gimmick. It offers all the features of a standard mouse in a hand-friendly form and includes a scroll-wheel and additional buttons. There are also padded hand-rests for ergonomic comfort and support.


To complement the Rollermouse, Contour Design offers the Balance Keyboard. This wireless keyboard has adjustable legs that keep it at the right angle for use with the Rollermouse.


Looking for a completely wireless set-up? Contour’s Ultimate Workstation Free 3 includes the benefits of the Rollermouse Red and the Balance Keyboard in an unbeatable combo.


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