Moonlighting Opportunities from Upwork

If you are amongst the estimated 50% of working men and 70% of working women in the OECD countries that are moonlighting to supplement income from a primary job, you need to check out Upwork to see if your skill set can be marketed on their global freelance platform. Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces and they are changing the atmosphere for moonlighters by providing desirable freelance work and by matching clients with an earth-sized talent pool.

For many hard-working people, with two or more jobs, opportunity for freelance work has traditionally come from the service sector. Take for instance your weekend landscapers, housekeepers, delivery drivers, cab drivers, auto detailers, pressure washers and a host of others. No doubt, the extra income from any second job is rewarding, regardless of the type of work that is being performed. However, there are drawbacks to moonlighting in the service sector. There’s the “time factor.”

Time is a precious commodity and service sector jobs often consume a lot of our time. Secondly, unless you’re performing freelance work from your home, there’s a commute involved and travel time adds to the total amount of time that you are devoting to that second job. There’s also an unfair social stigma with service sector work. If you are in this group, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe, you’ve gone through great lengths to hide your second job from co-workers and friends, as if you are ashamed of having to work multiple jobs and to perform work that is unskilled and service-oriented.

If you are interested in taking on freelance work, outside of the service sector, Upwork is offering up online freelance “work-from-home” opportunities, with 100 categories of work to choose from. They claim that any work that can be performed on a computer can also be done through Upwork. So, if you can write, design, blog or translate, you may be able to join 12 million other registered Upwork freelancers by working from your home computer and performing any one of the broad spectrum of freelance opportunities.

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