Ara Chackerian, the Prolific Businessman

Ara Chackerian is a wealthy entrepreneur, investor and humanitarian with a big heart who has undertaken various public-spirit pursuits. He is an educated gentleman who has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the Florida state university. He is an established member of the state who has some companies in the country. He is significantly involved in healthcare and does work that strives for the incorporation of technology into the healthcare system.


Mr. Ara Chackerian is a go-getter as can be evidenced from his work as the managing partner of ASC capital holdings, a company involved with the investment and perpetuation of funds to early stage healthcare companies. Additionally, he is the co-founder and board member of TMS health solutions, an institution that provides medicine for magnetic invigoration for victims suffering from depression that is resistant. For more details visit LinkedIn.


In his earlier years of life, Mr. Ara Chackerian invested most of his time in the building and development of startup companies with a close relation to healthcare systems. He is responsible for the creation of companies like BMC diagnostic, Pipeline Rx, and Ebion Links. He shares a deep love for the environment as can be seen by his involvement in Limonapa’s environmental conservation where he has a teak plantation that is undergoing reforestation in Nicaragua. Check out



Mr. Ara Chackerian is a person who is kind, his various acts of compassion show the type of person that he is. He has funded some youth projects for nonprofit organizations such as Juma Ventures and Nor Luyce. Additionally, he is a visionary type of person; this can be shown by his various efforts to engage in activities that perpetrate vision and strategy which he says are the reason he goes through his days. Furthermore, he is a humble guy, despite having a lot of money he openly has conversations with his employees without bias alluding to a job position. He says that his generosity mostly comes from the fact that he acknowledges that it is not by his power that he is where he is, rather fate would have it that he gets to where he currently is. You can visit their website



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