How IoT could shape customer expectations – Jason Hope

In the recent times, almost all the airlines have understood that customers have begun to have a certain level of expectations with them in terms of their overall experience. And many feel that their expectations are not being met by the airlines. Currently, there are many instances where customers go through quite a bit of hurdle even for simpler tasks and hence get paranoid and irritated by the idea of travel. And Jason Hope the mobile technology entrepreneur says that, with huge competition in an almost saturated airline industry, this is certainly not a good news to the airlines, some of whom are reporting consecutive losses. Jason Hope believes that the airlines are using the Internet of Things in strategic decisions to make sure that the customers’ expectations are being met.

If you are trying to measure how far this technology could take us, the simple answer to this is that the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. Since more and number of people are becoming technology-friendly, thanks to the smartphone era, integrating technical advancements into their business operations is only going to make their customers happy. According to Jason Hope, some of the ways the airlines could benefit from this is by checking the areas where refueling could be inexpensive, real-time tracking of fuel and the amount being spent on it. They could also use the technology to properly manage flight paths.

Even though any of these could seem quite meager for major airline corporations, slightest of positive modifications are likely to profit them in millions. Jason Hope says that it is also going to increase their customer satisfaction ratings drastically. As simple and profitable as it sounds, it would not be easy for the airlines to implement this and they might have to overcome hurdles along the way. But with a proper sense of dedication and smart implementation, they could go a long way in optimizing business operations.

One of the major challenges that airlines might face is the integration with their existing platforms for their flight operations. While some of them still use their legacy systemsmaking an immediate shift would not be that easy. Integration is an issue that has existed for a long time in the airline space. This might mean they might have to use manhours or even hire skilled professionals to do the job. But with proper planning and scope, it could be extremely fruitful to them.

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