Milan Kordestani’s Significant Contributions To The Farming Sector In The West Coast

When it comes to the youngest CEOs of our time, Milan Kordestani tops the list. The founder of Milan Farms was born in Stanford, California and grew up going to Phillip Brooks Elementary School. In 2009, his parents divorced, and the family shifted to England, but after a year he moved back to Bay area and enrolled to Sacred Hearts Preparatory School where he graduated in 2017. He is currently a first-year student at the Colorado College.

Milan Kordestani is a Huffington post writer with six publications ranging from politics, mental health and one of his broad interests, agribusiness. During his second year in high school, Milan created the Milan Farms, a company that produces poultry and distributes eggs across the west coast including places like Colorado. Besides eggs, the farm produces mint and cultivates Saffron. Despite being the first farmer to grow the spice hydroponically, he is still researching on how to better the crop by finding the best salinity levels in water and the right minerals. Milan Farms was trademarked in 2016 and has currently expanded to three different farms.

Apart from his interest in agribusiness, Milan is passionate about horses and started horse riding when he was only ten years. On his first experience horse riding, he was thrown off a horse while trail riding but did not give up and instead rode the horse back to the camp. Betts Coup, a member of the National Horseman, was taken aback with this ordeal and commended the young lad saying with a little more effort he was ready to compete with high-profile horses and win the blue ribbons.

The national competing equestrian started lessons on how to ride horses in Atherton, and within a few years, he has accomplished significant goals within the sport. In 2015, he was the best competitor in the first leg of the triple crown and took third place in the third leg aboard his horse CH. Following this, he was ranked fourth at the Worlds Championship Horse show. A year later, he competed in the 5-gaited show pleasure level for his split age and became the 1st runners-up making it his best rank in the spot so far.


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