Imagine Entertainment Picks Adds Whitney Wolfe To Their Team

Imagine Entertainment is a film production company that is based out of Beverly Hills, California. Former actor and current director Ron Howard is co-owner of this outfit. Brian Gazer is the other co-owner of the organization as well. Imagine Entertainment also makes television shows as well. In July of 2018 she joined the board of Imagine Entertainment.

The founders of Imagine Entertainment added Whitney Wolfe to their board because of her fresh insight and perspective on things. Gazer states that she is a visionary entrepreneur that has the ability to provide a different way of seeing things. Her inclusion into the company will help Imagine Entertainment to create unique stories that relate to people in this era. Gazer also stated that Whitney was added because she understands how important it is to tell a good story.

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Whitney is the founder of Bumble. This is a dating site that has been active since 2014. The site is an international brand and has millions of followers. It is valued in the billions and continues to grow stronger as each day passes. Whitney Wolfe is a key reason why this company is expanding and gaining such a huge following. She is a likable personality that is on track for doing great things.

Howard and Gazer knows that Whitney Wolfe is going to help their company to excel. She has proven her worth with her own company and her success can only be an asset to the Imagine Entertainment organization. Whitney Wolfe is a non-voting member of the board. She can provide a lot of input into projects, but she cannot make a decision if a project is accepted or not. Regardless, her involvement within Imagine Entertainment is something that people are looking forward to. Strange as this might sound, Whitney Wolfe could easily appear on the big screen as a star in a Hollywood movie.

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