Alex Hern, Talking and Entrepreneurship

There are many people who are part of the technology sector who have heard of Alexander F. Hern. Alex Hern’s acclaim shouldn’t be a shocker to anybody out there, either. This is a man who has devoted himself to entrepreneurship for 15 plus years now. This is a man who has committed himself to bettering all sorts of technology firms that are driven and on the up-and-up. He’s a San Diego, California local who has big aims that relate to entrepreneurship and to his daily work. Visit to know more.

People who know all about Tsunami VR, Inc. most likely know about Hern as well. He’s Tsunami VR’s CEO. He doesn’t exclusively fill his days up with his duties that relate to his Chief Executive Officer status, though. That’s due to the fact that he’s involved in an array of other companies. These companies often have similar approaches and missions, too.

Hern doesn’t just guide the way for the professionals who work for Tsunami VR each day. He also functions as a source of inspiration for them. He’s the firm’s founder. That confirms his zeal for technology, communications and enhancement in general. Tsunami VR is a virtual reality staple that gives its time to clients internationally. It’s not a company that solely thinks about activities in the United States.


Board membership is something that’s almost a way of life for Hern. He’s been managing board membership matters for many years. He’s been a big player on boards for entities like Inktomi, Zero Knowledge Systems, TNSI (Triton Network Systems) and Zero Knowledge Systems has a brand new name on its side. That name is RadialPoint.

Alex Hern has no problems getting up in front of crowds and giving speeches. He frequently travels to schools for speaking reasons. He relishes giving his insight to the planet. Learn more about Alex at

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