OG Juan’s Birthday Party was a Total Blast

It is always good to celebrate a memorable occasion with friends. Well, as for OG Juan, he was able to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. JAY Z is a close friend and business partner to OG Juan. Since friendship matters a lot, JAY Z made sure that OG Juan had a blast as he grew a year older. Among the people present were such as Desiree Perez; OG Juan’s wife.

Background Information

OG Juan and his colleagues went to some expensive joints where they were able to enjoy some fine delicacies as well as some expensive drinks. At the climax of the birthday celebrations, JAY Z and other esteemed guests concluded the night at a Playroom Nightclub. While at the nightclub, they were enjoying some champagne and the bill amounted to $91,000. Well, the amount of money spent at the party might be tremendous, but it is good to enjoy your birthday to the fullest since it only comes once a year.

After sipping on some few bottles of champagne, the crew split up leaving OG Juan, JAYZ, and four other colleagues to keep on partying till the break of dawn. The crew that was left at the Playroom Nightclub went ahead and ordered more bottles of champagne. To be precise, the crew specifically ordered for the Ace of Spades champagne.

Additional Information

The birthday party was lit, and after one of the people serving the honorable guests posted a picture of the receipt showing the amount the guys had spent during the night, it all went viral. OG Juan’s birthday celebrations had become the talk of the town. Well, people were curious about how the small group of people could take down 40 bottles of champagne by themselves. Later on, someone clarified that the esteemed guests were bashing out some of the champagne bottles to other people at the club.


OG Juan’s birthday party was a complete success. Thanks to his family and friends, OG Juan enjoyed every bit of the celebrations. Well, JAY Z is the man behind the extravagant budget, but all in all, he did come through for his friend, OG Juan Perez. As for JAY Z and OG Juan, they have known each other for long, and their relationship has prospered as friends and business partners.

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