Jacob Gottleib: Featuring Partnership and Lawsuit Information

There is new news regarding Jacob Gottlieb. He will be joining Stuart Weisbrod again after they had run individual funds for almost twenty years. These two healthcare investment giants know each other from prior work they did before at Merlin BioMed Group. Now they are back together in an office working in an expected partnership being worked on.

Jacob Gottleib established Visium Asset Management. This was with initial capital he had amounting to $300 million. It then in 2008 rapidly increased to $2.5 Billion. After getting though the 2008 financial crisis he’d increased Visium to a hedge fund of $8 billion. This was with close to 200 workers. There are offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Visium after more than ten years of triumph, the business of Visium had suddenly ended in 2016. This was when three executives got charged with mismarking and insider trading. The finding was outcome of proof, whistleblower and employee of Visium Jason Thorell brought ahead.

The destruction that went public of the firm that was worth eight billion went on for over two years. This was while SEC was keeping up with the investigation. There were charges that not that long ago had been brought over the former CFO of Visium. This was also to the company itself. The company has went ahead to pay almost close to ten million dollars in discharges and fines. Gottlieb was not charged or emptied of any lawful crime that was linked with the insider trading scandal of Visium. Keeping his post as CEO, he gone on to work as Visium. This was to bring back funds to investors and find a peaceful solution to the company. With Gottlieb and Weisbrod working together the industry should be sure to look for some rousing influences. Also, good things for investment opportunities of healthcare.

Gottlieb is still finishing Visium. However, he’s still very well into his next endeavor called Altium Capital. This like Visum is a hedge fund a well and a new beginning for Gottlieb. He has been careful in thinking of his next move after Visium.

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