Betsy DeVos Is Actually A Fierce, Intimidating and Smart Politician

Betsy DeVos recently huddled with her team behind closed doors to give them a warning. The secretary caught wind that president Donald Trump was about to repeal an Obama-era policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. This policy pertained to public schools across America and it has now been repealed by executive order. Betsy DeVos wanted to warn her homosexual and transgender employees of the upcoming storm.


The secretary then went out into the public and it did not make a peep. She did not publicly fight President Donald Trump about the repeal while reports say she fought behind closed doors. And this revealing bit of information may give us deeper insight into the billionaire Secretary of Education.


She comes from an incredibly wealthy family in Michigan. She has been involved with state politics for years and has grown quite a reputation for intimidation. Her political feistiness has been on display at the state level for all the world to see. And she fights fiercely for what she believes is best for America’s education system.


She envisions a future where families are given vouchers by the federal government. These vouchers will allow families to choose whether their kids attend public or private schools in their areas. This diversion of tax money to private schools should open up the “closed market” of America’s school systems. The secretary believes that this will invigorate the education system to produce better results across the board.


This stance has drawn some fierce criticism from public school teachers across the country. And it is this attention that the secretary may be trying to avoid with her tactics. It is clear that Betsy DeVos has two political personalities on the federal level. One of those personalities is public. It is polite, smiling and ready to deflect questions. The other personality is private. It is feisty, intimidating and intelligent.


She is likely using this second personality to push her agenda in the Trump Administration. And she’s doing all of this while the White House draws fire from the media and other world leaders. She is likely acting demure in the public eye in order to avoid the media while they feast on meaty scandals.


It would be interesting to peel away the public persona to see exactly what’s going on behind closed doors at this moment. Betsy DeVos may prove to be an effective politician at the federal level, after all.


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