Sussex Healthcare: A Gym Helps With Resident Care

Sussex Healthcare has recently announced an addition of a new gym when it comes to providing care to disabled and elderly individuals throughout their many homes located near Sussex. The company is determined to keep with its mission that includes community outreach as a top priority. For those who may not know, Sussex Healthcare does welcome elderly folks who currently live at home and those local residents dealing with cognitive disabilities. The newly built gym can be found in West Sussex Healthcare near Horsham. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art layout for the purpose of helping residents improve their movements and maintain them over a period of time.

When visiting the gym, you will find a variety of free weights, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and underwater treadmills, to name a few. Visitors will also discover that there is a pool that has resistance currents and well-designed hot tubs exclusively for hydrotherapy. The gym employees are a list of staff members who thoroughly have an understanding when it comes to extensive training regarding the many Sussex Healthcare residents. A few of these training efforts include neurological, musculoskeletal and respiratory. To be successful, the experts continue to work on new effective exercise plans for those individuals with special needs and limitations. They also review and analyze all current conditions and health history. Sussex Healthcare ensures fitness teams work with individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis, chronic respiratory illness and even Parkinson’s disease.

You can even find programs that target individuals who are ambulatory and has a range of motions. The gym is fully staffed with knowledgeable professionals working around the clock to assist any resident wanting to exercise by themselves and take full advantage of the equipment. The fitness team can also help those optimize their exercise plan with an effort to maintain their mobility and strength. It is not encouraged for residents to take over-the-top risks such as lifting too much weight or not using the proper form when exercising. All programs will have warm up exercises and stretching to prevent injuries.

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