Fortress Investment Group and Their Asset Management Services

Fortress Investment Group is known as the world’s largest alternative asset management company. They successfully manage investments of their clients both big and small. Along with working with everyday people and companies, they have managed the investments and assets of some of the largest business corporations around like Intrawest and RailAmerica Inc. While they work primarily with larger corporations, Fortress Investment Group is also able to take on the role of a asset manager for smaller companies and individuals who are in need of financial assistance with their investment opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens. Mr. Edens felt that there was a gap in the market for high-quality investment management and hedge fund producer. After its initial launch, the Investment Group quickly went into hedge funds, real estate management and debt securities for those who were in need of high-quality financial assistance in a professional and thoughtful manner. Currently, their revenue is set at $1.1 billion dollars annually, making them the largest investment management company in the world.The company also employs well over two thousand people who are trained in helping people with hedge fund management and asset management with investments.

These individuals are there to help with a wide range of different options for their customers at a price that helps those who are interested in using their services. Because you will be making smarter investment decisions, you will also come away making more money than you would if you were not using the expertise of the Fortress Investment Group company. Despite being founded as a private equity firm some 20 years ago, the Investment Group has grown as one of the best investment management options for those who are looking to not only manage their finances but make some extra in return of what they are doing. You can visit the Fortress Investment Group site to learn more about what they offer as well as any other information that you might need if you are looking to hire them specifically for their work and to get the job done by one of their professionals.

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