Getting Prepared To Have a Lifeline Screening Appointment

There are many people to disregard the fact that it is a good idea to see a doctor on a regular basis so that they can stay in the best of health. They reason that if they “feel good” then there are no health issues and they going to stay that way. Unfortunately most of the conditions that eventually become problems start out very small with little to no symptoms.

That is the main purpose of Lifeline Screening. By providing most of the screenings and tests that are normally performed in hospitals and medical screening facilities Lifeline Screening can detect health issues before they become a problem.

Ultrasound techniques have come a long way as they can detect what is going on inside of our bodies by showing the various organs in real-life view. It is possible to view the flow of blood in the arteries in order to see potential blockages. The bone density screening detects osteoporosis. The ankle-brachial test can help to determine if there are cardiovascular problems.

A simple blood test only needs a small drop of blood to come up with a lipid panel which is used to detect cholesterol levels. Glucose levels tell if a person is pre-diabetic or if they have diabetes.

The limited electrocardiograph test tells if a person has an irregular heartbeat. A-Fib, as it is also called can cause blood clots which can cause a stroke.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening center, you will be asked to fill out paperwork that asks for your name, address, phone, zip code and the name of your personal physician. You should wear loose fitting clothing. Women should wear slacks and men a casual shirt. For ultrasound screening you will be asked to lift up the top garment so the sensor can be placed onto the skin. You will not have to disrobe for Lifeline Screening.

When the tests are completed you will be given a detailed report of the results. Any further action needed with your personal physician will be noted and the report is also forwarded to your doctor to learn more about us: click here.

People very pleased with the Lifeline Screening process. Many people have discovered potentially serious conditions if which had been left alone would probably have developed into more serious problems.

How Don Ressler Runs JustFab And Fabletics Companies

Don Ressler is the man behind a wide range of successful startups in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, Don Ressler has always thrived in business and splendor to become the only person to generate a large amount of money from one startup in less than three months. Don Ressler is also the Founder of the FitnessHaven Company based in the United States. After working with the company for three years, Don Ressler sold it to Intermix Media Company in 2001. During that time, Don Ressler developed a strong relationship with Adam Gondenberm who was the current CEO of Intermix Company. The two decided to embark on a business journey that could see their work grow to greater heights.


The performance advertising and e-commerce generation yielded millions of dollars in revenue for the Intermix Media Corporation. However, the two worked to become part of the solutions to the problems facing the people in the industry. News Corp also acquired Intermix Company. During that time, the News Corp Company decided to ignore the work of Fitness Haven. This was the set point for the two business individuals. They were dismayed by that action as it led to the advancement of business capabilities that activated better business in a manner that eliminates working solutions.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to work with new solutions to develop a new institution that could continue his work. The people who used to work for FitnessHaven decided to quit their jobs. Don Ressler took that advantage and brought them together. During that time, Don Ressler had an idea of commencing a fashion company that would work for better business. The two business entities agreed to take that line of business using technology for marketing their e-commerce products.


While they understood they had the needed experience and capability to advertise their products in the online market, the two business entities created a brand enterprise that could be executed autonomously. Don Ressler gathered his former employees at the FitnessHaven to commence a new brand that could see their business boom in the industry of e-commerce. Two weeks after they founded the FitnessHaven, they decided to develop a new corporation that activated better business in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the world of beauty and fashion. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also co-founded the Dermstore Company that sought to gather online market clients in the field of business.

Samuel Strauch: A Visionary, Innovative New School Entrepreneur

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate. After earning a degree in business from Hofstra University and completing studies at Harvard University and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, he went into banking. Eventually, he moved to South Florida and became involved in the real estate business owned by his family.

Strauch started his own real estate company in 2002. It focused on properties in South Florida as well as Latin America and provided help with acquisitions, equity sourcing, development and management. He also provided brokerage services.

An active investor, Strauch also owns interests in a number of restaurants and internet-based businesses. He spends his free time dabbling in art and photography. He was initially enamored with Miami because all the new real estate developments and the city’s transformation from simply a vacation destination to a bustling metropolis. Strauch felt he could get the investors and international clients he needed to make his business thrive. He now spends his days networking, seeking out properties and forging and strengthening lucrative business relationships.

For Samuel Strauch, sparking new relationships and exploring business ideas with clients, investors and partners is fun, exciting and profitable. He’s open-minded and enjoys analyzing the potential and viability of new ideas and deciding where to invest his resources. He understand quick action and proper implementation are critical to success and excels at it. Strauch is excited by how the new generation thinks. He sees business opportunities in how they want to live, work, have fun and build their communities.

Meditation has made Samuel Strauch more productive and improved personal and professional life. He’s also true to himself and focuses on the things that make him happy. To Strauch, his bad relationships, disappointments and business mistakes were essential life lessons that made him the person he is today. Each day Samuel Strauch takes some time appreciate what he has, set new goals and face life with curiosity and an open mind. Plus, he only works with people he trusts and always thinks win-win in his business dealings. His goal is to have a positive impact on the world around him.

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Adam Milstein Engaging the Young Israelis in Advocacy

Adam Milstein is a prominent American-Israeli leader and current Chairman of the Israeli-America Council. He is also a managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company with an asset value of 2 billion dollars. Despite his success in the sector, he makes time to address issues that affect the Jewish community.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation mentor and support young professionals and students to connect with their Israeli roots. The foundation has provided scholarship and learning opportunities for students to learn their heritage. He recently made it to the list of the Top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. The students are also encouraged to learn Hebrew language and past religious and cultural traditions.

Adam established the Israeli-America Council to build the relations between the Israel and U.S. Adam Milstein openly shares his thoughts and perspectives on the issues that affect the Israeli community. He migrated to the U.S from Israel, while his wife is originally Moroccan immigrant living in the U.S. They use their experiences to address issues, create dialogues, and provide solutions.

Adam Milstein also champions for minority rights through publications and digital platforms. Together with his wife, they encourage other members to use their resources to impact the community positively. Unlike other philanthropists, he engages with the community at a personal level. He is always seeking alternative approaches to further his philanthropic work.

In July, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation called for submission of memes for a pro-Israel competition. The competition aimed at showcasing the diverse cultural practices, perspectives, and attitudes towards Israel. It is a fresh means of approaching cultural dialogue as it allows the participants to show their love for Israel in a relaxed and funny manner. The competition attracted participants across the globe. The contestants submitted entertaining, educative, hilarious, and provocative images that are representative of the world’s view about Israel.

The winning memes showcased love and pride for the Jewish people, states, and institutions. Contestant brought out the value of family, women, and oneness. Nevertheless, some of the images were poignant and sarcastic. Adam Milstein believes that this approach is more appealing to the younger generation as it provokes actions and participation.

Digital marketing made easier by White Sharks Media

The world of advertising has grown rapidly in the past few decades. Now, a lot of new advertising agencies have been formed that have brought new tricks and trade to this sector. Various brands are seen competing with each other to establish a good name in the market and to increase visibility to customers. The internet has now given brands an additional space to showcase their products. There are a lot of benefits of digital marketing. People living in Japan can get access to the products sold in United States easily. In the competitive market, it is very essential to hire someone who knows how to sell products in an effective way and who is also familiar with the tricks of digital marketing.

As simple as it seems, digital marketing takes a lot of effort and experience to stand out among the competitors in the market. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and publicity are the two basic concepts for digital marketing. These concepts though easy to understand yet needs to be performed perfectly to achieve the desire results. Approaching a good online advertising company is good in order to put a good image of your products and to expand your business.

White Shark Media is an incredibly experienced company when it comes to digital marketing. They have a lot of clients from all over the world, mostly from United States. White Shark Media has hired a good number of advertising professionals. They are quite well trained and know the requirements of a brand. They know what things can make a brand successful in online market. They have been very successful in boosting the business of numerous clients who have sought help from White Sharks Media regarding establishing their successful business through digital marketing. They work with every company by devising a comprehensive plan keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the company for digital marketing.

A Look At Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Passion For Service In Bradesco Group Of Insurance

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the president of Bradesco Group of Insurance. His company happens to be the largest insurance company in Brazil. Holding such a top position in the best performing company in a competitive environment requires wisdom, persistence and keen focus on the results, the specific qualities Luiz Carlos Trabuco has exercised over many years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco awarded for his role in Bradesco Group of Insurance

Recently, Luis Carlos Trabuco was awarded the prestigious Insurance Personality of the Year Award. The 2007 award was the second he received under the same category. He first won the award in 2003 when he was also still acting as the President of Bradesco group of Insurance. The growth of the insurance market in Brazil seems promising due to growth in the economy.

Luis Carlos Trabuco’s experience and service in Bradesco Group of Insurance extend to over thirty-eight years. He has kept all his focus on insurance and has acted as a strong advocate for the sales of insurance. Before Luiz’s promotion to his present position, Mr. Trabuco had served in different positions in the company.

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How Luiz Carlos Trabuco perceives the future market of insurance

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has expressed his optimism about the future market for insurance. He has severally stated that the insurance sector can be likened to an ‘extension arm’ for the nation and hence plays a crucial role in the maintenance of social welfare.

The only challenge Luiz Carlos Trabuco sees is the insurance sector growing and becoming more important and vital than ever. This to him is as a result of people’s perspective evolving each passing day, and they begin to picture insurance as something urgent.

Luiz Carlos insists on the need to be confident about the future, and he also urges the government to fully understand the crucial role the insurance sector plays in the economy of the country. Besides being the President of a giant company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco serves as a board member to great organizations such as the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies (IESS).

Mr. Trabuco has served as President in many giant companies such as the Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations, National Association of Private Pensions, the International Association of Economics Studies of Insurance located in Geneva as well as the newly created Fenasaúde.

The role Luiz Carlos Trabuco has played over the number of years is widely acknowledged. As a matter of fact, in the entire sixty-four years of existence of Bradesco Group of Insurance, only three people have held the position of presidency. First, the Founder of Bradesco, Amador Aguiar, The acting chairman of the Board of Directors, Lazaro Brandao and Cypriano who left in 2009.

The amazing personality of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is known to be a person with a large sense of humor, his talks are soft, and he broadly smiles throughout his conversations. With such significant achievements, people can mistake Mr. Trabuco as purely workaholic. That is not true. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has mastered the art of balancing his personal and professional life. He is happily married with three amazing children.

One can easily guess Luiz Carlos Trabuco studied one of the insurance related courses. That is far from the truth. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an alumna of the University of Sao Paulo where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He advanced his studies up to the postgraduate degree level where he specialized in socio-psychology.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s age advances, his can no longer be able to serve in the executive positions which he had so well mastered over the number of years. Finding someone with equal passion, zeal, and commitment to work has proved to be a hard task for the Insurance Company.

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All of the Above With Norman Lear to Launch on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz has announced that there will be a new podcast on the PodcastOne network. This podcast will be called All of the Above With Norman Lear. Norman Lear is a well known media figure who has lots of years of experience with hosting shows. For example, he created the sitcoms All In the Family, Good Times, One Day at a Time, and many other famous sitcoms. He is also a writer, producer, and a World War Two veteran. All of the Above With Norman Lear will be co-hosted by Paul Hipp. The podcast will talk about current events in politics and in the world, celebrities, comedy, lifestyle, humor, and a lot more ( There will be unique perspectives on all these things, especially on politicians and celebrities. There will be various celebrity guests on the show.


Norman Lear is ninety five years old. However, he says that he considers himself your peer, regardless of your age. He says that you should just subscribe and see for yourself whether or not you agree. Pattiz said that he was extremely excited to have this new podcast on the PodcastOne network. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne. He has over four decades of experience in media and the broadcasting industry. He also is the one who founded Westwood One. Westwood One is known to be the largest broadcasting network in the nation. It covered all industries, including sports. It managed CNN Radio, NBC Radio, CBS Radio, NFL, ESPN, NCAA, and many of the most famous talk show hosts.


Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, which focuses on producing and distributing quality programming. He decided to launch PodcastOne when he realized that the online podcast world needed the equivalent of what Westwood One is in the world of radio. Indeed, that is exactly what it became, with some of the most famous podcast hosts coming on to the PodcastOne network. These hosts include Laura Ingraham, Larry King, Chris Jericho, and Dr. Drew.


Norman Pattiz was chosen by President Bill Clinton, and later by President George W. Bush, to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. This oversees all of the government’s nonmilitary broadcasting networks, including Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. He was the one who came up with the idea, and then helped launch, America’s Arabic radio network which broadcasts in twenty two countries in the Middle East.


Whitney Wolfe Makes Decision to Keep Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is making big decisions when it comes to expanding Bumble. This company is growing at a very fast rate, and there are already people there interested in buying Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. She has received some great offers, and 450 million dollars is the latest offer that Whitney Wolfe has turned down.

People outside of her field may assume that turning this type of money down is not a wise decision, but Whitney Wolfe knows that her company is worth a lot. In fact, she believes that it is actually worth a whole lot more. That is why she has been adamant and stay the course with building her business and keeping ownership of the Bumble brand. She is the founder of a company that has managed to successfully compete with another major dating app called Tinder. It was no problem for Whitney Wolfe to build an app where she could compete successfully with Tinder because she is also the co-founder of that app as well. The thing that has allowed her to make it to the top and the industry is her passion for social media.

Whitney Wolfe has continued to prove herself, and she is letting the world know that Bumble is more than just a company that provides a dating app. Whitney Wolfe is growing her customer base, and people are getting ready to notice her as the owner of a company that is connected to all aspects of social media. This is where she is planning to take the Bumble brand, and people are excited about what she is getting into. Whitney Wolfe has a desire to touch all aspects of social media whether it be networking our friendship building. She knows what she wants to do, and she has a great amount of passion for moving forward with the expansion of Bumble. This is why she had no desire to sell her company even though more than 400 million was put on the table. She believes that she has so much more to accomplish, and she wants to do this on her own.

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Kate Hudson, Fabletics, And The Strength of The Crowd

According to the article release on Huffington Post, the rate of consumer purchase is determined by the strength of the crowd. Nowadays, most of the consumers rely on the crowd-sourced reviews to determined their trusts and decision on the final purchase. The reviews can be a personal review or opinions from a person whom you know. Many savvy brands like Fabletics are capitalizing on the consumer behavior shift, which is pegged on the review-centric marketing strategies. Since its introduction into the market, Fabletics has increased its revenue collection by 200%. According to the Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, credits on the success of Fabletics should be given to the decision of embracing the strength of crowd.

Customer reviews can indirectly or directly drive increased loyalty, customer retention, and customer acquisition. For that reason, Fabletics has been encouraging the prominence that is exhibited by reviews and customer journey as well. Customers like reviews, and this is promoted by the digital lives. Evaluation of online reviews has become significant when it comes to the decision-making process. Furthermore, people normally research on the performance of various businesses before making the purchase decision. Also, survey study shows that more than 80% of consumers trust online reviews the same way they trust the personal recommendations from the people they know. Since the beginning of technological advancement, the statistic has been increasing yearly. However, trust sometimes turns out to be something that is low all the time. This is because consumers mistrust the traditional advertising and marketing methods even though they use them frequently.

Brands that experience great reviews exhibit greater power. They are considered to be genuine and authentic. As mentioned before, they result in increased revenue collection, improved search ranking, and capture of more customers. Therefore, online reviews should be included as part of your business strategies to handle the department of customer service.

About Kate Hudson

According to the President of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, Kate Hudson is approachable, not serious, and has an active lifestyle. When the founders of Fabletics approached her for business partnership, Kate was greatly involved from the first day. She was hands-on with the processes involving reviewing of budgets and selection of the best strategy to use on the social media platforms. She also worked closely with the Fabletics team to ensure that the design of the brand they introducing to the market remain fresh. She even helped Fabletics with the observation of the number of sales the company makes on a weekly basis. The idea was to identify, which brand clothes were selling and, which ones were not.

Kate Hudson likes to work with authentic brands. She will not endorse anything that is not authentic. In that case, she concurs with Fabletics’ goal of having the best product in the market. However, it is hard to start out with great brands. At some point, you have to trash out some products because they possess poor qualities. Kate comprehends that communication should be a priority in every business organization. She ensured that Fabletics implemented a new information system and upgraded the department of customer service.

Ricardo Tosto Opens Up!

Ricardo Tosto is more than an exceptional legal leader residing in Brazil. He is knowledgeable in several other day-to-day topics. Explore:


Ricardo Tosto – Interview Tips

When preparing for an interview, it is always best to practice in front of a mirror for at least an hour a day – and preferably starting a week or more before the big interview date. This will allow you to see your overdone gestures, facial movements and other mistakes and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Ricardo Tosto on U.S. Education and Setbacks

Autism, for instance, is a severe mental curveball of a learning disability that is – more often now than ever – not taken seriously enough. In fact, if more angles of research were to be conducted on finding a permanent cure, then this alone would change the game for many Special Education divisions in 2018 alone – especially among U.S. students, who hold the greatest population of those who suffer from child and youth versions of autism. When you consider the full weight of the damage, it becomes no less apparent that something must be done – and right now and more information click here.


Ricardo Tosto – Favorite Workout

Burpees are my favorite form of exercise as they provide a complete range of full-intensity cardiovascular and aerobic function all at the same time. Burpees challenge, motivate, pump blood throughout the body and ultimately provide a feel-good sensation that is truly out of this world; in fact, doing burpees will eventually become more of an addiction than a form of weekly exercise and that is a proven fact. In addition, those who regularly engage in high-interval exercises of this type rarely need any other source of motivation, inspiration or anything else to get them through life’s hard times – not even drugs or alcohol and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


Ricardo Tosto – Men’s Fashion Tip

To build your own collection of men’s clothing, you simply need to go online these days and find it all there with the click of a mouse. In fact, experts at Hawes and Curtis can show you how to save the most money when you browse and order through them and Ricardo on Facebook.

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