Online Reputation Management Importance

Your  online reputation is only as good as the source. Certainly, this is a fact of life for just about everyone online. Here is an idea: Google your name. Take a look at the results. Are the results accurate or impressive? Perhaps, the results make you cringe with fear. The fact is that online reputation management results are important and critical to your overall success online and in the real world. Just take a look at the statistics. According to one source, more people than ever are going online to find out critical information about a product, service, company, group, or individual.

Online Reputation Affects Everyone

Most people that avoid too much Internet interaction because of personal reasons might assume that online reputation is not all that important. After all, they don’t manage a business or they have just a regular 9 to 5 job, with little contact to the online world. Here are the facts. At one time, people went to the yellow pages to find out about a company or service. They asked friends and neighbors for advice on everything from a business to personal relationship matters. As reveals, today, the first impression that a person might receive about a business or individual is through an Internet search. It happens all the time. A potential employer looks up information about an applicant online and discovers some disturbing news on Facebook. A young woman Google’s a date and discovers some upsetting news. A consumer would like to know more about a restaurant and Google’s their name. They find the reviews disturbing and avoid the restaurant.

The Facts

A recent study found that the majority of HR departments are required to Google the name of a candidate for a job. Most employers are resorting to screening their applicants through their social media post regarding pot smoking, drinking, drugging, bad language skills, or other disturbing information.

If you still seriously doubt the importance of online reputation management, take a look at your online presence. Perhaps, you could use the services of an online reputation management firm to clean up some of the misinformation about you too.

Adam Milstein Receives Praise As One Of The Globe’s Top Philanthropists

Richtopia, which is a London-based publication, recently released their list of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World. Adam Milstein was honored to be named as #187 on this list. Adam joined the names of other top philanthropists such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Barack Obama, Elton John, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett.

In a statement acknowledging his placement on the list, Adam Milstein said that his philanthropy is one of the most important things he does and he was honored to be named. He continued on, adding that the Adam and Gila Family Foundation he and his wife founded served two purposes. They want to strengthen both the Jewish People and the State of Israel as well as enkindle Jewish pride in the younger generations of Jewish people.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. He graduated from the Technion, earning his Bachelor’s of Business and Economics. Adam and his family moved to California in 1981 and he graduated from the University of Southern California in 1983 where he earned his Master of Business Administration. After graduating he worked for a few years as a commercial real estate broker before founding his own real estate investment company, Hager Pacific Properties. He serves as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and manages its day-to-day activities, investments, and property management as well as its accounting and financing. His company’s specialty is buying older properties, refurbishing them, and then renting them out to new tenants.

As the owner of properties across the United States, one of the things that Adam Milstein enjoys most about the industry is how up and down it can be. He’s said that it can take a long time and large amount of patience to earn money in the industry, especially when waiting for demand to catch up to supply.

Adam is involved with a large amount of Jewish nonprofits. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and serves as its National Chairman. He also sits on the board of a large number of nonprofit advocacy organizations including the Israel On Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Council, and StandWithUs.



Eric Lefkofsky Fighting Against Cancer

Millions of people in the world have heard the word from a doctor that takes the breath out of people, which is cancer. The word draws images that are scary and hurtful. Cancer has been and continues to be one of the most vicious diseases in the world. Cancer plays no favorites. Poor people and rich people can both get cancer. Old people and young people can both get cancer. Some people are able to overcome their fight against cancer while some people fall victim to the cancer disease.

Medical research has been making progress in the fight against cancer but the fight is far from being won. There is so much that needs to be done to cure cancer. There are medicines that can help people deal with the pain and discomfort that cancer causes. There are treatments that people can go through to help them try to get rid of cancer, but a true cure for the cancer disease has not been discovered.

Sometimes there has to be a deep motivation to find the answer to some problems. The cure for cancer has not been found but a businessman is hoping to help find a cure and solve the cancer problem.. Eric is the founder of Groupon, which is an ecommerce site that is very successful. A great business executive who understands the very essence of what makes an outstanding businessman, Eric Lefkofsky is getting ready to take on a new challenge in his life. The challenge is cancer.

The reason why Lefkofsky is taking on cancer is because cancer is attacking his family. Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. As with any family, Eric Lefkofsky’s family has been hurt by the news that his wife has cancer. However, instead of just sitting still, Eric Lefkofsky has decided to go after a cure for cancer by starting a new company that will focus on the data that is used to research cancer.

The company he is starting will help people to share cancer data. The thought process by Eric Lefkofsky is that with the ability to share cancer data between various medical professionals and organizations, it will help the entire research community be able to find a cure for cancer. Eric at Twitter .

Eric Lefkofsky is a very smart man who has great knowledge about how to reach goals and develop plans. He has accomplished a lot in his professional career, but his biggest challenge is yet to be accomplished, which is to help find a cure for cancer. for more .

Stephen Rotella’s In-depth Work Experience and Leadership

Stephen Rotella is one of the noticeable well-known people in the financial business world. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Partners. Stephen Rotella joined StoneCastle in January 2014. StoneCastle which was founded in the year 2003 is an American based firm that handles community banking with the latest technology. This company has grown tremendously and is among the top ranked companies that deal with providing solutions for managing cash. Alternatively, it has provided a funding platform for community banks. StoneCastle is also an advisor on the investment sector and has been registered with SEC. Using technology; it has been able to link up different banks for better service delivery. On the investment section, it has been able to act as an intermediary between the willing investors and the banking industry.

It is no doubt that Stephen Rotella is a competent leader in his field. A real indication of this is that before joining StoneCastle, he had previously worked at JP Morgan Chase. He was the Chief Executive Officer at Chase Home Finance since 1987-2005 summing up 18years of experience. In its rankings, Chase Home Finance is ranked 4th in lending homes: a precise definition of his hard work and knowledge towards his place in the company.

Before joining Chase Home Finance, he was the Chief Operating Officer and also the President of the company WMI Holdings Corporation. He was also the President of the Retail Banking section. This was between January 2005- October 2008.Between 1984-1987, he worked at Shearson Lehman acting as the Vice President. This company founded in 1902 operated until 1994 where it was sold to Primerica. Shearson Company dealt with brokerage and also was in the Investment Banking sector too. More to that, in the years 1980-1984, he was the Vice President at the Reserve Group. Before that, he was a Senior Consultant at Accenture for two years between 1978-1980 and read full article.

In summary, this clearly shows that Steve Rotella has been in leadership positions in all the previous companies. Having been previously engaged in financial institutions and gaining the financial experience makes him more competent. Hence, it shows that he has enough experience to take StoneCastle to even better lengths and make it top of the list in ratings. Conclusively it is a demonstration that he is a professional in financial services with no doubt and Stephen on Facebook.

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Beneful: 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Your Dog

Taste, texture and nourishment complete the perfect dog food, and I am proud to say that Beneful by Purina has worked hard to deliver this for years now. I remain a loyal Beneful customer, and my dog is healthy, happy and full of energy.

Whether your pooch is an adult or pup or an extra small, small, medium or large breed, there is a Beneful meal for your precious canine. The varieties are practically endless in dry, wet, treat or special diet dog foods, and the tail-wagging flavors are out of this world, including Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Fruits & Berries, Lamb, Peanut Butter, Salmon and Turkey.

I think your dog would enjoy these favorites I give to my handsome pooch, so let’s take a look:

Beneful Medleys Tuscan, Romana & Mediterranean Style Variety Pack Canned Dog Food features a wonderful blend of juicy real meat pieces, veggies and whole grains in a lovely sauce. When I add just a half can of this to my dog’s dry food, he goes crazy hungry, finishing off the entire bowl with delight.

Beneful IncrediBites for Small Dogs with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food is another superb choice for my small dog, and since he is a true chicken lover, this dry food is great. Crunchy with protein-rich chicken pieces, this meal is perfect even for my sometimes finicky pooch. I love the mini bites for my little dog.

Beneful Healthy Smile Mini Dental Twists Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats do a thorough job of cleaning my dog’s plaque and tartar buildup, all in a delicious base of peanut butter and parsley for the best crunchy treat and cleanest breath around.

Beneful Baked Delights Stars with Real Bacon & Cheese Dog Treats are my pooch’s favorites, and who could blame him? When it comes to the aroma and taste of bacon and cheese, most dogs cannot resist it. I give my cutie pie one of these every evening at 7 PM, and if I forget, he lets me know with a serious bark or two.

Jason Hope And A Futurist Look To A Modern World

“The Internet of Things”, which was emphasized in the article written about Jason Hope’s by Jesse Boskoff on the website on 1/26/2017.

So what is the “Internet of Things” that entrepreneur, writer and commentator, Jason Hope talks about? According to Jason the Internet of Things will be the newest wave of tech advancement to hit the world, business and the individual. Why?

Because this connected technology will be able to sync devices to each other, thus, improving individual day-to-day life. His futurist view sees a future in which businesses, such as the transportation industry will see great improvements. For example in the area of transportation he sees improvement in maintenance issues for trains and real-time mapping of pubic bus routes to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

With the improved public bus transportation through connected technology Jason Hope feels more people will be willing to ride. This in turn will lessen pollution and traffic accidents.

Jason Hope has a passion for technology. Along with this passion, he has a progressive look at the world and how technology can make the world a better place in which to live. Is this futurist outlook doable? I believe so, because some of his views are already being worked on.

Jason Hope graduated with a BS in Finance from Arizona State University and a MBA in Business from Arizona State University at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Brad Reifler Makes Great Investment Decisions

One of the most effective ways to become wealthy or financially independent is through investing. People can live very well based on sound investments. For many generations people with substantial money have been able to pass large sums of money from one generation to the next through investing.

The use of investing can allow people to earn money using their money. There are many financial districts around the world that focus primarily on investing. The business world in many countries is setup in a manner where investing drives the business world.

This is great for the business world and also for the people who make investments. Like any business situation there is a level of potential gain or lost related to investments. Just as people can earn money with investments, there is the potential to lose money.

This is one of the reasons why investing is such a popular way for people to increase their financial income and wealth. There is a level of risk that makes the benefits of potential earnings worth the risk. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

However, investing is not something that everyone can do successfully. There is no set background for people who do well regarding investing, but there are some things that most people with any level of investing success tend to have in common.

One of these is a thorough knowledge of the investment industry and the investments that are made. Knowledge is key to making great investment decisions.

People who do not have this type of knowledge can still make investments. Most people in this situation will usually decide to use an investment company to make investment decisions for them. An investment company that has performed very well in the investment community for years is Forefront Capital.

According to Crunchbase, the top executive at Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. An innovative executive with the willingness to take investment chances, Brad has made a large number of investments that have made clients a lot of money.

Brad Reifler has taken the ability to produce amazing investment results to another level by using this ability to make investment decisions for an entire company instead of just single clients. This ability with investments has made Forefront Capital a sought after investment company.

PR News Wire said that Brad Reifler has caught the attention of many people in the investment industry with his unique style of management and making investment decisions.

USHEALTH Group: Fostering Insurance Coverage in America

Quality healthcare has become a necessity with many countries formulating more laws to ensure that more people take up insurance both individual and for their families. The United States is no exception. Many insurance companies exist but USHEALTH Group remains a company of choice for many due to their quality, affordable and flexible insurance plans. As a result the company takes pride in over 15 million customers in America which it serves from various locations.

USHEALTH Group has insurance plans suitable for self-employed Americans, owners of small businesses and individuals. Two of its subsidiaries are involved in the underwriting of these plans. These are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. In the over 50 years of operation, USHEALTH Group has come to understand the unique nature and the difference in preferences among people. It therefore offers a variety of products so that customers can select what suits them best. Their products include insurance for accidents, Specified Diseases/Sickness, critical illness, Short Term Accident Disability, Life insurance, Dental and Vision plans.

USHEALTH Advisors is the national insurance distribution arm of USHEALTH Group.
To adequately serve its large clientele, USHEALTH Group works with USHEALTH Advisors Agents. Before taking up an agent USHEALTH Group ensures that the agent is well trained according to their standards and is evaluated based on the set metrics to ensure that they are well conversant with the products. The agents are also licensed and trusted. The agents serve customers in need of Life, specified Disease/sickness and supplementary products. USHEALTH Advisors has received numerous awards for its exceptional service among them the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in 2015. This is one of the most coveted international business awards.

USHEALTH Group wants to ensure fast and efficient response to their clients. They have therefore set up their own call center with trained professionals to pick and respond adequately to customer calls. The call center was evaluated by the Better Business Bureau and scored an A+ rating. It was also ranked among the Top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013. The customer service staff not only advises the clients when selecting a plan but also ensure fast and convenient claim processing for them.

Paying insurance premiums has taken a toll on many Americans especially those with low incomes. However, USHEALTH Group is determined to ensure that everyone is covered under their plans. Despite their plans being affordable, they offer first dollar advantages for the covered services to customers on a budget. They also ensure that these clients get massive discounts from their large network of providers. Therefore despite one’s level of income, USHEALTH Group is willing to work with what the customer has and get them a quality plan at their budget level.

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Striking Balance In Life To Succeed At Business

Josh Verne, successful businessman and entrepreneur, was recently interviewed for a podcast. He talked about his current business and was asked what he thought was needed to succeed in business and life. Here is what he had to say.


Do what makes you happy. Finding what your passionate about makes work seem less like work, and more like fun. People who are passionate about what they do end up being more successful and give better service to their customers than people who hate what they do. People who do what they are passionate about tend to be more balanced too. Striking that balance between life and work is necessary to get the most out of life.


If you are running a company or are in-charge there are a few things to take into consideration. Be a leader, listen and talk less, and make every situation a win-win.

Putting other first and listening to their thoughts and ideas is vital to success. No one wants to work for someone who doesn’t respect them. If you respect your employees, your employees will respect you. It is that simple.


Josh Verne is a entrepreneur and businessman based in Pennsylvania. He has founded multiple businesses that are based on serving others. He founded and with his friend Jon Dorfman. They later sold in 2014. is an online portal for students to interact with their peers. They can view articles and videos about entertainment, sports, current events, and college life.


Tips for Using Social Media To Manage Online Reputation

Social media is one of the cost-effective tools used in managing online reputation for both individuals and businesses. It can be used to monitor online reputation, thus, plan for future responses to online reputation problems. Also, it is helpful in developing an online reputation, if you do not already have one. Here are some tips that will help you when using social media to manage your online reputation.

Choosing a Social Media Office

When using social media to build your online reputation, you have to choose a platform that is most suitable for your business. If Twitter carries most of your clients, then that is the best place to start. With time, you can start to integrate other platforms. It is as easy as that.

Converse with Your Followers

Most people on social media are easily put off by posts that appear to be too pushy and promotional. Instead of going this way, why not start conversations with your audience. Have some interesting stuff to post. It doesn’t need to be your specific products. Instead, strive to have catchy posts and comments. This way, you will command respect from your followers.

Quality Articles

Blogging is life to your online reputation management. It doesn’t matter what platform you plan on using. You should have a team of proficient writers. A team that is experienced in the proportionate use of the right keywords. Importantly, ensure that your blog articles are well-researched. If you are to earn a reputation- you need to give your audience factual information that will help them in one way or the other.

Have a Strategy

If Social media is to work to your online reputation’s advantage, then you need to have a great strategy in place. Strategy is what will keep your reputation successful, way after you have built it. When formulating a strategy, it is important that you be aware what of what people are saying, via social media, about your industry- That is known as awareness. You also need be focused, authentic and ensure that content posted is meaningful.