Betsy DeVos Is Actually A Fierce, Intimidating and Smart Politician

Betsy DeVos recently huddled with her team behind closed doors to give them a warning. The secretary caught wind that president Donald Trump was about to repeal an Obama-era policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. This policy pertained to public schools across America and it has now been repealed by executive order. Betsy DeVos wanted to warn her homosexual and transgender employees of the upcoming storm.


The secretary then went out into the public and it did not make a peep. She did not publicly fight President Donald Trump about the repeal while reports say she fought behind closed doors. And this revealing bit of information may give us deeper insight into the billionaire Secretary of Education.


She comes from an incredibly wealthy family in Michigan. She has been involved with state politics for years and has grown quite a reputation for intimidation. Her political feistiness has been on display at the state level for all the world to see. And she fights fiercely for what she believes is best for America’s education system.


She envisions a future where families are given vouchers by the federal government. These vouchers will allow families to choose whether their kids attend public or private schools in their areas. This diversion of tax money to private schools should open up the “closed market” of America’s school systems. The secretary believes that this will invigorate the education system to produce better results across the board.


This stance has drawn some fierce criticism from public school teachers across the country. And it is this attention that the secretary may be trying to avoid with her tactics. It is clear that Betsy DeVos has two political personalities on the federal level. One of those personalities is public. It is polite, smiling and ready to deflect questions. The other personality is private. It is feisty, intimidating and intelligent.


She is likely using this second personality to push her agenda in the Trump Administration. And she’s doing all of this while the White House draws fire from the media and other world leaders. She is likely acting demure in the public eye in order to avoid the media while they feast on meaty scandals.


It would be interesting to peel away the public persona to see exactly what’s going on behind closed doors at this moment. Betsy DeVos may prove to be an effective politician at the federal level, after all.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Secures Your Future Financially

If you are looking for assistance to manage and plan your finances in the United States, trusting HCR Wealth Advisors may be a good idea. It is a wealth management and retirement planning firm in the United States, based in Los Angeles. The company has helped hundreds of people over the years to manage their finances and provide each of them with wealth management strategy that can help them meet their financial goals, whatever they may be.  People are aware these days that they need to safeguard their money and invest regularly, but what they don’t know is where to spend and what to stay away from.


HCR Wealth Advisors provides wealth management and retirement planning strategies. It is essential that you plan your finances from the beginning of your career to help you live a life free of financial worries. There are many retirement planning and investment products in the market offered by banks and other financial institutions. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that can help you learn about the various investment products that you can invest in to help secure your future financially. Retirement planning is crucial for safeguarding your future financially, and HCR Wealth Advisors can guide you in the right direction to help you make the right financial moves for you..


HCR Wealth Advisors can stay with you through the different transitions of your life and help you take care of your finances and help to ensure everything remains in order. HCR Wealth Advisors has financial professionals with years of experience who can provide clients with suitable advice that they can lean on. If you are looking for any assistance to manage your finances, rest assured that the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors would be more than happy to guide you. They have years of experience in managing and crafting financial strategies and can provide you with a customized financial plan that is designed to meet your needs and goals. The company has helped many people in this way, and it can help you too.


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The Fagali Airport Gives People Options

Since the Fagali Airport first opened, people have been enjoying it for its small size and comfortable atmosphere. They know they can get a positive experience while they’re at the airport and they also know it will help them make valuable connections throughout the world. The airport gives people a chance to try different things and helps them see the value that comes along with doing a positive experience in a different country. For the Fagali Airport, this means more people can visit an area they wouldn’t normally be able to visit. They can try different things that help them understand the culture and the area better than they did in other areas. The airport makes a point of giving people the motivation and the options they need to continue doing well while they’re looking at different situations. It also helps them see they can try things that others will be able to get on their own. Search for available flights to/from Fagali at

There were times when the airport had to make sure they were doing the best job possible. The people who visit the Fagali Airport see that as a way for them to make sure things will keep getting better. They also see these things as opportunities for them to show others they’re getting a positive experience. Based on the way the airport caters to their clients, they know what to do to make travelers feel better. Fagali’I knows people are always looking for a great place to travel to and they feel they are among the best options in the world. Visit World Airport Codes to know more about Fagali.

People who visit the Fagali see it as somewhere they can go to enjoy. They also see it as something that is a unique experience. While they know what other airports are like, most don’t realize how unique Fagali’I is. In fact, many people notice the airport is one of the most popular parts of the city. When they visit, they make sure they spend a lot of time learning about everything the airport has to offer. The visits allow them to try to learn more about different areas in the city.


Jacob Gottleib: Featuring Partnership and Lawsuit Information

There is new news regarding Jacob Gottlieb. He will be joining Stuart Weisbrod again after they had run individual funds for almost twenty years. These two healthcare investment giants know each other from prior work they did before at Merlin BioMed Group. Now they are back together in an office working in an expected partnership being worked on.

Jacob Gottleib established Visium Asset Management. This was with initial capital he had amounting to $300 million. It then in 2008 rapidly increased to $2.5 Billion. After getting though the 2008 financial crisis he’d increased Visium to a hedge fund of $8 billion. This was with close to 200 workers. There are offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Visium after more than ten years of triumph, the business of Visium had suddenly ended in 2016. This was when three executives got charged with mismarking and insider trading. The finding was outcome of proof, whistleblower and employee of Visium Jason Thorell brought ahead.

The destruction that went public of the firm that was worth eight billion went on for over two years. This was while SEC was keeping up with the investigation. There were charges that not that long ago had been brought over the former CFO of Visium. This was also to the company itself. The company has went ahead to pay almost close to ten million dollars in discharges and fines. Gottlieb was not charged or emptied of any lawful crime that was linked with the insider trading scandal of Visium. Keeping his post as CEO, he gone on to work as Visium. This was to bring back funds to investors and find a peaceful solution to the company. With Gottlieb and Weisbrod working together the industry should be sure to look for some rousing influences. Also, good things for investment opportunities of healthcare.

Gottlieb is still finishing Visium. However, he’s still very well into his next endeavor called Altium Capital. This like Visum is a hedge fund a well and a new beginning for Gottlieb. He has been careful in thinking of his next move after Visium.

Gottlieb and Weisbrod to share offices

Jacob Gottlieb and Stewart Weisbrod are back Under One Roof. The move comes after two decades. Both men know each other well, and they are now sharing offices. While nothing is set in stone, a future collaboration is being discussed. The combined experiences Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are sure to produce some amazing things. What those things are only time will tell. Both men have created a niche for themselves in the healthcare industry.

Both men are well known in the healthcare investing world. Weisbrod co-founded Merlin in 1998. Gottlieb created his own firm after leaving Merlin (Visium). Both men have enjoyed great success in the financial sector. They have participated in greatly successful companies. Gottlieb worked for Stewart early in the last decade so, both men are very familiar with work ethic. It will be exciting to see what these two men can do, with their combined creativity. Both men bring years of experience to the table. In an industry as competitive as healthcare investing, having two of the best, and brightest in the field in the same office may prove to be very fruitful.

Reward, is however not without its risk. The very public destruction of a once 8 billion dollar firm has not been without its scandal. Despite his company having had financial troubles, Gottlieb has never been charged or held accountable for any wrongdoing. He has maintained his role as the CEO and continued to work with the company to return funds to investors. He has also stayed at the helm to wind the company down.

With Weisbrod and Gottlieb sharing the same office space again, the healthcare industry is sure to see some exciting changes. With great things in the future. This is what happens when two great minds come together, and the possibilities are endless.

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OG Juan’s Birthday Party was a Total Blast

It is always good to celebrate a memorable occasion with friends. Well, as for OG Juan, he was able to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. JAY Z is a close friend and business partner to OG Juan. Since friendship matters a lot, JAY Z made sure that OG Juan had a blast as he grew a year older. Among the people present were such as Desiree Perez; OG Juan’s wife.

Background Information

OG Juan and his colleagues went to some expensive joints where they were able to enjoy some fine delicacies as well as some expensive drinks. At the climax of the birthday celebrations, JAY Z and other esteemed guests concluded the night at a Playroom Nightclub. While at the nightclub, they were enjoying some champagne and the bill amounted to $91,000. Well, the amount of money spent at the party might be tremendous, but it is good to enjoy your birthday to the fullest since it only comes once a year.

After sipping on some few bottles of champagne, the crew split up leaving OG Juan, JAYZ, and four other colleagues to keep on partying till the break of dawn. The crew that was left at the Playroom Nightclub went ahead and ordered more bottles of champagne. To be precise, the crew specifically ordered for the Ace of Spades champagne.

Additional Information

The birthday party was lit, and after one of the people serving the honorable guests posted a picture of the receipt showing the amount the guys had spent during the night, it all went viral. OG Juan’s birthday celebrations had become the talk of the town. Well, people were curious about how the small group of people could take down 40 bottles of champagne by themselves. Later on, someone clarified that the esteemed guests were bashing out some of the champagne bottles to other people at the club.


OG Juan’s birthday party was a complete success. Thanks to his family and friends, OG Juan enjoyed every bit of the celebrations. Well, JAY Z is the man behind the extravagant budget, but all in all, he did come through for his friend, OG Juan Perez. As for JAY Z and OG Juan, they have known each other for long, and their relationship has prospered as friends and business partners.

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Alex Hern, Talking and Entrepreneurship

There are many people who are part of the technology sector who have heard of Alexander F. Hern. Alex Hern’s acclaim shouldn’t be a shocker to anybody out there, either. This is a man who has devoted himself to entrepreneurship for 15 plus years now. This is a man who has committed himself to bettering all sorts of technology firms that are driven and on the up-and-up. He’s a San Diego, California local who has big aims that relate to entrepreneurship and to his daily work. Visit to know more.

People who know all about Tsunami VR, Inc. most likely know about Hern as well. He’s Tsunami VR’s CEO. He doesn’t exclusively fill his days up with his duties that relate to his Chief Executive Officer status, though. That’s due to the fact that he’s involved in an array of other companies. These companies often have similar approaches and missions, too.

Hern doesn’t just guide the way for the professionals who work for Tsunami VR each day. He also functions as a source of inspiration for them. He’s the firm’s founder. That confirms his zeal for technology, communications and enhancement in general. Tsunami VR is a virtual reality staple that gives its time to clients internationally. It’s not a company that solely thinks about activities in the United States.


Board membership is something that’s almost a way of life for Hern. He’s been managing board membership matters for many years. He’s been a big player on boards for entities like Inktomi, Zero Knowledge Systems, TNSI (Triton Network Systems) and Zero Knowledge Systems has a brand new name on its side. That name is RadialPoint.

Alex Hern has no problems getting up in front of crowds and giving speeches. He frequently travels to schools for speaking reasons. He relishes giving his insight to the planet. Learn more about Alex at

Lori Senecal Knows How to Make Things Better for Employees

As long as Lori Senecal knows what people need, she can continue helping them with the experiences that will help them see positively in the future. She also knows the ideas she has for other people are important parts of the way she does business. It’s her goal to give people the things they need to be successful instead of trying to help others through the things they’re doing on their own. Without worrying about how she can help others and what she can do to give them the things that will continue getting better, she knows the business needs her to keep performing. It’s her goal to always show people she’s doing things the right way and she’s making sure they have the best experiences possible. No matter how hard she has to work or what she has to do to get where she wants to be, Lori Senecal believes in the chance to make positive changes.


The things that help her see the opportunities she can use for others allow her to do more with the business. It’s her idea of creating a positive environment for all her employees no matter how hard she has to work or what she has to do to get to that point. The ideas she comes up with are important to her and allow her to try different things that will keep getting better no matter how hard she has to work to make them happen.


The things that will continue changing and getting better in the industry are what make things easier for Lori Senecal. Lori believes she can make her own opportunities while she comes up with positive experiences based on the way she does business. CP+B uses her experience to help make the company better. She works well with all the options she has with the company. It’s her way of creating a positive environment. As her career progresses and she learns about what she can do to help people, she knows there are things that will help other people through these experiences. It’s how she plans to make the future better. You can visit




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From Humble Beginnings, OSI Group Is Now Passing Its 100-Year Mark

When it started in 1909, nobody knew that a small butcher shop called the Corner Butcher Shop would become what it is today. But history has proofed that whenever there are commitment and resilience, it is possible for a small group to grow into becoming one of the biggest leaders in the market. That is what is happening to OSI Group, a market leader in meat product supply in the world today.

How OSI Group Started

In late 1800, a small group of German-speaking immigrants moved to some parts of the U.S. This group would later settler in Chicago and some parts of Illinois. After a short time, the Germany community grew thus there was a need for them to get important services such as shops. Otto Kolschowsky brought about one ingenious idea, the setting up of a shop that would supply his community with meat. He called it the Corner Butcher Shop. Hardly did Otto know that this small butcher shop would one day be the world’s number one meat product supplier. Today, more than 100 years after Kolschowsky opened that shop in Chicago to carter for his community’s beef needs, a big come thrives. OSI Group now has a presence in over 17 countries.

The company has 65 well-furnished facilities that are home to over 20, 000 workers who serve hundreds of thousands of clients.Although the food company has maintained for a century now, there have been numerous changes. For instance, the company did not use the current name OSI Group. It is until a few years ago that this food company adapted this name. In 1928 for instance, this food processing company was referred to as Otto & Sons. Many years passed and evidently a myriad of changes to the company. One notable occasion was after World War II when Otto & Sons merged with McDonald Restaurants. New technological advancements that took the world to another level in the 1960s through to the 70s saw the now merged company gain even greater presence throughout the USA. After building the first meat processing plant in 1970, it was evident that now the company is making huge strides. Then in 1975, Otto & Sons changed to OSI Group, the name that is in use to date.

Randal Nardone’s Bet of Investing In Undervalued Assets Propelled Fortress Group to Greater Heights

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most prominent firms in the asset management industry. The firm, which was established in 1998, has significantly expanded and has assets in various parts of the country, some of which are in suburb cities such as New York City and Washington DC among others, and other parts of the world. Fortress Group has properties in European countries and the Caribbean making it one of the companies with a broad asset base in the wealth managing sector. However, the entity could not have reached at such levels without the assistance and guidance of Randal Nardone, who is one of the co-founders.

Randal Nardone has been spearheading policy formulation and implementation at Fortress Group for more extended periods. One of the most significant policies that turned the fortunes of the company to become a world leader is investing in undervalued assets that have the potential for growth. This included by infrastructure projects and other assets that were deemed by their owners as of low value. Fortress Investment Group bought rail infrastructures that had stalled for many years. The firm would later accumulate many benefits after the government expressed interests in reviving the old rail lines to ease on transportation of goods and people.

During the 2008 financial market crisis that led to the collapse of many organizations around the world, especially in the United States, Randal Nardone proposed a policy of buying assets from the collapsing companies which were being offered at discounted rates. The company used its speculative funds to purchase as many assets that financial organizations were selling to support their activities during the financial crisis. It is worth highlighting that the firm was not affected by the market crash because it had incorporated a diversification strategy in its operations.

After the economy stabilized and the value of the dollar about other currencies around the world stabilized, Randal Nardone and the company founders sold the properties that they had bought during the financial crisis. The firm gained many resources through profits from the sale of features, which were acquired at discounted rates. Fortress Investment Group was selling some of the properties to rates even beyond 200% of the buying price hence earning abnormal profits. Click here