Nuo cloud database solutions offer fail-safe functionality

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud has proven to be its ability to enable the implementation of fail-safe computing solutions. These can be particularly critical to businesses that have irreplaceable data that they need to keep safe at all times. Traditional legacy systems have the problem of having to be constantly backed up and having the data stored in a safe environment off property. Cloud database systems obviate this need entirely.

One of the biggest names in today’s cloud database systems is NuoDB. Having been founded in 2008, NuoDB quickly became one of the most innovative and cost-effective cloud database solutions on the market. It has allowed thousands of business owners to achieve the same level of powerful analytics in relational database systems that were previously the sole domain of the largest companies in America.

NuoDB also enables businesses a fully scalable technology solution, which does not require the massive acquisition of equipment and personnel or the selling off of infrastructure every time a change in market conditions occurs. The scalable element is one of the most compelling reasons why so many people are switching over to a cloud database model for their business. With the additional security, scalability and cost savings of cloud database solutions, you really can’t go wrong.

A Sign of the Times: Changing Trends Within The Banking Industry

In order to stay on top of your game, you must adapt and grow. If you don’t adapt to what’s going on around you, you’ll become stagnant. If you become stagnant then it’s game over. This notion is very true no matter the industry, field of work or position. Professional banking epitomizes this notion to the fullest. Have you noticed how much better regional banks have become. In years of the past, regional banking just didn’t have the capabilities to compete on a national level with the big boys. Oh how times have changed and as of today, regional banks have become the preferred way of banking by millions of people from coast to coast.

The Texas Bankers Association plays a critical role in regional banking within the Texas border. Its members get together on occasions to discuss what’s trending in regional banking as well as discussing any issues that have presented itself. On the other hand, President and CEO John Holt, represented NexBank Capital at one of the industry’s biggest events. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is this event, and it was attended by many individuals within this exclusive community. Holt was one of the members that were chosen to be on the banker panel discussion. “Reinventing Community Banking” was the main topic and Holt answered the many different questions from the many different participants. Everything under the sun was talked about and discussed in fine detail. This is one reason why regional banking has grown into the powerhouse it is today.

NexBank Capital certainly sets the tone just by its presence. It has created the most waves over the past few years, and it’s dominating the competition on many different levels. Changing trends and the banking industry go hand-to-hand either way you look at it and NexBank Capital sits at the apex of it all.

How Oncotarget Is Improving Healthcare

Over the years, great improvements have been witnessed in the field of medicine. The research and knowledge on oncogenes have been undertaken and gathered and has been an important resource in the field of oncology and other closely related fields. Oncology is rapidly becoming an area of interest due to its complexity. Luckily, Oncologists like Mikhail Blagosklonny have simplified this discipline by translating this complex research to simple information that can be readily utilized in clinical settings.

Oncotarget is a medical journal published weekly under the review of medical peers. It is wide and has extensive coverage on oncology. It was brought to life in 2010 under the Impact Journal Publishers. The journal has two figureheads, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, both from Roswell Park Cancer Institute and more information click here.

The journal focuses on cancer treatments. Majorly, it specializes in the pathology of all cancers, target therapy, and the procedure involved in the management of cancer patients. Moreover, it is set on reviewing the impact of the instituted management programs, the emerging therapies and protocols on patients. In simple terms, Oncotarget concentrates on improving the results of cancer treatments in the eyes of both the patients and medical professionals. It is a famed-universal medical journal that is globally renowned for its on-time, encouraging, and building reviews that work to assist researchers in the depth of their studies on cancer. Also, it helps its readers to live a quality and stress-free life. Patients and health service providers are vastly informed on the new therapies, how they work, and ways of assisting new patients to live better lives by accepting their condition and learn more about Oncotarget.

Oncotarget addresses diverse issues and is not entirely focused on oncology. It is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is currently breaking boundaries to cover other equally important topics on human anatomy. Besides, it is known to publish papers on cell biology, cardiology, metabolism, neuroscience, and other significant disciplines and Oncotarget on Facebook.

The journal has overtime enjoyed tremendous growth and attained admirable achievements. For starters, since the commencement of its operations, four of its members have received the Breakthrough Prize, an accolade considered as the highest prize in this line of work. It has a very high impact, which is evidenced by the increased number of its citations  and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

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Rick Smith Enhances The Success Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, an inmate company, has demonstrated their will to continuously grow and expand their services. The Dallas-based company offers technological solutions that enhance investigation, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring, and information management in correctional facilities. In the recent past, the company acquired Jpay Inc., a technology company that premiered email, electronic payments, and a series of entertainment and educational apps to more than 33 correctional facilities. The transaction, which is a stock purchase agreement, was completed in the third or fourth quarter of 2015. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the acquisition would enhance their capabilities in different segments, including email, inmate tablets and payments for a modern correction institution. He added that JPay was their perfect match considering its innovative force and continuous success in the industry. Ryan Shapiro, the CEO of JPay, said that they had always looked forward to expanding their services. The management of JPay posited that the acquisition would help them to create cutting-edge products on a larger scale and read full article.

Rick Smith has exhibited unique drive, focus and experience, which have helped Securus Technologies to soar to greater heights. From 2008 when Rick joined the corporation, Securus has developed innovative products and services, thus maintaining their leadership position in the industry. Securus serves over 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections facilities in North America. Rick is highly knowledgeable in finance, information technology, telecommunications, operations and business development. He holds an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and the State University of New York, Buffalo respectively. He also holds an MBA and a master’s degree in engineering from the same institutions. Smith has worked for various companies, including Global Crossing North America Inc., Frontier Information Technologies, Midwest Telephone Operations, and Eschelon Telecom Inc. While serving as the president and CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc., Rick Smith helped the company to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He is also credited for the company’s initial public offer in 2005 and resume him.

Today, Rick Smith seeks to ensure that Securus Technologies delivers on its mission of solving and preventing crime within and outside correctional facilities. The corporation offers both civil and criminal justice technology. They are committed to releasing weekly service and product development proposals to help law enforcement and correctional institutions to address the issue of crime in the society. Due to their dedication to safety, Securus receives thousands of emails and letters from customers appreciating their good work. Recently, Rick Smith said that safety is at the core of their business practice. He added that it is an honor to serve and protect the community, which is their social responsibility. Securus is reputable for developing innovative, reliable and quality products and services and


Nabors Industries LTD is a drilling company established in nineteen sixty-eight, at the time it was known as Anglo Energy Ltd. The company is a drilling contractor of geothermal as well as natural gas, it operates on land in most areas in the Americas, Africa, the Far East and the Middle East. Additionally, in North America, Nabors does onshore well-servicing as well as providing rigs for the oil platform workers for those offshore and provides services for offshore drilling rigs. Nabors industries is said to have the world’s largest fleet of onshore drilling rigs with up to five hundred active oil rigs in twenty-five countries.

The drilling company provides directional drilling services as well as tools that are required to perform drilling work. Furthermore, Nabors provides ground-breaking technologies in every part of the world with major gas and oil markets. The company has become a force to reckon with in the oil industries due to their cutting-edge computerized drilling skills. The company’s highly trained employees have through the years set fresh standards for excellence for other company’s operations as well as the transformation of the industry. This notable progress can mainly be attributed to the guidance of Nabors Industries C.E.O Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello is a Texan who joined Nabors’ board of directors in the year nineteen ninety-one. However, before joining Nabors, Tony Petrello focus was in corporate taxes where he worked at Baker &Makenzie law firm. His skill in corporate taxes was a major contribution to the company being taken offshore in two thousand and two to Hamilton, Bermuda where the company was reincorporated so as to reduce the federal tax and the main office left in Houston.

Tony Petrello, however, continued to move up the corporate ladder, where in October of two thousand and twelve he replaced Isenberg as the president and CEO of Nabors. Among many of Anthony’s achievements as CEO, he changed the company’s corporate governance and compensation practices which allowed anyone with a minimum of 5% to be elected by the shareholders to join the board of directors.

Anthony Petrello is a progressive leader who is not afraid to make changes that better the company and those who work under him. It is clear that Anthony Petrello has followed a clear path of success throughout his life. In every stage of his life, he has made critical decisions that usually turn out to b the best idea.


Real estate markets in the New Jersey

The surging crisis in the real estate markets in the United States of America is relocating itself into the New Jersey. It’s shifting to New Jersey has brought threats to the areas that are densely populated. New Jersey is now surpassing the giants by high records of shares and residential mortgages. The two are highly delinquent and are in foreclosure. With this high rate in the country, New Jersey is now trailing the country to some significant extent in real estate market. The current trend is expected to continue shifting its focus in solving the impending shortages and enable provision of affordable prices and therefore increasing markets.

Housing shortages and emergencies are likely to rapidly increase owing to the growing gap between the housing demand and the housing supply. This is an observation made by the Realtor Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors. House permits and falling houses are still befuddling owing to the deficiency of housing and the high speed in the selling of the newly constructed homes. There is a tendency of building new properties and wanting to sell them before any other person does in the New Jersey. According to the Wall Street Journal, this implies that in New Jersey thing could grow even worse. It is the hope of economists is that the drop will intensify since the building permits dropped in May. The real estate markets operating in New Jersey is still in its renaissance period. The trucking giant Zillow, reports that housing prices are expected to rise. By this business in selling houses will boost the future condition. Vacant houses are still held back from selling with the high expectation of future increased rate, even besides the house shortages.

The faulty real estate market in New Jersey does not affect all towns therein. There are towns in which high demand for housing is accompanied with inventories. New Jersey is growing with thousands of new houses with their prices shooting in the last months. Accessibility to transit is one of the trends that are currently recognizable. Every town in New Jersey is easily accessible to transit. Most prospective buyers of homes are attracted by the proximity to the New Jersey station. Predictors such as Boraie Development Company say that the real estate business is likely to grow with the low prices in housing. High expectations on the rise in mortgage prices will lead to many homes coming onto the market shelves. Learn more about real estate market in New Jersey on


Getting Prepared To Have a Lifeline Screening Appointment

There are many people to disregard the fact that it is a good idea to see a doctor on a regular basis so that they can stay in the best of health. They reason that if they “feel good” then there are no health issues and they going to stay that way. Unfortunately most of the conditions that eventually become problems start out very small with little to no symptoms.

That is the main purpose of Lifeline Screening. By providing most of the screenings and tests that are normally performed in hospitals and medical screening facilities Lifeline Screening can detect health issues before they become a problem.

Ultrasound techniques have come a long way as they can detect what is going on inside of our bodies by showing the various organs in real-life view. It is possible to view the flow of blood in the arteries in order to see potential blockages. The bone density screening detects osteoporosis. The ankle-brachial test can help to determine if there are cardiovascular problems.

A simple blood test only needs a small drop of blood to come up with a lipid panel which is used to detect cholesterol levels. Glucose levels tell if a person is pre-diabetic or if they have diabetes.

The limited electrocardiograph test tells if a person has an irregular heartbeat. A-Fib, as it is also called can cause blood clots which can cause a stroke.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening center, you will be asked to fill out paperwork that asks for your name, address, phone, zip code and the name of your personal physician. You should wear loose fitting clothing. Women should wear slacks and men a casual shirt. For ultrasound screening you will be asked to lift up the top garment so the sensor can be placed onto the skin. You will not have to disrobe for Lifeline Screening.

When the tests are completed you will be given a detailed report of the results. Any further action needed with your personal physician will be noted and the report is also forwarded to your doctor to learn more about us: click here.

People very pleased with the Lifeline Screening process. Many people have discovered potentially serious conditions if which had been left alone would probably have developed into more serious problems.

How Don Ressler Runs JustFab And Fabletics Companies

Don Ressler is the man behind a wide range of successful startups in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, Don Ressler has always thrived in business and splendor to become the only person to generate a large amount of money from one startup in less than three months. Don Ressler is also the Founder of the FitnessHaven Company based in the United States. After working with the company for three years, Don Ressler sold it to Intermix Media Company in 2001. During that time, Don Ressler developed a strong relationship with Adam Gondenberm who was the current CEO of Intermix Company. The two decided to embark on a business journey that could see their work grow to greater heights.


The performance advertising and e-commerce generation yielded millions of dollars in revenue for the Intermix Media Corporation. However, the two worked to become part of the solutions to the problems facing the people in the industry. News Corp also acquired Intermix Company. During that time, the News Corp Company decided to ignore the work of Fitness Haven. This was the set point for the two business individuals. They were dismayed by that action as it led to the advancement of business capabilities that activated better business in a manner that eliminates working solutions.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to work with new solutions to develop a new institution that could continue his work. The people who used to work for FitnessHaven decided to quit their jobs. Don Ressler took that advantage and brought them together. During that time, Don Ressler had an idea of commencing a fashion company that would work for better business. The two business entities agreed to take that line of business using technology for marketing their e-commerce products.


While they understood they had the needed experience and capability to advertise their products in the online market, the two business entities created a brand enterprise that could be executed autonomously. Don Ressler gathered his former employees at the FitnessHaven to commence a new brand that could see their business boom in the industry of e-commerce. Two weeks after they founded the FitnessHaven, they decided to develop a new corporation that activated better business in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the world of beauty and fashion. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also co-founded the Dermstore Company that sought to gather online market clients in the field of business.

Samuel Strauch: A Visionary, Innovative New School Entrepreneur

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate. After earning a degree in business from Hofstra University and completing studies at Harvard University and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, he went into banking. Eventually, he moved to South Florida and became involved in the real estate business owned by his family.

Strauch started his own real estate company in 2002. It focused on properties in South Florida as well as Latin America and provided help with acquisitions, equity sourcing, development and management. He also provided brokerage services.

An active investor, Strauch also owns interests in a number of restaurants and internet-based businesses. He spends his free time dabbling in art and photography. He was initially enamored with Miami because all the new real estate developments and the city’s transformation from simply a vacation destination to a bustling metropolis. Strauch felt he could get the investors and international clients he needed to make his business thrive. He now spends his days networking, seeking out properties and forging and strengthening lucrative business relationships.

For Samuel Strauch, sparking new relationships and exploring business ideas with clients, investors and partners is fun, exciting and profitable. He’s open-minded and enjoys analyzing the potential and viability of new ideas and deciding where to invest his resources. He understand quick action and proper implementation are critical to success and excels at it. Strauch is excited by how the new generation thinks. He sees business opportunities in how they want to live, work, have fun and build their communities.

Meditation has made Samuel Strauch more productive and improved personal and professional life. He’s also true to himself and focuses on the things that make him happy. To Strauch, his bad relationships, disappointments and business mistakes were essential life lessons that made him the person he is today. Each day Samuel Strauch takes some time appreciate what he has, set new goals and face life with curiosity and an open mind. Plus, he only works with people he trusts and always thinks win-win in his business dealings. His goal is to have a positive impact on the world around him.

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Adam Milstein Engaging the Young Israelis in Advocacy

Adam Milstein is a prominent American-Israeli leader and current Chairman of the Israeli-America Council. He is also a managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company with an asset value of 2 billion dollars. Despite his success in the sector, he makes time to address issues that affect the Jewish community.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation mentor and support young professionals and students to connect with their Israeli roots. The foundation has provided scholarship and learning opportunities for students to learn their heritage. He recently made it to the list of the Top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. The students are also encouraged to learn Hebrew language and past religious and cultural traditions.

Adam established the Israeli-America Council to build the relations between the Israel and U.S. Adam Milstein openly shares his thoughts and perspectives on the issues that affect the Israeli community. He migrated to the U.S from Israel, while his wife is originally Moroccan immigrant living in the U.S. They use their experiences to address issues, create dialogues, and provide solutions.

Adam Milstein also champions for minority rights through publications and digital platforms. Together with his wife, they encourage other members to use their resources to impact the community positively. Unlike other philanthropists, he engages with the community at a personal level. He is always seeking alternative approaches to further his philanthropic work.

In July, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation called for submission of memes for a pro-Israel competition. The competition aimed at showcasing the diverse cultural practices, perspectives, and attitudes towards Israel. It is a fresh means of approaching cultural dialogue as it allows the participants to show their love for Israel in a relaxed and funny manner. The competition attracted participants across the globe. The contestants submitted entertaining, educative, hilarious, and provocative images that are representative of the world’s view about Israel.

The winning memes showcased love and pride for the Jewish people, states, and institutions. Contestant brought out the value of family, women, and oneness. Nevertheless, some of the images were poignant and sarcastic. Adam Milstein believes that this approach is more appealing to the younger generation as it provokes actions and participation.