Kamil Idris Weighs In On Intellectual Property and Globalization

Dr. Kamil Idris participated in an interview and shared his take on Intellectual Property and Globalization.


Dr. Idris says that all countries should be aware of the importance of intellectual property as a development tool and its role in economic growth. The way a country uses intellectual property could vary based on several factors such as their political standpoint on committing to IP development, the amount of expert support staff available, the level of IP awareness and the societal needs. The WIPO has an Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) which is a forum for countries to share experiences and ideas and possibly come up with solutions for enforcement and coordination improvements.


Dr. Idris discussed some of the issues with intellectual property due to globalization. He says the main issues are robbery and duplication. Other main issues include the need for resources to support IP training and capacity as well as support staff. The growth of communication in the technology realm has also posed a problem as this type of communication facilitates the duplication issues. The World Intellectual Property Organization works towards resolving these issues. The WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty provide minimum protection for digital copyright owners. WIPO offers training programs, seminars, and workshops for system users and those who administer the systems. Even though the WIPO can advise its members and stakeholders on intellectual property it is up to each nation individually to set their own preferences about how they want to conduct business in their country regarding intellectual property.


Globalization has triggered the need for new products and technologies, therefore the number of patents pending has soared to an outstanding number. TRIPS Agreement (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights) helps the management of intellectual property by setting enforcement standards that regulate the legal and administrative duties and remedies for any issues that may arise including criminal sanctions. TRIPS has created a standard across several countries.

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Dr. Kamil Idris has shared his expertise across several platforms regarding intellectual property and its importance in the global economy. He is the President of The International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. He is also the Former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has a strong law background and he has also received 19 honorary doctorate law degrees from universities worldwide. He is a Member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations and he has published several works on intellectual property and international law and development.

Tricks to Avoid End of Quarter Campaign Mistakes According To NGP VAN

For most campaigns, the end- of -quarter can turn out to be an extreme tasking time. At this time in the quarter, you need to meet various last minute fundraising goals, which mean that digital teams and financial teams can get overstretched. If you want to make the end quarter a little bit easier, it is necessary to take into consideration the following top tips.

Always keep common easy-to-use emails in your back pocket. If you work for a company like NGP VAN- a leading provider in progressive technology- where you are sending similar emails for four to five days in a row, running out of ideas can be a common occurrence. You are going to need to have several ideas in your back pocket which you can use and will not demand a lot of thinking to put together during this stressful time. The following are some of the ideas you can utilize when you’re out of ideas, provided by NGP VAN.

You can use variables like people who have joined your Facebook groups, the number of email subscribers, and the number of volunteers. Get the exact amount that you have raised in the first quarter and the number of donations that you have already received as a group.

  • Use a thermometer

It is to indicate how close the group is to hitting your targets but including as an amateur that indicates how close you are to hit new benchmark goals.

  • Always indicates the average contribution

If you have a below average contribution, it is vital to share that with your supporters and request them to chip in the average donation contribution.

  • Remember to show what other people contribute

After you receive contributions, always redirect a form to the donors asking them to share the reason they contributed to this campaign. Remember to ask for permission to share these stories. Pick the very impactful stories and write them on your pages.

Always write what you can in advance!

Writing can be a time-consuming process in most occurrences. You can ease this burden by writing most of your content in advance.


NGP VAN focuses on assisting progressive organizations and campaigns leverage technology to meet their targets. In 2009, NGP VAN was the biggest partisan provider in the compliance software campaign.

NGP VAN started in November 2010 when its predecessor companies merged. NGP VAN two predecessor companies are NGP software and Voter Activation Network. The firm has worked on most major progressive campaigns including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.


The Yeonmi Park Story: Fact or Fiction?

Even before the Amazon.com release of her massively successful biography, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park (also known as Park Yeon-mi) has received a extraordinary amount of attention, not just in her home of South Korea but worldwide as well. And for those who are even tangentially familiar with her it is easy to see why, her tale is a unique one. After her father was imprisoned on trumped up smuggling and illegal trading charges Park’s family was left destitute and faced death from starvation so they decided upon a radical course of action – defection from North Korea. Her journey began in 2007 when she was only thirteen years of age and carried her across frozen rivers and desert wastes. She and her mother were both assisted in their flight by a human trafficker who tricked them and raped Yeonmi’s mother, next attempting to rape Yeonmi herself, but thankfully her mother intervened and convinced the man not to touch her. Thankfully they were both able to escape from China as well and make their way to South Korea where they both now currently reside.
However, many individuals have taken issue with the veracity of Ms. Park’s claims and no one has been more vocal about this than the government of North Korea. But what is the truth of matter? Is Yeonmi telling the truth or is she merely a “Puppet of the American agenda,” as North Korea would have the world believe (you can read more about that at reason.com?

Well according to The Reason, to clarify several of the points of contention, Ms. Park’s first language is not English and yet this is what she used, primarily, to tell her story to the world. Thus it is very easy to understand why certain, trivial details, such as dates and names, might have changed – simply because she hasn’t master the language. Secondly, the rape of one’s own mother and narrow escape from rape oneself, are not things one would divulge lightly and so it should be easy to imagine why Ms. Park was less than forthcoming about all of the harrowing experiences she endured on her escape. When all is said and done, until some concrete example of outright lying can be present, there does not appear to be much of a reason to doubt the veracity of Park’s intriguing tale.


Yeonmi Park Honored For Activism

Yeonmi Park is a young civil rights activist that fights hard for freedom in North Korea. Born in Hyesan, North Korea herself, Yeonmi knows first hand the brutal conditions that citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are living under. In 2014, the UN released a more than 400 page report detailing an entire laundry list of governmental abuses and crimes against humanity based on the testimonies of more than 300 refugees and escapees of the brutal and dictatorial regime of Kim Jong-Il, which by all accounts has not changed significantly under the regime of his son Kim Jong-Un.

In late 2014, Yeonmi delivered an impassioned and moving speech at the One Young World Summit held in Dublin, Ireland. Her speech went viral and garnered a new wave of interest in the affairs of North Korea. But outsiders were not the only ones that took interest in her speech. In early 2015, North Korea’s propaganda machine hit back by releasing an 18 minute video which was posted on a government run website. In it, they claimed that a number of Yeonmi’s claims are false, but when taken with the UN report and the testimonies of 300 others, its hard to see their video as being anything but an attempt to cast aspersions against anyone courageous enough to stand and tell the truth about the reality of the situation in North Korea.

Some of the accusations leveled against North Korea included total and complete governmental control over all actions, social encounters and interactions all the way down to an inability to hold personal beliefs that countered Party doctrine. Actions and behaviors were closely monitored by Party officials, and one woman claimed to have been sent to a hard labor camp for watching soap operas. A claim that might seem completely ludicrous on its own, but takes on a horrifying ring of truth when coupled with similar testimonies being given over and over again.

Growing up as a young girl in North Korea, Yeonmi witnessed first hand the atmosphere of complete control exercised by the government, as well as the poverty and starvation caused by a famine exacerbated by poor governmental leadership. Her own father was thrown in a hard labor camp after he was caught smuggling goods into China as a means of keeping his family alive. Yeonmi and her mother escaped through China, where they spent more than a year enduring further horrors as a result of their inability to rely on assistance or intervention by the Chinese government. The Chinese government was also censured in the UN report for their role in hunting down escaped North Korean refugees and sending them back to North Korea.

In 2014, Yeonmi was honored to be chosen as one of the BBC’s “100 Women of 2014” for her ongoing and tireless campaign against the North Korean regime. She is a regular and frequent guest on numerous radio and talk shows in hopes of keeping awareness high in South Korea of the plight their compatriots to the north.