Academy of Art University: Alumni Boasts Oscar Win

Academy of Art University alumni, Daniel Arriaga, could not be more proud of the work he created for this year’s Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature, Coco. Arriaga worked diligently on designing animations for this film that were true to real-life representations of his Mexican culture, and he credits his training from the Academy of Art University for helping him to achieve his success. During his time at the Academy of Art University, Arriaga strived to perfect his skills in artistic direction and animation.

The Academy of Art University, located in the heart of San Francisco, is an arts school that strives to offer degree courses for those who have a passion for learning. The Academy is accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, the National Architectural Accrediting Board, and others. As an added bonus, the Academy also offers both online and on-campus courses to suit every student’s schedule and their own unique needs.

Curriculum and coursework is packed full of learning that will help to fully develop an artist’s vision, while also helping to develop and fine tune the student artist’s skills. Degree programs include Animation and Visual Effects, Architecture, Communications and Media, Textile Design, Acting, and numerous additional others.

Not only can the Academy of Art University boast Arriaga as alumni who worked to bring Coco to life, but fellow alumni and Academy instructors also worked on the animated film. The Academy has well over 25,000 further alumni who have helped to create art internationally since its founding in 1929. Other alumni have worked to develop shows like King of the Hill and Heroes, leading the design for Kobe Bryant’s line of Nike shoes, and also directing videos for U2, Modest Mouse, and Kanye West.

José Henrique Borghi a Creative Leader at Mullen Lowe

José Henrique Borghi is a Brazilian writer Born in Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo. Borghi attended PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) in Campinas where he pursued Advertising and Propaganda. Standart Ogilvy an Ad agency was the first job in the region in the year 89. Soon the writer’s exceptional qualities stood out and passed other reputed ad agencies. Some examples of the agencies include Leo Burnett, Talent, DDB, and FCB. Borghi later opened his own agency BorghiErh and signed a partnership with Erh Ray.

In December 2006, the agency divided its presidency with Erh Ray and hence changed its name to BorghiLowe after it was purchased by Lowe. The agency still kept growing and still ventured in the national and international market. In 2015, a merger was formed with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group, which sprang up Mullen Lowe Brasil agency. In addition to the new name, the Mullen Lowe Group also announced new leadership.

Alongside current CEO, José Borghi, André Gomes was promoted to co-CEO. Andre Gomes worked at the Lowe network for two years and experience from working with client side (Ambev and Kaiser) and agency (Y & R and Grey). Following these changes, the group also made a decision to shut down their office in Brasilia Office. They turned their focus towards their activities in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Following the promotion of Andre Gomes as the co-CEO, he was tasked with the duty of overseeing the agency’s operations. On the other hand, Borghi would focus on creativity and innovation of the company. Borghi came up with campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat, where kids dressed in animal costumes and would sing beautiful jingles. He owns 14 Cannes Lions, 15 April Advertising Awards, ten Clios Awards, eleven at the New York Festival, ten awards at The One Show, and seven awards at the London Festival. Learn More.


Anthony Toma, CEO of Nine9 is Interviewed by Ideamensch

Nine9 The UnAgency is a leading agency that manages actors and models in the USA. The agency was started back in the year 2003. At that time, the founder and CEO of the Nine9 The UnAgency, Anthony Toma, was looking for a franchise in the food industry. However, he happened to land a franchise in the modelling industry. He quickly took up the offer and the franchise was a quick success. He even opened 26 more franchises and many investors. Unfortunately, the franchise started making losses and investors were quick to leave. But, Toma didn’t give up on the business. He decide to start over, this time as his own company. That day saw the birth of Coral Reef Productions Inc., which is today known as Nine9.

The difference between Nine9 and other modelling agencies is that it offers a commission free environment. They give a detailed information of their models and actors so that employers have an easy time identifying their perfect match. As for the models and actors, they get 24/7 alerts. These castings come through a casting recognition software so that you are matched with a casting job. Also, they gave you an option of meeting with industry leaders during workshops and learn more about Nine9.

Recently, Toma CEO of the company was interviewed by Ideamensch. He was asked of how he brings ideas to life, to which he responded that he starts by writing it down. Then he will try and find any problems with the plan. He also makes a presentation to his team and ask them to find any loopholes. If any, they come up with solutions. Thereafter, he places the product on social media to test the product before finally launching it.

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Brazil Marketing

Brazil is undergoing a lot of economic development right now. One of the best industries to work in is marketing. As more customers than ever before are able to spend money on material possessions, this is a hot industry for a lot of companies. José Borghi is one of the leading marketing minds in the country, and he is adding a lot of value to companies that he works with. In the coming years, he has a lot of ideas that he is looking to expand to other areas.

José Borghi

From the time he was in school, José Borghi knew that marketing was his passion. Over the past few years, marketing has changed a lot with all of the new ways to market to customers. If you want to improve your business, marketing is the fastest way to accomplish that. This is why so many companies are working with José Borghi to drive sales and profits for their company. Many people in Brazil look to José Borghi as the premier marketing expert in the country.

Future Plans

In the coming years, José Borghi wants to continue to educate others on marketing. He has written a lot of content on this subject, and he plans to continue that in the coming years. With all of the changes that he has made over the past few years, he is hoping that he can continue to drive sales. Many people are moving to online commerce, and this is a great way for companies to take advantage of changing trends within the business. In the next couple of years, many people expect that a majority of sales will take place online in Brazil. for more.