Send From Anywhere with Talk Fusion

One of the features of Talk Fusion that make it very attractive to entrepreneurs is that it allows people to send from anywhere at anytime. A marketer can send their content immediately or set a time for it to be sent out. This type of control is what has won Talk Fusion the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. The features and the options of how to put together and release a product is one of the factors that contributed to the success of Talk Fusion. The award has also brought more attention to the video marketing app.

Before Talk Fusion, marketers have had to worry about a workstation with a large computer in order to deal with their marketing. While there are advantages to this type of work over working a dead-end job, marketers have had to deal with disadvantages as well. For one thing, they had to look long and hard for software that works the best for them. As a result, marketers have spent long hours working on bringing in the money. This has brought a different type of monotony that has challenged their patience and resolve. Fortunately, Talk Fusion has brought them a lot of freedom.

With Talk Fusion, people can market their business while they are on the go. They could be running their errands when they are working on their marketing. Talk Fusion has made running a business easier and more fun.

Talk Fusion is also good for communications. This is one thing that Bob Reina also thought about. He has seen how detrimental text-based relationships can be to the social health of the individual. With video communications, people can not only hear each other but also see each other. Talk Fusion is making improvements to various aspects of life for people.

ClassDojo Helps To Create A Classroom Community

Classdojo, the makers of a classroom community app, have raised $21 million in their latest round of funding. Their application empowers teachers, parents, and students to create a partnership of educational achievement through use of the app as a communication platform. The company, co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011, is using the funds to expand their team and the features of the app. In particular, they want the app to be used throughout the day, not just at school but at home as well so that there is greater parental involvement in their kids’ success.  Check this related link.

Among its features, the app gives teacher the ability to let parents know what each day’s activities will be, as well as being able to send them photos and videos of their students work. The app is designed to be easy-to-use and is provided for free.   Amazon. com has more info.The app is now used in over 85,000 schools across the country in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Classdojo is committed to creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools all over the US and has been expanding into 180 countries around the world.

One of the features of the app is each child having a digital portfolio they can share, called Student Stories, which can include pictures, video, and text. Another feature of the app is giving parents and teachers the ability to privately text each other, and they don’t have to exchange phone numbers in order to do so. The app works on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as any pc.  Based on


How to Get the Most Out of Skout

Skout has become one of the most popular social networking apps and websites in the world. This app is ideal for people who want to meet local singles and individuals who are looking to meet up and have a great time. If you are traveling to another area or are simply on vacation, Skout can be the ideal app for your needs and get you feeling confident in what you are looking to achieve. The way that Skout works is by helping you to feel confident in finding locals to where you are.

The wonderful thing about using the Skout app is that it is free to download and use. You just need to visit the app store on your mobile device and give it a quick download to begin using it. You can even connect it to many of your social media accounts to get the most out of the experience. This makes it easy to fully customize the app to meet and suit your needs. This is why a lot of people have chosen this app for themselves and are happy with the overall results that they have been able to achieve with this.

Once you begin to use the Skout app, you will never want to go back to any other app you might have used in the past. This is because the app is designed to be used to your own benefit and for you to find people local to you who also are using the app and want to meet up. Whether you are looking for someone who happens to be single or you are interested in finding a bunch of friends to go to a concert with while you’re traveling, Skout makes it easy for you to make this a reality for yourself.

There is nothing easier or better than utilizing the Skout app on your phone or tablet. This enables you to really match up with a lot of new and great people who all share the same interests as you and you can talk to them before meeting up. This is great for all types of people and the fact that the Skout app is free and easy to use just makes the whole process a whole lot easier for anyone who might be in the process of using it for themselves and are thrilled with the overall results that they have been able to achieve.

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Handy Keeps My Home Clean

Handy has a slew of different services for any homeowner that needs things done inside of the home. This company has been one of the most reliable resources for me as I moved into a new home. I have been able to get assistance with plumbing services and cleaning services on a regular basis with Handy contractors.

In the spring I always take a lot of time to get rid of those things that are no needed in the home. It can become quite an experience to go through all of the old things that I thought were highly valuable, but now I recognize these items for the junk that it really is. I take this time to do a very thorough cleaning where I wipe down refrigerator and stove. I clean the inside of the stove and I also dust the blinds. When I say that I am doing this I actually mean that I am booking Handy to get these things done for me. I hate the concept of having to do such a thorough cleaning myself so I hire the professionals, and I am never disappointed with Handy. This company has workers that have been doing this type of work for years. Regardless of where you stay, Handy has the contractors in many of the metropolitan cities that are all linked to the same mission. They all believe in doing quality service with the utmost professional mannerism when they are on the job. That’s why I like this company, and that is why I will quickly recommend this organization to anyone didn’t needed some assistance doing spring season.

I like to take the time in the spring to get my home in order because it allows me to get myself in order. It is much easier to become more organized when you get rid of things that you no longer have a need for. That is what I take the time to do during spring. Handy is a real resource, and I definitely will continue to utilize the contractors that are available through this company each year.

Handy Wins The Home Services War Over HomeJoy

HomeJoy was a home services company that put customers in touch with home services providers across America. The open market style of website is used at Handy, and Handy has won a battle with HomeJoy for marketshare. The recent bankruptcy filing by HomeJoy has ended the battle, and the service structure at Handy has come to light. This article explains how Handy has created a business that survived in a battle with HomeJoy.

#1: Handy Books A Million Dollars A Month

Handy has created a home services business that does around a million dollars in bookings a month. Each booking is between a house or office cleaner and the client. The clients book their cleaners directly, and cleaners may book appointments with as many clients as they like. The house cleaning business allows individuals to run their own companies, and homeowners may find their house cleaners online.

#2: Massive Growth At Handy

Handy did around a million appointments in their first year, but the company has quickly grown to do that much business in one year. Handy made their website as simple to use as possible, and customers quickly took to the simple interface provided by the company. House cleaners are running their businesses almost exclusively through Handy, and it is all done for a small fee.

#3: Americans Are Given More Of Their Time Back

Handy helps save busy Americans time who are in need of help with their homes. Homeowners do not have time to clean their homes, and a house cleaner may show up once a week, once a month or on a custom schedule to meet the needs of each client. Clients may let their cleaners in at any time, and clients will come home to a perfect household.

The Handy marketplace allows house cleaners to manage their businesses online, and the business management process happens through a simple website. Every house cleaner has access to millions of customers, and homeowners may make appointments at any time. The going rate is competitor for each house cleaner, and Handy helps Americans keep their homes clean easily.

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Groundbreaking Technology in AI And Visual Search Are Changing The Way You Shop Online

For the last two decades the internet as completely changed the way we interact with each other, meet new people, share media, and shop. Online shopping simplified the entire ordeal by making it convenient and available on the go. As the popularity grew big name department stores as well as small boutiques began creating online stores to create more revenue. According to an article written in MIT Technology Report the advancement in artificial intelligence and image recognition is on the move.

Online companies like Pinterest and have begun dabbling in visual search and the new AI technology by testing it out on small groups of their customers, then continuing to add more people each day. At the current moment certain Pinterest users can draw a box around a certain item in an image and the software will find exact or close matches to the selected item. Say you’re looking at a picture of a nicely decorated living room for ideas and you spy a lamp you just have to buy, so you draw a square around the lamp and viola you’ve got a list of similar items or that exact item ready for purchase.

Many companies have attempted to use visual search to enhance the online shopping experience but its just recently taken off in the last few years. Slyce is an online visual search company that has perfected visual search recognition software and created an app specific for those who love to shop. With their universal scanner their users can download the app, take a picture of a 2D or 3D image and find similar or exact matches. Customers can also scan bar codes of items to find cheaper prices elsewhere.

Their newest app called ‘Scout’ recently launched after their purchase of the online company ‘SnipSnap which brought coupons straight to the users phone. The Scout app combines a few apps that provide coupons, rebates, and the lowest prices online for certain items. It works like a personal assistant, you simply text ‘Scout’ what you’re looking for an up comes coupons, deals, and the cheapest prices straight to your phone. Slyce’s continued innovation in the way we use mobile searching, shop for deals, and find items we need while looking through magazines has started a whole new wave of online shopping. AI, visual search, and Slyce’s technology may erase the need for search engines all together.

Fancy a carol? Order one through Handy!

Looking for a traditional choir to get you or your office into a Christmas mood? Well, now apparently, there’s an app for that. The choir of St. Peter’s College, Oxford decided to join with the popular service app, Handy, to help bring Christmas cheer to their local town. The app which is designed to help individuals find local persons offering services will be used to allow local residents to book a time for the choir to come to their location for their rendition of popular Christmas tunes. It’s all in good fun, and to raise awareness for a local homeless charity. It will also support the charity with a minimum donation going towards the homeless shelter.

The app, Handy, was the perfect choice for the holiday event. Since the app places individuals directly in touch with service providers the choir was able to use the app to deliver their choir songs across the town successfully. While you may not be able to order a full 15 man choir this holiday season you can still use the handy app to order hundreds of other services from professionals in your area.

Handy was founded in 2012 and has quickly grown to a large network of professionals. From cleaners, handymen, plumbing and electrical work there are professionals in your area that’s willing to help you with your needs. You can book directly on the app and a professional will be available. Since they’re insured and background checked you can always be sure your family and goods will be safe.

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Skout May Change Social Dynamics

The early days of social media were pretty much an era of niches. Those who really were into computers and the internet created through own little groups and conversed and interacted amongst themselves. Today, tens of millions of people rely on social media to stay in touch with others.

Does this mean there are no niches in the social media world? Actually, there are more groups, interest pages, and niche collectives than every before. With the right social media app, a person on the go can connect with people who share the same interests and do so easily.

Skout has produced an excellent app that allows for members to join a great social media and dating site that makes it easier for strangers from around the world to become more familiar with one another. Signing up for Skout is incredibly easy and no one has to spend hours trying to figure out how to craft a proper presence on the community. Skout could be among the most user-friendly social media apps available. Consider that one of the biggest pluses associated with the site.

Whether a person is interested in dating or just friendship among those who share common lifestyles, meeting such individuals is not always easy. Work and other responsibilities can make meeting new people much more difficult than it has to be.

A person who enjoys bowling is going to have a tough time meeting fellow sports enthusiasts if he or she can never get to a bowling alley. Some might laugh at this illustration, but it is hard to poke any holes in the logic. Unless you are out and about meeting someone who shares the things you like, it becomes enormously difficult to extend your social circle. Through accessing the realm of social media, meeting scores of new persons becomes less taxing. A social media app opens the floodgates to meeting an ton of like-minded people.

Busy people are not exactly thrilled over the fact their social life has to suffer. There is no reason for them to never be able to expand their social interactions. At least not when there is a good social media platform available to take advantage of.

Skout is the social media app that just might finally provide a solution to anyone having a strenuous time meeting new friends or paramours. Downloading the app is definitely recommended.

Handy Housekeeping and Handywork on Your Smart Phone

The dust no longer needs to collect on the shelves, the dressers, the books, the disassembled furniture, or the entertainment center, and big screen. It is such a small world now with Handy on the iOS or the Android. This is the perfect app for the home and family. Busy lives no longer need to live in filth as there is help just a click away on the Handy mobile app. The appointment can be made and paid for in moments. A cleaning professional will be dispatched to the home at the home owner’s behest. The cleaning professional is already vetted and 100% guaranteed to be trustworthy and reliable.

Handy is candy for those who just do not have time to clean or just are not inclined. For the non handymen or ladies, fixing things is no longer a worry as there is Handy for the home and professional handyman to order. Needing a plumber is not problem as ordering the plumber from Handy is done with the same ease. No wonder this small start up of three years ago with only two people has now blossomed into a company in 28 cities with over 200 staff members in the various offices.

Since the first two founding employees in 2012, Ingnacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott worked hard to get things going. The two developers, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua got the actual app developed with the help of Weina Scott who worked for seven months writing the code for the first version of the website. To get the app off to a blazing start, the developers were able to secure a $12 million commitment in start up funds from Highland Capital and Capital Partners. It only took three months for Handy to get bookings that made a 60 percent increase each month to eventually garner revenues of one million each week.

In a difficult jobless recovery for the present economy, Handy is a breath of fresh air for many who have taken to freelance work. As Handy freelance professional cleaners, making $18 to $45 per hour for work booked with Handy is very much a reality. Some Handy job assignments can pay $1000 for particular job requests. Handybook, another facet of Handy, puts the customers in touch with screened and vetted candidates to take on the job assignments including interior painting, movers, faucet installation, and handywork. This success was born out of the messy dormitories of Hanarahan and Dua, who also needed their unpacked furniture assembled. Again, necessity is the mother of invention.

No longer being able to stand the squalor of their situation as roommates while they were in the Harvard Business School they put their heads together to create the Handy app that would bring those in dire need of cleaning, assembly, fixing things and other home handy tasks, together. Payment and appointments are accomplished with a swipe on a mobile device. Much like the Uber model without the price surges, Handy fulfills a need and makes better the lives of its users.

I Used Skout To Find A Friend In Trinidad

I live on the island of Grand Cayman, and I’m temporarily working here. Although my time on the island is limited, I still want to enjoy myself while I’m here. I plan on leaving Grand Cayman, and I’m going to the island of Trinidad. Trinidad is having a carnival that goes on every year, and the carnival is the biggest thing in the Caribbean. I planned on going to the carnival, and I’m spending at least one month in Trinidad. Before I decided to go to Trinidad for the first time, I wanted to get to know some people there. One way I thought of meeting people in Trinidad is by using the Skout network. 

Skout is in over 180 countries, and the network supports 14 different languages. Because Skout is such a diverse network, it allows people from many countries to speak with each other. I made it a point to go on Skout, and I looked for people in the area of Trinidad that I’d be going to. I wanted to meet a nice young woman that would take me around, and she’d show me the fun that Trinidad had to offer. Since I was already a member of Skout, all I had to do was a specific search. 

I was very excited to start searching for a friend. I was able to find a great looking girl that really caught my eye. The girl said she worked for a hotel that the carnival will be passing by. I was excited to know that someone would be able to give me in-depth information about Trinidad. Every time I had free time, I would go on Skout and speak with this lady. After chatting, sending greetings, and communicating through Skout, we decided it was time to speak on the phone. Calling another Caribbean island is not very cheap, so we only spoke once in a while.

We kept most of our communications online through Skout as it was cheaper to communicate this way. I told her when I would be coming to her island, and we made arrangements to meet with each other. If it wasn’t for using the Skout network, I never would’ve found this girl or be able to talk to her. I’m excited to go to carnival in Trinidad, and I’m also very excited to meet my new friend. I’ll be leaving Grand Cayman soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. Find more about Skout on their Twitter page.