A Sign of the Times: Changing Trends Within The Banking Industry

In order to stay on top of your game, you must adapt and grow. If you don’t adapt to what’s going on around you, you’ll become stagnant. If you become stagnant then it’s game over. This notion is very true no matter the industry, field of work or position. Professional banking epitomizes this notion to the fullest. Have you noticed how much better regional banks have become. In years of the past, regional banking just didn’t have the capabilities to compete on a national level with the big boys. Oh how times have changed and as of today, regional banks have become the preferred way of banking by millions of people from coast to coast.

The Texas Bankers Association plays a critical role in regional banking within the Texas border. Its members get together on occasions to discuss what’s trending in regional banking as well as discussing any issues that have presented itself. On the other hand, President and CEO John Holt, represented NexBank Capital at one of the industry’s biggest events. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is this event, and it was attended by many individuals within this exclusive community. Holt was one of the members that were chosen to be on the banker panel discussion. “Reinventing Community Banking” was the main topic and Holt answered the many different questions from the many different participants. Everything under the sun was talked about and discussed in fine detail. This is one reason why regional banking has grown into the powerhouse it is today.

NexBank Capital certainly sets the tone just by its presence. It has created the most waves over the past few years, and it’s dominating the competition on many different levels. Changing trends and the banking industry go hand-to-hand either way you look at it and NexBank Capital sits at the apex of it all.