Doe Deere On Achieving Greatness

Doe Deere is a Russian born immigrant that believes immigrants help to make America a great country. It is immigrants that are working hard to achieve their own American success story that truly make America a wonderful country to live in states Doe Deere. Deere is a true immigration success story. She achieved greatness in her own unapologetic way. Certainly, the path to greatness was not easy for Doe Deere who was born Xenia Vorotova in Russia. Deere immigrated to America with her mother and younger sister at the age of 17 and settled in New York City.

The Early Years

Deere and her family settled in New York City. They lived on her mother’s life savings. Soon, the money was gone and they were forced to take menial jobs. The family ended up living in a homeless shelter and were on some really hard times. However, an immigration lawyer helped the family get on their feet by finding them an apartment, work, and enrolling the girls in schools. Deere attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology. Her entrepreneurial passion grew through those years. It’s also interesting to note that most immigrants achieve success through their entrepreneurial endeavors. Deere was one young immigrant that followed her dreams and created the Lime Crime makeup line in 2008.

Real Success

Doe Deere achieved real success with the Lime Crime makeup line. Today, the company employs 35 people and is based in Los Angeles. Deere created a makeup line that follows her philosophy. It is a vegan, animal cruelty free line of makeup. The makeup line is designed for women that like to live and wear their makeup in a truly unapologetic way. It is a makeup line that is favored by thousands of Lime Crime fans across the Internet.

Doe Deere firmly believes that her obsession for all things American helped her to achieve her ultimate success. She realized that the country was a land of opportunity for immigrants. She states that not all Americans started out as Americans. It is the immigrants that help to make this country such a wonderful place to live, work, and achieve greatness.

Australia’s Number One Asian Beauty Guru And How She Got Her Start

Online video tutorials have become a new way for people to showcase their skills and talent for people all around the world, and many of these masters of craft use their knowledge to help other people who aren’t as good. Now thousands of people have created tutorial channels on YouTube to guide people through video game levels, cake baking, drawing, make-up application, and how to get the perfect curls. Even though YouTube houses millions of users there are a few breakout stars who wind up gaining name recognition based off their videos or tutorials.

On the beauty blog circuit Wendy Huang, a famous Australian Youtuber, has reached star status with her well organized blog The Wonderful World of Wengie. Her blog features diet tips, make-up, hair, and style with video tutorials and a link to her YouTube channel as well as product reviews of the latest trend, Korean beauty products. What sets Huang’s beauty channel apart from the rest is that most of her tips are for women of Asian decent. Wengie states that growing up there was barely any Asian representation in both American and Australian media, which is still true to this day.

However her blog only started as a way to connect with clients while she worked at a digital media company where she instructed them to run their own blog and social media sites. Using her own personal experience in having little to no help with make-up and fashion growing up Huang dedicated her blog and videos to show young girls how to apply make-up to accentuate their features. Her channel gained recognition quickly and its now Australia’s number one online Asian beauty channel. Haung spread out to other topics like street fashion, hair styles, and home decor so she could reach a broader range of people and share her style with fans.

Haung now travels around the world and meets with other Asian beauty guru’s who share her passion. Her blog has not only helped women with little media representation but has also brought attention to the lack of diversity in the field.