Market America for the Perfect At-Home Job

Working from home isn’t always sunshine and rainbows because of the methods currently being used. For the vast majority of people working from home, they either don’t have stable or reliable income due to being independent contractors through a third-party source or they’re spending a small fortune just to get and keep things rolling. This is why Market America created a site for the world to make use of, since they like to call themselves the un-franchise method of earning money on your own.

Franchises often have a lot of fees and regulations involved, which makes it nearly impossible to keep things going and earning the money that you need and want. With Market America, you get to sell other companies’ products and keep a relatively large percentage of the items you’re selling. You are solely responsible for a website that Market America will help you to build and market. You can market your new site on social media sites and by trading links through affiliate programs. If you ever have issues marketing or promoting your site, Market America is there to take the guesswork out of the process for you.

Another great thing about Market America is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. In fact, the vast majority of people interested in working with Market America can buy their own site and be on their way to getting started in a matter of about an hour. You are also your own boss, so you get to set your hours and days working, which is ideal for when you have an already-busy schedule and family. Being able to earn money from home should not cost you a lot of money and it shouldn’t take months or years to get started. Instead, this company gives you the opportunity to sell products that you won’t need to ship yourself and simply maintain a site that they help you to build. It really is a fool-proof way of earning some extra cash from home or even totally replacing the current income that you’re making from an outside job. His jacebook page

Flavio Maluf Passionately Educates Entrepreneurs on the Simples Nacional Program and Auditing

The federal government of Brazil created a program dubbed Simples Nacional under Micro and Small Companies Act in 2006. This program is a simplified tax system that minimizes tax payable by micro and small companies.


Simples Nacional


With a simple tax system, entrepreneurs focus their mind on growth and development of their organizations, which gives the businesses a better chance of survival. This business survival was recently proved by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) through a survey that was conducted to show the survival rates for businesses in relation to adopting the Simples program. The results showed that in 10 companies that use this program, eight of them reach the second year mark in business. On the contrary, only four of 10 business get past two years without the program. The survey also showed a 64 percent increase in those opposing the program from 2012 to last year. This increase was brought about by the growth of the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), which went up by 150 percent. Nearly 67 percent of those not qualified for the program noted that they would like to join. A third of companies in the program indicated that Tax Replacement (ST) was harming them. January 2018 will see a change in the income bracket for Simples Nacional qualification.


Importance of Auditing


In his recent article, Flavio Maluf explained the importance of auditing to any business. Auditing involves scrutinizing a firm’s financial documents, checking on integrity, accuracy, and credibility. Endeavor Brasil notes that this process is essential to prove a company’s trustworthiness to the main players in the business, such as shareholders. It is also critical for business survival in a competitive market.


Auditing takes two forms: internal and external auditing. Internal auditing is whereby a team is employed by the company and tasked with responsibilities to help the administration in decision making. The team is also expected to analyze the internal controls of the company. External auditors report is used by outsiders involved in the business, such as partners and banks among others.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the senior leader of Eucatex Group, a firm that specializes in the production and selling of furniture and construction products made from eucalyptus. Flavio’s maiden job was in the trade department in 1987. He served in other capacities before being named the president.


The Midas touch of Raj Fernando

Rajiv K. “Raj” Fernando popularly known as Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur, political fundraiser and most importantly, a philanthropist. He served previously as the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading before becoming the current Chairman and Chief Executive Office of

Raj Fernando is the son of CK and Laura Fernando. He was born in Denmark because his parents were residing in Denmark at the time of his birth. However, the family moved to the United States before Raj’s first birthday. Raj boasts of a good educational background given that he is an alumnus of Beloit College having graduated from the College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Furthermore, Raj also attended University College London.

From his teenage days, Raj Fernando always had an admirable work ethic. For instance, while still studying in College, he volunteered his time and skills at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Upon graduating from College, Raj worked his way up careerwise from 1991 to 2001 serving in several trading posts.

Having acquired adequate trading skills, Mr. Raj decided to start his own trading company called Chopper trading in 2002. Basically, the Chicago-based trading firm focused on the segments of equities, fixed income and so on. As the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading, Mr. Raj designed, effected and managed several sophisticated trading, communications, and risk management as well as administration and Source Code security systems in the business industry.

Under the leadership of Raj Fernando, Chopper Trading grew into a major participant trading on renowned international exchanges such as the CME, LSE, NASDAQ, ICE, ICAP- Broketek and Eurex. In January 2015, Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW – a worldwide leader in the financial market. A year later, Raj launched an internet start-up company called, which serves to provide trusted information to companies and investors in order to achieve an upturn in business productivity and professional growth.

Besides acting as the current CEO of, Mr. Fernando also sits on the board of American Security Project, the Chicago Committee on International Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Commission at the Brookings Institute.

Mr. Fernando also participates in many philanthropic activities. He has made donations to many organizations including PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors of Chicago, the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On the political front, Mr. Fernando has always made financial donations to Democratic aspirants since 2003, notably Barrack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign bids.

Duda Melzer’s Commitment to Growth

The chief executive officer of RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, recently addressed an auditorium filled with people for his lecture series, “You With the President”. In this particular presentation, Melzer, fondly called “Duda” by friends and colleagues, spoke about “Commitment to Growth”. He discussed people, execution capability, business culture and about leadership and its legacy. He also gave his recipe for success which focuses on people and having the courage to expand a business.

As the president/executive of RBS Group since July of last year, Duda revealed his tactics for motivating people at work on a daily basis. He is passionate about the people around him and those who work with him. His love for his job is readily apparent, as well as his love for his family. People understand his happiness and he encourages other to find their own happiness as well. Duda, even being a young CEO, considers his position to be two dimensional. He focuses on the skills it takes to run a business as well as the skills in people. He firmly believes that growth of a company will only take place if people are passionate about their jobs. His role as a leader is to identify people and their profiles and understand what they are good at, and light the paths ahead of them. Duda stated in his speech, “A company comes to unimagined places with a top team formed by people passionate about what they do.”

On the topic of business management, Duda pointed out that every company should be excellent in execution. Do everything with efficiency and intensity and you will get good results. The mediator of the lecture asked for advice for new executives. Duda responded that the key for success is the belief in your goals and passion for your work.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Looking to Take Coriant to the Next Level

Coriant lives in one of the most competitive industries in the world, so keeping up at the very least and preferably staying ahead of that competition is necessary in order to stay relevant, viable and most of all – successful. With names like Lucent and Cisco among many others, vying for their share market space and customers, Coriant has turned to a source of experience to not only keep up but with intentions of leading the pack.
Within the past year Coriant announced a change at the top, and the name leading that change was a familiar one, Shaygan Kheradpir. To be certain, this is no small gamble with the nearly 500 customers and approximated ballpark of one billion in revenue, which is perhaps one of the two primary reasons for turning to Kheradpir for leadership. His resume would reflect such industry leading companies as Verizon, GTE and Barclay’s Bank among his 28 years of experience. The second reason for looking to Kheradpir for leadership is an apparent existing relationship.
The management team of Marlin Equity Partners has been working closely with Shaygan Kheradpir for a considerable time, according to Coriant and even cited that he has been working in a role with Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Executive. Why is this important? Marlin Equity Partners is the organization that built Coriant, so this may actually appear from the inside out, as a natural progression.
This move is also being applauded by some in the Coriant organization, namely former CEO Pat DiPietro. DiPietro will be acting as Vice Chairman and returning to his role of operating partner for, wait for it…Marlin Equity Partners. DiPietro was quoted as saying in a detailed article announcing the Coriant change (, “We are honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant and fortunate to have an executive of his caliber…His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been invaluable…we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.”
Does this move guarantee success? Are there some who doubt that this was the best move for Coriant? Sure, nothing guarantees success and there will always be skeptics, the proof will be in the pudding of results in this case. The optimism is there, the desire to lead exists and now it gets interesting. The hopes are high that this change in leadership proves to be the best move, makes a great pudding and an even stronger and healthier company would be nice too.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital at the Forefront of Responsible Financial Planning

If you think about the world with financial planners, advisers, brokers, and any other financial professional under the sun then you probably have considered how some people act in their own interest and not one of their clients. However, despite the problems within the financial profession and those that are based in greed and deception, there are still many organizations out there who are trying to bring together buyers and sellers within the market.

Many financial organizations are honest and trustworthy. And, while there are middle of the road financial professionals, Sanjay Shah and his organization, Solo Capital, have started to turn heads when it comes to being responsible first in the area of financial decision making.

Responsibility might not sound like the correct term to describe a financial organization, however, when you start to see the work both inside and outside of the office for Solo Capital then you can truly start to understand why they could and should be considered more responsible than anything else. Obviously there are organizations of all shapes and sizes and they all exist to generate a profit while providing goods and services for others. However, when you consider the idea that anyone who understands long run relationships also understand the idea of getting more for less effort, then you can instantly see where Sanjay Shah is coming from as well.

The theory of developing relationships and taking care of people is central to why current clients and customers consider Sanjay Shah responsible. He doesn’t sacrifice long term relationships or put trust on the line in the name of making a few extra dollars. And, when you consider his whole organization has been molded in the same way, then you can start to see why so many individuals want to work with someone who has their best interest in mind.

At the end of the day Sanjay Shah has been able to create an organization as well as an image that is based entirely on trust and accountability in the financial realm. Not only is it paying off for him, but his clients are seeing the results as well.


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Talk Fusion offers Innovative Products to Boost Marketing

Bob Reina is termed as an individual who has been involved immensely in ensuring that the marketing business has succeeded in its various dimensions. Due to his desire to send an email and he was unable, he set out to find a solution to the problem. It is the moment Talk Fusion was founded, and he is the CEO currently.

Talk Fusion as an online marketing tool has changed the general use of videos. It is now easier to send an email with a video and also to inform friends about a given charity via or using an email. It wasn’t that easy, but the results are immense, and most people are falling in love with it. Video email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings are the most commonly used products of Talk Fusion.

More customers are getting used to the advantages of the platform, and its positive to of reaching into more hands. Bob Reina is always mindful of how a business can be turned around and skyrocket the sales of a given company. Use of technology is a primary need in today’s world where everything is done digitally. Marketing too must be done using electronic means and marketers have found the best ways of conducting marketing to their target market. Talk Fusion offers a one-stop video platform where businesses can acquire and access all the services that they need.

It is an easier tool to use and it serves various functions in the market. It is applied in both personal and business enterprises to improve communication. Communication among the relevant authorities is vital, and the right information should reach the target market. A video makes the customer feel appreciated and feels the closer to that product being sold. Most companies that have tried the services such as Video Emails, Video Newsletters and Video Chats among others have experienced the best service that can be obtained at Talk Fusion.

It is due to such successes that Bob Reina has been able to donate to the communities. Seeing people interact with easiness and happy should be extended to the rest of the economy.

CipherCloud Continues Its Upward Journey

Cloud technology has gotten much more widespread and technologically refined in recent years. It is not simply online file storage. The customers are renting or borrowing software rather than buying it. Their space is no longer local, but it is shared space where the data is stored and used online. One of the biggest concerns of initial customers was the loss of control over data. Newer technology has ameliorated this situation.

There are much lower capital costs for technology because of many users sharing fees. Data is said to be safer on the cloud, where it is encrypted and tokenized. Tokenization is the process whereby sensitive or classified data is replaced with identification symbols which still carry all pertinent data. There is also malware detection, as well as activity monitoring.

The improved usage of resources is good for the green movement in sustainability. These resources are shared among many customers, which lowers costs and saves the environment from furnishing millions of customers their own software.

CipherCloud has a few differences in operation from the first cloud companies. They protect the business information, customer data, and intellectual property. According to SiliconIndia, CipherCloud aids users by having no discernable effect on application and end-user experience. They also offer increased control and visibility for users.

Then too, YouTube indicates how CipherCloud helps its users to comply with industry and global regulations. This is a top priority for many customers, whether government, financial, pharmaceutical, or healthcare. CipherCloud says that 5 of the top 10 banks in the U.S. are customers.

The future for CipherCloud looks promising with CASB (cloud access security broker) space being used in higher numbers. Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO of CipherCloud, says that CipherCloud will allow businesses complete control and visibility over their cloud data. More and more customers will embrace cloud technology, and the cloud’s potential will be fully exploited. Recently, CipherCloud has received $50 in investments to continue building its cloud and to continually address security concerns.

Shaygan Kheradpir: The New CEO Of Coriant

Coriant, which is a company that provides innovative networking solutions to network operators, has appointed a new CEO. The company has appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO. He is also the chairman of the board. Shaygan brings extensive experience to the company. Before he joined Coriant, he was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He has also had over 28 years of experience in technology, telecom and financial services.

When Shaygan was asked about what attracted him to the company, he stated that Coriant’s data marketing solutions, global reach and expanding customer base were some of the things that attracted him to the company. Pat DiPietro is the former CEO and president of Coriant. He stated that Shaygan’s insight and experience will help Coriant grow to the next level.

Shaygan is a graduate of Cornell University. He has a PHD degree in electrical engineering. Shaygan grew up in Iran, but he moved to the United States after high school in order to continue his education. He also earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree at Cornell University.

Shaygan started working at GTE Corporations in 1987, which was shortly after he earned his doctorate degree. He worked on network routing, control and management. He eventually took the position as chief information officer at GTE Corporations. He was known for delivering new products on schedule.

Shaygan has also worked for Verizon and Barclays Bank. He has been recognized nationally for his contribution to the technology sector. In 2007, he was inducted into the CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

Business Owner Joseph Bismark Reflects on the Keys to His Success in New Blog


In the world today, there is a stereotype about business men being heartless and greedy. I don’t know any wealthy business owners personally, but I’m sure that while that may be true for some, there are many decent people who own a business or have a high leadership position in a business. That’s why it’s always good when I come across proof of a person in the business world who is genuinely nice and encouraging others that the best way to a successful business is to treat your employees with respect. I recently came across Joseph Bismark’s blog where he is doing just that.

In a recent post, Bismark gives his tips for business leaders. He says we need to train our minds to always think positively and to always treat your employees and co-workers the same way you want to be treated. Don’t just focus on the business, but get to know the people you work with on a personal level by “asking about their family and ambitions.” Communication is extremely important in any relationship including business relationships. Bismark makes several comments about communication. He advises employers to be open and honest with their employees because they can tell if you are keeping secrets. Honesty leads to trust and everyone wants to work with people that they can trust. If you think they will be upset with a certain piece of news, don’t hide it; instead, take a few moments to think of a way to say it that will motivate them. He also encourages networking face to face instead of online as much as possible.

Bismark believes that good leaders don’t just make commands; they need to be role models and set an example by showing the same work ethic that they expect in their employees.

He also is a strong supporter of carving your own path and not just blindly following what others are doing. Part of doing that is to always have goals you are working toward. “Without ambition, actions are directionless and there is no purpose to them,” Bismark explains.