JustFab is Taking Over the Fashion Industry

It wasn’t that long ago that shopping online was only for the wealthy. JustFab is a company that recognized the online potential and designed itself to attract the majority of shoppers. Customers can purchase a membership for just $39.95. JustFab is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has access to all the latest fashion trends. Many of its designers design fashion lines for celebrities. JustFab is tailored to every woman, regardless of her style or budget. JustFab Inc. is one of the most successful online companies to date. It’s a company that’s taking over the world.

What makes JustFab different from all the other online shops is their team of style experts. Members get access to one-on-one advice from one of JustFab’s expert stylists. The experts offer members the latest fashion trends that they like. Unlike other sites that just show pictures of the latest fashions, JustFab’s experts base their advice on what the members like. JustFab has the hottest shoes, bags, jewelry, and more, all at great prices. JustFab has also cut out the middleman. It works directly with the manufacturers, ensuring that prices benefit consumers.

One of JustFab’s most successful launches was Fabletics. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, noticed a gap in the activewear marketplace. After researching and designing some prototypes, they took their new idea to, actress, Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson was the perfect pick to help the co-CEOs launch this new idea. Kate is an iconic actress, has great fashion tastes, and loves inspiring women to lead healthy and active lives. She personal picks her favorite outfits to share with her Fabletics members. The goal of Fabletics is to offer stylish activewear at affordable prices. There are plenty of companies that sell activewear, but their products are either ugly or expensive.

Co-founder, Don Ressler, was already a successful entrepreneur before starting JustFab. He formerly owned a startup called FitnessHeaven.com. In 2001, Intermix Media purchased his company. Intermix is where Don met Adam Goldenberg, who would become his life-long business partner. Together, they formed Alena Media. For four years, Alena was Intermix’s only profit center, earning hundreds of millions in revenue. In 2005, News Corp purchased Intermix Media. News Corp immediately began ignoring Don and Adam. Frustrated with the way they were being treated, Don and Adam left to form their company, Intelligent Beauty.


Milestone Achievements of JHSF under CEO Jose AuriemoNeto

Under the able stewardship of the President and CEO, Jose AuriemoNeto, JHSF has expanded rapidly. In 1972, JHSF got born. Today, the company has grown and expanded to have a solid presence in São Paulo, Punta del Este (Uruguay), New York City (USA) and in Salvador. Let’s explore the milestone achievements by JSHF over the past decade.



JHSF goes public on the Bovespa Stock Exchange

First open-air high-end shopping mall, the Cidade mall launches

PhilipeStarck hired to build the Fasano hotel in Rio De Janeiro

Work completed on the Triple-A Office Towers in CidadeJardim.



The luxury high-rise flats in Prace Vila Nova get completed

JHSF started constructing the Shopping malls in Metro Tucuruvi and Bella Vista Successfully completes the residences in Parque Cidade Jardim



JHSF breaks ground on the luxurious Benedito Lapin

JHSF’s retail arm is born and it teams up with global brands like Hermes, Jimmy Choo

The firm disposes of the Metropolitan and Platinum buildings

Construction work starts at the Manaus shopping malls

The Fasano Hotel Las Piedras in Uruguay finally opens



Work on the CidadeJardim shopping center begins

Construction of the Catarina fashion outlets

JHSF lands a contract to expand the shopping mall at Cidade



Company launches the CidadeJardim residence

Official opening of the Torre Continental Towers

JHSF commissions the Hippic Villas, Pol Villa Fasano and the Arnold Palmer Golf course

The Executive Airport in Catarina, São Paulo starts



Opening of the Shopping complex in Metro Tucuruvi

Shopping Mall opened in Ponta Negra, Manaus

Townhouses designed by designer, Pablo Slemenson get completed



CADA partners up with JHSF to launch the expansive food Hall inside CidadeJardim mall



JHSF undertakes an ambitious project on the Upper East Side in N.Y



JHSF sells the Metro Tucuruvi mall


The Executive International Airport in Catarina gets inaugurated

Biography of Jose AuriemoNeto


Jose AuriemoNeto is both the Chairman and CEO of the leading Brazilian developer, JHSF Participacoes SA. In 2006, Mr. Neto founded the B Store. Later, he established the CidadeJardim organization in Lisbon, Portugal. The CEO has been very instrumental in the success of JHSF over the years. Mr. Neto is an alumnus of the Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University in Brazil. The CEO joined JHSF in 1993 and learn more about JHSF.

DNA Is Key For Medical Research In The View Of Eric Lefkofsky

The medical research field has a new entrant in the shape of Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus company, which has recently made an impact in the development of new ways of exploring DNA in a bid to aid cancer treatments across the world. A well known technology entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has created Tempus as he felt the use of technology could be increased in the medical field in an attempt to reduce the number of problems seen in the development of new treatments for cancer patients when DNA samples are used to their maximum efficiency.

In developing Tempus Eric Lefkofsky and business partner Brad Keywell hope to aid medical professionals with the treatment of cancer through the use of a database of DNA samples and its accompanying software; among the developments already in place is software that will allow medical professionals to compare DNA samples with those already stored on the database and determine if an effective treatment has already been developed for similar DNA samples. Eric Lefkofsky has revealed his desire for the work completed by Tempus to be used to prolong the lives of cancer patients and aid in developing new treatments that could include cures for those showing specific detail in their DNA sample.

Eric Lefkofsky spent his educational career at the University of Michigan, where he received an undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctor in Law; after completing his studies Lefkofsky set out to develop a number of technology companies and has achieved great success with many, including the establishment of the Groupon company that he is best known for developing.After standing down from his role as Chairperson of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has been concentrating on the development of the Tempus brand, which has followed on from his becoming a Trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. As a philanthropist Lefkofsky has worked across a number of different areas to assist a number of charitable groups, including The Art Institute of Chicago and the Science and Industry Museum that have both benefited from the impressive financial support offered by Eric Lefkofsky.


Warren Buffett willing to Put His Money where His Mouth is

Iconic investor and businessman Warren Buffett publicly made a large $1 million dollar wager on the belief that he could get better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by only investing in a S$P 500 passive index fund. The world is expected him to be the winner and Warren Buffett has promised he would give the winnings to charity.


Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour has held some of the same investment beliefs as Warren Buffett. They strongly believe in the idea of making cheap and simple investments, while also holding those for a lengthy time. Buffett has publicy favored the investment idea of “bottom-up investing.” Bottom-up investing analyzes companies and builds a portfolio that is durable. Warren Buffett has acknowledged the one issue facing Americans and that is having enough money saved for retirement. He continues to encourage Americans to save more as they look ahead to retirement and more information click here.


He also calls on people to start investing and to stay invested. Warren Buffet has discovered a way of finding the right hedge fund manager. Buffett analyzes low expenses and high manager ownership, which puts the strong investors in the front. Buffett also looks for hedge fund managers who invest a majority of their own funds and learn more about Timothy.


Along with being CEO, Timothy Armour is also chairman of Capital Group, which owns American Funds. Tim Armour has amassed over 35 years of investing experience with Capital Group. HE began his investment career as an equity investment analyst, where he was responsible for global telecommunications and American service companies. Tim Armour began his time with Capital Group as part of their prestigious Associates Program.


Timothy Armour earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. Right now he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Armour has made multiple television appearances including appearing on MSNBC and CNBC. He’s also been featured in several business magazines and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.


Other Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Group_Companies

Former War Correspondent’s Life Riding Greyhounds

Doug Levitt was a war correspondent who previously reported for NBC and has been to dangerous countries such as Bosnia, Iran and Rwanda, now he is a musician who rides Greyhound buses. Levitt grew up in Washington D.C., he is the son of a former Republican D.C. Councilmember, attended D.C. public schools and sang in a choir.

Doug Levitt has been riding Greyhound buses for over 13 years and has traveled over 120,000 miles across America. He says it is a way of life, not a travel project, one that has brought him closer to those often overlooked by society. Levitt has emphasized that those who ride the bus do so, not because they want to, but because they have to. An encounter he had was when he shared a bus seat with a neo-Nazi, a tense experience due to the fact the Levitt happens to be Jewish. But even this experience was informative as the man offered Levitt a sandwich and let Levitt sleep across the seats while he took the floor and more information click here.

Encounters like these have lead Levitt to examine every part of American life, and taught him key political lessons on the less fortunate and ostracized members of society that lead him to predict the election of the current president Donald Trump. Through his journeys he has brought light to these often neglected and ignored people who struggle to get by. Levitt believes that even though we are a diverse people we can always find things in common with our fellow humans, and we should always try and keep an open mind and his Twitter.

Anthony Toma, CEO of Nine9 is Interviewed by Ideamensch

Nine9 The UnAgency is a leading agency that manages actors and models in the USA. The agency was started back in the year 2003. At that time, the founder and CEO of the Nine9 The UnAgency, Anthony Toma, was looking for a franchise in the food industry. However, he happened to land a franchise in the modelling industry. He quickly took up the offer and the franchise was a quick success. He even opened 26 more franchises and many investors. Unfortunately, the franchise started making losses and investors were quick to leave. But, Toma didn’t give up on the business. He decide to start over, this time as his own company. That day saw the birth of Coral Reef Productions Inc., which is today known as Nine9.

The difference between Nine9 and other modelling agencies is that it offers a commission free environment. They give a detailed information of their models and actors so that employers have an easy time identifying their perfect match. As for the models and actors, they get 24/7 alerts. These castings come through a casting recognition software so that you are matched with a casting job. Also, they gave you an option of meeting with industry leaders during workshops and learn more about Nine9.

Recently, Toma CEO of the company was interviewed by Ideamensch. He was asked of how he brings ideas to life, to which he responded that he starts by writing it down. Then he will try and find any problems with the plan. He also makes a presentation to his team and ask them to find any loopholes. If any, they come up with solutions. Thereafter, he places the product on social media to test the product before finally launching it.

More visit: https://nine9.com/castings

Stephen Rotella’s In-depth Work Experience and Leadership

Stephen Rotella is one of the noticeable well-known people in the financial business world. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Partners. Stephen Rotella joined StoneCastle in January 2014. StoneCastle which was founded in the year 2003 is an American based firm that handles community banking with the latest technology. This company has grown tremendously and is among the top ranked companies that deal with providing solutions for managing cash. Alternatively, it has provided a funding platform for community banks. StoneCastle is also an advisor on the investment sector and has been registered with SEC. Using technology; it has been able to link up different banks for better service delivery. On the investment section, it has been able to act as an intermediary between the willing investors and the banking industry.

It is no doubt that Stephen Rotella is a competent leader in his field. A real indication of this is that before joining StoneCastle, he had previously worked at JP Morgan Chase. He was the Chief Executive Officer at Chase Home Finance since 1987-2005 summing up 18years of experience. In its rankings, Chase Home Finance is ranked 4th in lending homes: a precise definition of his hard work and knowledge towards his place in the company.

Before joining Chase Home Finance, he was the Chief Operating Officer and also the President of the company WMI Holdings Corporation. He was also the President of the Retail Banking section. This was between January 2005- October 2008.Between 1984-1987, he worked at Shearson Lehman acting as the Vice President. This company founded in 1902 operated until 1994 where it was sold to Primerica. Shearson Company dealt with brokerage and also was in the Investment Banking sector too. More to that, in the years 1980-1984, he was the Vice President at the Reserve Group. Before that, he was a Senior Consultant at Accenture for two years between 1978-1980 and read full article.

In summary, this clearly shows that Steve Rotella has been in leadership positions in all the previous companies. Having been previously engaged in financial institutions and gaining the financial experience makes him more competent. Hence, it shows that he has enough experience to take StoneCastle to even better lengths and make it top of the list in ratings. Conclusively it is a demonstration that he is a professional in financial services with no doubt and Stephen on Facebook.

More visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-rotella

The Midas touch of Raj Fernando

Rajiv K. “Raj” Fernando popularly known as Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur, political fundraiser and most importantly, a philanthropist. He served previously as the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading before becoming the current Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Scoutahead.com.

Raj Fernando is the son of CK and Laura Fernando. He was born in Denmark because his parents were residing in Denmark at the time of his birth. However, the family moved to the United States before Raj’s first birthday. Raj boasts of a good educational background given that he is an alumnus of Beloit College having graduated from the College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Furthermore, Raj also attended University College London.

From his teenage days, Raj Fernando always had an admirable work ethic. For instance, while still studying in College, he volunteered his time and skills at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Upon graduating from College, Raj worked his way up careerwise from 1991 to 2001 serving in several trading posts.

Having acquired adequate trading skills, Mr. Raj decided to start his own trading company called Chopper trading in 2002. Basically, the Chicago-based trading firm focused on the segments of equities, fixed income and so on. As the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading, Mr. Raj designed, effected and managed several sophisticated trading, communications, and risk management as well as administration and Source Code security systems in the business industry.

Under the leadership of Raj Fernando, Chopper Trading grew into a major participant trading on renowned international exchanges such as the CME, LSE, NASDAQ, ICE, ICAP- Broketek and Eurex. In January 2015, Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW – a worldwide leader in the financial market. A year later, Raj launched an internet start-up company called Scoutahead.com, which serves to provide trusted information to companies and investors in order to achieve an upturn in business productivity and professional growth.

Besides acting as the current CEO of Scouthead.com, Mr. Fernando also sits on the board of American Security Project, the Chicago Committee on International Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Commission at the Brookings Institute.

Mr. Fernando also participates in many philanthropic activities. He has made donations to many organizations including PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors of Chicago, the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On the political front, Mr. Fernando has always made financial donations to Democratic aspirants since 2003, notably Barrack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign bids.

Bernardo Chua, Founder of Organo, Continues to Improve this Gourmet Coffee Company

Vancouver, British Columbia is where the headquarters of Organo is located, and Bernardo Chua is the CEO and founder of this highly successful, multi-level, networking company. Organo was originally named Organo Gold,

Mr. Chua began this high-quality, coffee company in 2008 with Ganoderma-infused coffees and teas. It has reached such international popularity that Mr. Chua now has won many awards for his company and its spectacular natural products.

Organo focuses on rich Columbian coffee infused with the ancient super-herb Ganoderma Licidium and a variety of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and natural personal care products. Mr. Chua began the company with a mission to introduce Ganoderma to the world.

The company offers nutritional products through the Coffee Connoisseur Club with distributors in the United States, Canada, and over 35 countries. It is privately held and is growing rapidly. For specific information go to OrganoGold.com.

The company now has over one million distributors taking the message of this incredibly nutritious mushroom to the world. Bernardo says on Facebook he grew up taking Ganoderma that his mother brought from China to the Philippines. This mushroom, grown in the Asian mountain ranges, has been highly regarded as a miracle herb in Chinese Medicine for 4,000 years.

When Bernardo launched out on his own career, he vowed to make Ganoderma a household name, especially in the western world. In recent years, scientists have discovered that the ancient Chinese traditions about the super herb were right.

To date, the abundance of antioxidants and other nutrients found in the mushroom has been found to make a noted difference in conditions such as in RA, by reducing inflammatory proteins, improving kidney and liver damage, improving circulation, and preventing typical colds and flu.

Organo Gold was shortened to Organo in 2013, and it has been named 54th in the direct sales companies throughout the world. Bernardo reached this position in only seven years. He believes in his products, and he has developed an excellent networking system. Mr. Chua’s latest award is the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal award, and Organo is in line for many more. Mr. Chua has a global networking company of excellence offering high-quality nutrients and hot beverages.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter for more on Organo Gold and it’s offerings.