Jacob Gottleib: Featuring Partnership and Lawsuit Information

There is new news regarding Jacob Gottlieb. He will be joining Stuart Weisbrod again after they had run individual funds for almost twenty years. These two healthcare investment giants know each other from prior work they did before at Merlin BioMed Group. Now they are back together in an office working in an expected partnership being worked on.

Jacob Gottleib established Visium Asset Management. This was with initial capital he had amounting to $300 million. It then in 2008 rapidly increased to $2.5 Billion. After getting though the 2008 financial crisis he’d increased Visium to a hedge fund of $8 billion. This was with close to 200 workers. There are offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Visium after more than ten years of triumph, the business of Visium had suddenly ended in 2016. This was when three executives got charged with mismarking and insider trading. The finding was outcome of proof, whistleblower and employee of Visium Jason Thorell brought ahead.

The destruction that went public of the firm that was worth eight billion went on for over two years. This was while SEC was keeping up with the investigation. There were charges that not that long ago had been brought over the former CFO of Visium. This was also to the company itself. The company has went ahead to pay almost close to ten million dollars in discharges and fines. Gottlieb was not charged or emptied of any lawful crime that was linked with the insider trading scandal of Visium. Keeping his post as CEO, he gone on to work as Visium. This was to bring back funds to investors and find a peaceful solution to the company. With Gottlieb and Weisbrod working together the industry should be sure to look for some rousing influences. Also, good things for investment opportunities of healthcare.

Gottlieb is still finishing Visium. However, he’s still very well into his next endeavor called Altium Capital. This like Visum is a hedge fund a well and a new beginning for Gottlieb. He has been careful in thinking of his next move after Visium.

OG Juan’s Birthday Party was a Total Blast

It is always good to celebrate a memorable occasion with friends. Well, as for OG Juan, he was able to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. JAY Z is a close friend and business partner to OG Juan. Since friendship matters a lot, JAY Z made sure that OG Juan had a blast as he grew a year older. Among the people present were such as Desiree Perez; OG Juan’s wife.

Background Information

OG Juan and his colleagues went to some expensive joints where they were able to enjoy some fine delicacies as well as some expensive drinks. At the climax of the birthday celebrations, JAY Z and other esteemed guests concluded the night at a Playroom Nightclub. While at the nightclub, they were enjoying some champagne and the bill amounted to $91,000. Well, the amount of money spent at the party might be tremendous, but it is good to enjoy your birthday to the fullest since it only comes once a year.

After sipping on some few bottles of champagne, the crew split up leaving OG Juan, JAYZ, and four other colleagues to keep on partying till the break of dawn. The crew that was left at the Playroom Nightclub went ahead and ordered more bottles of champagne. To be precise, the crew specifically ordered for the Ace of Spades champagne.

Additional Information

The birthday party was lit, and after one of the people serving the honorable guests posted a picture of the receipt showing the amount the guys had spent during the night, it all went viral. OG Juan’s birthday celebrations had become the talk of the town. Well, people were curious about how the small group of people could take down 40 bottles of champagne by themselves. Later on, someone clarified that the esteemed guests were bashing out some of the champagne bottles to other people at the club.


OG Juan’s birthday party was a complete success. Thanks to his family and friends, OG Juan enjoyed every bit of the celebrations. Well, JAY Z is the man behind the extravagant budget, but all in all, he did come through for his friend, OG Juan Perez. As for JAY Z and OG Juan, they have known each other for long, and their relationship has prospered as friends and business partners.

Learn more about him: https://latintrends.com/meet-jay-zs-dominican-partner-president-of-roc-nation/

Lori Senecal Knows How to Make Things Better for Employees

As long as Lori Senecal knows what people need, she can continue helping them with the experiences that will help them see positively in the future. She also knows the ideas she has for other people are important parts of the way she does business. It’s her goal to give people the things they need to be successful instead of trying to help others through the things they’re doing on their own. Without worrying about how she can help others and what she can do to give them the things that will continue getting better, she knows the business needs her to keep performing. It’s her goal to always show people she’s doing things the right way and she’s making sure they have the best experiences possible. No matter how hard she has to work or what she has to do to get where she wants to be, Lori Senecal believes in the chance to make positive changes.


The things that help her see the opportunities she can use for others allow her to do more with the business. It’s her idea of creating a positive environment for all her employees no matter how hard she has to work or what she has to do to get to that point. The ideas she comes up with are important to her and allow her to try different things that will keep getting better no matter how hard she has to work to make them happen.


The things that will continue changing and getting better in the industry are what make things easier for Lori Senecal. Lori believes she can make her own opportunities while she comes up with positive experiences based on the way she does business. CP+B uses her experience to help make the company better. She works well with all the options she has with the company. It’s her way of creating a positive environment. As her career progresses and she learns about what she can do to help people, she knows there are things that will help other people through these experiences. It’s how she plans to make the future better. You can visit lorisenecalglobalceo.com




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El Capitan Trabuco Bradesco

Bradesco is a trailblazer in the Brazilian banking industry Trabuco Bradesco It’s 5314 branches across the country along with 4,834 service divisions with over 100,000 workers. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Builds the Standing of Banco Bradesco. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at globo.com.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi encounter at Bradesco because 1969 enabled him to know all of the hints since he gradually graduated into the top seat. In View of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the ownership of the HSBC allowed Bradesco to Reach a natural expansion within a Succinct period. Transferring Trabuco Bradesco straight back into his time as the mind of Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has become the recipient of many individual accolades His very first award came in 2003 when he had been known as the insurance plan character of the season by Coverage Magazine, in only his first year at Bradesco Seguros.

Along with the Luiz is a Surviving member of This Board of Managers (FEBRABAN), the Royal Federation of Bank Association. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at Crunchbase.

In case the bank stinks on a few of the aforementioned mentioned people to triumph Luiz Carlos Trabuco, it usually means another vacancy in Bradesco’s greater control group will emerge, requiring that the appointing authority to potential due to his successor. After being granted the part of CEO of Bradesco, he was again promoted, this time to the place of President This being one of the most vital areas within Bradesco, the duty of his backbone was enormous.

A stint as the executive vice president of another of this lender’s subsidiaries, insurer Bradesco Seguros subsequently followed. Luiz Carlos Trabuco started Trabuco Bradesco operating in Bradesco in 1969, aged just 18. His very first job in the bank turned out clerk, but he promptly climbed up the rankings and from 1985 led his own division – the marketing branch.

That’s not to say he is lethargic or idle: far out of it. He renowned for functioning 12-hours per day and could be respected among the shrewdest banking executives, even utilizing controlled massive monetary transactions such as the 5.2 purchase of HSBC Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi watched Trabuco Bradesco the marketplace changing and determined that the firm necessary to emerge to the general public and make transparent. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is probably among the very small businessmen in the country or even the entire world.

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Why Robert Ivy Is Considered An Epitome of Success In The Field Of Architecture

The Noel Polk award is a prestigious honor usually set aside for artists and art patrons living in Mississippi with extraordinary works of art. This year, the award went to Robert Ivy, a renowned artist who had made architecture readily available for the natives of Mississippi. He joined the list of previous award winners on June 2nd this year when the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters awarded him alongside the stained glass engineer from Pearl River Glass studio, Mr. Curry Young. Among the people with the accolade are Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote and Leontyne Price.

Robert Ivy is the deputy vice president and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and has been in the organization since 2011. Within this period the organization has hit its highest number of memberships. His senior and president of AIA have applauded his efforts saying he was well deserving of the award because he is an excellent representative for both the institution and architecture as a profession. Before joining AIA, he was recognized as a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi for being able to illustrate the use of design vividly. This came as such an honor being the only architect in the 21st century and among the only seven since the inception of the fraternity.

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He was awarded the Deans medal by the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of architecture and then got the Crain award from the American Business Media house. Robert Ivy has published a Fay Jones biography, and the book explains in depth the works of an American architect that was a firm believer in Frank Wright. Currently, the publication is its third edition. As a chief editor at McGraw Hill publication, he pioneered the launch of the Mandarin version and led the media publication house into bagging a couple of awards like the national magazine award.

Robert Ivy has created a solid reputation for himself in the field of architecture. He was part of the panel that gave Frank Gehry the go-ahead to design the Dwight Eisenhower memorial and has since been a force to reckon with in the industry.

See: http://www.metropolismag.com/ideas/architects-and-the-public-health-imperative/

Talos Energy & Its Mission of Excellence in Offshore Drilling

Talos Energy, an American-based oil and gas company, has been going through somewhat of a reconstruction. This dynamic company has a history of success, has produced great results in oil production and has grown at a considerable rate. As of 2018, Talos Energy has been involved in a merger with Stone Energy Corporation. This merger actually took up to four months to complete because of its great asset-generating potential. A lot is at stake for both companies, especially for Talos Energy because it will be taking all of the risks. Thanks to the company’s great leadership, the company won’t have too much to worry about in the future.

Tim Duncan, CEO of Talos Energy, has the ball in his court. Duncan is known for turning things around for struggling businesses that relate to this sector of work. Integrating oil and gas companies is very risky. It would be extremely hard trying to find many individuals who are willing to take on a challenge like this, but Duncan isn’t your ordinary businessman. Back in 2006, Duncan used business-savvy sense to take over the struggling Phoenix Oil Field platform. Hurricane Rita devastated this platform, but Duncan transformed this disaster into something that was productive. At the time of the disaster, Duncan was the Senior Vice President of the Phoenix Exploration Company. Thanks to his forward-thinking capability, the Phoenix Oil platform went on to become Talos Energy’s largest asset producer.

The newly merged Talos Energy is once again taking on a huge challenge, especially since Stone Energy has filed for bankruptcy. This company knows what offshore drilling is truly about. Talos Energy has plenty of technological advancements such as seismic data equipment, innovative drilling tools and other advanced components to get the job done. The company has many things to be excited for in the future, and this merger just so happens to be one of them.

About Talos Energy: www.indeed.com/cmp/Talos-Energy

Modest Leaders: Focusing on Louis Chenevert’s Leadership

Chenevert, a successful businessman, based in Canada, is a former CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Being born in the year 1958 at a place called Montreal, Quebec, his childhood was relatively normal, but his interest in business was seen in his teenage years. He was a self-driven person and believed that hard work is the only key to success. He, therefore, joined the Business School of Montreal University to major in production management.

After graduation, he quickly landed a job with a company called General Motors, where he showed his prowess and became promoted to a production manager within a short time. He would later work in this organization for fourteen years. In 1993, Louis Chenevert decided to transition his career and joined an aerospace industry called Pratt and Whitney Canada. This company mainly deals with the manufacture of aircraft in Canada. The company is, however, a branch of Pratt and Whitney Company based in the US. Interestingly, P and W is a business model that is contained within UTC which makes larger aircraft engines

During his time in PWC, Chenevert was able to cut all the manufacturing costs by ten percent within one year. He used his knowledge in assembly lines and helped cut down the time it took to construct engines from two years to nine months.

In 1996, Louis left PWC and joined P and W as he was selected to replace the executive vice president in charge of operations who was retiring. After three years, he became the president of P and W in 1999. When he took over this company, it was going through tough economic times, but due to his dedication to exploring new technology and efficiency, the company started becoming profitable again. The company has more than 33,000 employees and makes a profit of over 1 billion dollars each year.

Since Pratt and Whitney is a unit of UTC, the multinational corporation came to seek the services of Mr. Chenevert. He guided UTC through many investments such as GTF engines, and in 2008, he became the CEO of this company. Under his leadership, the corporation sailed through the harsh economic downturn, increasing its stock from 37-117 dollars a share. He also landed a 240M dollar contract with the US Navy and acquired Goodrich Corporation for UTC.


The Truth about Sahm Adrangi in the Investment Industry

Sahm Adrangi manages the Kerrisdale Capital Investment which deals with investment values both short term and long term. Sahm Adrangi went to Yale University where he graduated with Bachelors of Art in Economics; He worked for Longacre Fund management as a financial analyst before joining Kerrisdale Capital investment. Sahm Adrangi also worked for bankruptcy restructuring group at Chanin Capital Partners; his leading role was to educate creditors. Sahm Adrangi worked for Leveraged Financial group of Deutsche Bank; his work involved yielding bonds and leveraged buyer outs.

Adrangi noticed the fall of the capital market in 2013; many companies sold their stock while giant companies remained the same. Some energy companies closed while others experience bankruptcy. Sahm Adrangi focuses on the value of the stock and can work on any sector revolving around investment. His current company Kerrisdale Capital Investment has over three million dollars investment in long-term investment value. The company shares its ideas with Broader Investment Community using their website.

Its primary focus is on particular situations and value of each stock they make; as a fundamentally oriented investment manager, it ensures that all their stocks and that of their clients are well managed and invested well. Through its ways of sharing investment ideas, it the best in soft activism investment approach. Sahm is thirty-three years old and is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Investment located in New York. Short-term investment has helped the company gain the wealth they have now when a long-term investor is unable to make a long-term investment, they make it short term to benefit both parties.

Sahm has noted that those who read Kerrisdale published blog are institutional investors looking for best ways to invest their money. They send emails to their followers updating them on current market prices and stock status. The company seeks advice from technology companies to gain knowledge of current technology and its impact on the stock world and also the business world. The cheaper a product is, the more its bound to fail because of inability to serve potential clients.


Know More of Dr. Mark Mckenna

The name Mark McKenna might not be a household name, but this man has helped to revolutionize medical aesthetics. Mark McKenna, M.D., is from the city of New Orleans, and he has played a major role in numerous fields of work. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has a long list of accomplishments in medicine and in real estate. He’s known by many people as a doctor, a businessman and a philanthropist to some degree. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna would go on to help many of his hometown’s citizens through redevelopment. He has helped the people by rebuilding certain areas of the community via low-to-moderate income housing. Around this time, McKenna used his business-savvy sense to build his own empire by buying and selling real estate.

Medical aesthetics has taken over the medical industry in recent years and Dr. Mark McKenna is right at the forefront of the movement. OVME, an innovative medical-aesthetics company, provides some of the most advanced services when it comes to noninvasive medical procedures. This business is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it offers luxury-treatment rooms, provides private rooms and provides consultations via secluded offices. This state-of-the-art facility offers an advanced suite of products and services for your face and for your body. Men and women can all enjoy the services and the company caters to individual needs. On top of that, there is an advanced app that can be used to book appointments. These appointments can be provided right from the comfort of your very own home. Yes, this is correct!

Dr. Mark McKenna has been involved in this specific sector of business for 10 years. His expertise and experience provide a great foundation to work from. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what Dr. Mark McKenna has done for society, but who knows what’s in store in the years to come.


Shervin Pishevar says modern tech monopolies have power to destroy startups

Shervin Pishevar, one of the most lauded venture capitalists of the modern era, has made a career out of being able to spot market opportunities then answer them with high-tech solutions. As a founder and tech entrepreneur, he has started numerous highly successful companies. Names like WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network are entries that Shervin Pishevar can proudly write into his resume as being children of his creation. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, the inveterate financier has also been behind the critical early-round financing of such mega-startups as Uber, Airbnb and dozens of others.

In his sparse free time, Shervin Pishevar also likes to weigh in on some of the most pressing concerns of the day. Through his Twitter feed, which has nearly 100,000 subscribers, Shervin Pishevar often holds forth on everything from the role of U.S. monetary policy to the analysis of cryptocurrencies.

One of the topics that he has been frequently addressing as of late, especially during a 21-hour tweet storm that left many of his opponents scrambling to find adequate rejoinders, has been the degree to which the U.S. should tolerate monopolies forming in the tech space. In particular, Pishevar has focused in on the immense harm that some of the largest tech companies are currently doing to innovation in a wide range of fields.

As just one example, Pishevar cites the ongoing feuds taking place between Uber, the company that he helped found, and the orders-of-magnitude larger Google, which has a nearly unlimited budget to harass and knock around its competitors. Uber, says Pishevar, has long been dedicating a large amount of its budget to researching and developing self-driving vehicles. But lately, he says, Google has started filing nuisance lawsuits against the firm, spuriously alleging that Uber has stolen intellectual property rights from the sclerotic Bay Area giant.

While Google has nearly unlimited funds with which to wage lawfare, Uber has been markedly damaged by having no choice but to show up in court and defend itself against the frivolous claims lest there be a default judgment rendered against it. Pishevar says this is just one way in which the monopolies abuse their power to stifle and snuff out competitors.