Talos Energy & Its Mission of Excellence in Offshore Drilling

Talos Energy, an American-based oil and gas company, has been going through somewhat of a reconstruction. This dynamic company has a history of success, has produced great results in oil production and has grown at a considerable rate. As of 2018, Talos Energy has been involved in a merger with Stone Energy Corporation. This merger actually took up to four months to complete because of its great asset-generating potential. A lot is at stake for both companies, especially for Talos Energy because it will be taking all of the risks. Thanks to the company’s great leadership, the company won’t have too much to worry about in the future.

Tim Duncan, CEO of Talos Energy, has the ball in his court. Duncan is known for turning things around for struggling businesses that relate to this sector of work. Integrating oil and gas companies is very risky. It would be extremely hard trying to find many individuals who are willing to take on a challenge like this, but Duncan isn’t your ordinary businessman. Back in 2006, Duncan used business-savvy sense to take over the struggling Phoenix Oil Field platform. Hurricane Rita devastated this platform, but Duncan transformed this disaster into something that was productive. At the time of the disaster, Duncan was the Senior Vice President of the Phoenix Exploration Company. Thanks to his forward-thinking capability, the Phoenix Oil platform went on to become Talos Energy’s largest asset producer.

The newly merged Talos Energy is once again taking on a huge challenge, especially since Stone Energy has filed for bankruptcy. This company knows what offshore drilling is truly about. Talos Energy has plenty of technological advancements such as seismic data equipment, innovative drilling tools and other advanced components to get the job done. The company has many things to be excited for in the future, and this merger just so happens to be one of them.

About Talos Energy: www.indeed.com/cmp/Talos-Energy

Modest Leaders: Focusing on Louis Chenevert’s Leadership

Chenevert, a successful businessman, based in Canada, is a former CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Being born in the year 1958 at a place called Montreal, Quebec, his childhood was relatively normal, but his interest in business was seen in his teenage years. He was a self-driven person and believed that hard work is the only key to success. He, therefore, joined the Business School of Montreal University to major in production management.

After graduation, he quickly landed a job with a company called General Motors, where he showed his prowess and became promoted to a production manager within a short time. He would later work in this organization for fourteen years. In 1993, Louis Chenevert decided to transition his career and joined an aerospace industry called Pratt and Whitney Canada. This company mainly deals with the manufacture of aircraft in Canada. The company is, however, a branch of Pratt and Whitney Company based in the US. Interestingly, P and W is a business model that is contained within UTC which makes larger aircraft engines

During his time in PWC, Chenevert was able to cut all the manufacturing costs by ten percent within one year. He used his knowledge in assembly lines and helped cut down the time it took to construct engines from two years to nine months.

In 1996, Louis left PWC and joined P and W as he was selected to replace the executive vice president in charge of operations who was retiring. After three years, he became the president of P and W in 1999. When he took over this company, it was going through tough economic times, but due to his dedication to exploring new technology and efficiency, the company started becoming profitable again. The company has more than 33,000 employees and makes a profit of over 1 billion dollars each year.

Since Pratt and Whitney is a unit of UTC, the multinational corporation came to seek the services of Mr. Chenevert. He guided UTC through many investments such as GTF engines, and in 2008, he became the CEO of this company. Under his leadership, the corporation sailed through the harsh economic downturn, increasing its stock from 37-117 dollars a share. He also landed a 240M dollar contract with the US Navy and acquired Goodrich Corporation for UTC.


The Truth about Sahm Adrangi in the Investment Industry

Sahm Adrangi manages the Kerrisdale Capital Investment which deals with investment values both short term and long term. Sahm Adrangi went to Yale University where he graduated with Bachelors of Art in Economics; He worked for Longacre Fund management as a financial analyst before joining Kerrisdale Capital investment. Sahm Adrangi also worked for bankruptcy restructuring group at Chanin Capital Partners; his leading role was to educate creditors. Sahm Adrangi worked for Leveraged Financial group of Deutsche Bank; his work involved yielding bonds and leveraged buyer outs.

Adrangi noticed the fall of the capital market in 2013; many companies sold their stock while giant companies remained the same. Some energy companies closed while others experience bankruptcy. Sahm Adrangi focuses on the value of the stock and can work on any sector revolving around investment. His current company Kerrisdale Capital Investment has over three million dollars investment in long-term investment value. The company shares its ideas with Broader Investment Community using their website.

Its primary focus is on particular situations and value of each stock they make; as a fundamentally oriented investment manager, it ensures that all their stocks and that of their clients are well managed and invested well. Through its ways of sharing investment ideas, it the best in soft activism investment approach. Sahm is thirty-three years old and is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Investment located in New York. Short-term investment has helped the company gain the wealth they have now when a long-term investor is unable to make a long-term investment, they make it short term to benefit both parties.

Sahm has noted that those who read Kerrisdale published blog are institutional investors looking for best ways to invest their money. They send emails to their followers updating them on current market prices and stock status. The company seeks advice from technology companies to gain knowledge of current technology and its impact on the stock world and also the business world. The cheaper a product is, the more its bound to fail because of inability to serve potential clients.


Know More of Dr. Mark Mckenna

The name Mark McKenna might not be a household name, but this man has helped to revolutionize medical aesthetics. Mark McKenna, M.D., is from the city of New Orleans, and he has played a major role in numerous fields of work. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has a long list of accomplishments in medicine and in real estate. He’s known by many people as a doctor, a businessman and a philanthropist to some degree. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna would go on to help many of his hometown’s citizens through redevelopment. He has helped the people by rebuilding certain areas of the community via low-to-moderate income housing. Around this time, McKenna used his business-savvy sense to build his own empire by buying and selling real estate.

Medical aesthetics has taken over the medical industry in recent years and Dr. Mark McKenna is right at the forefront of the movement. OVME, an innovative medical-aesthetics company, provides some of the most advanced services when it comes to noninvasive medical procedures. This business is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it offers luxury-treatment rooms, provides private rooms and provides consultations via secluded offices. This state-of-the-art facility offers an advanced suite of products and services for your face and for your body. Men and women can all enjoy the services and the company caters to individual needs. On top of that, there is an advanced app that can be used to book appointments. These appointments can be provided right from the comfort of your very own home. Yes, this is correct!

Dr. Mark McKenna has been involved in this specific sector of business for 10 years. His expertise and experience provide a great foundation to work from. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what Dr. Mark McKenna has done for society, but who knows what’s in store in the years to come.


Shervin Pishevar says modern tech monopolies have power to destroy startups

Shervin Pishevar, one of the most lauded venture capitalists of the modern era, has made a career out of being able to spot market opportunities then answer them with high-tech solutions. As a founder and tech entrepreneur, he has started numerous highly successful companies. Names like WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network are entries that Shervin Pishevar can proudly write into his resume as being children of his creation. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, the inveterate financier has also been behind the critical early-round financing of such mega-startups as Uber, Airbnb and dozens of others.

In his sparse free time, Shervin Pishevar also likes to weigh in on some of the most pressing concerns of the day. Through his Twitter feed, which has nearly 100,000 subscribers, Shervin Pishevar often holds forth on everything from the role of U.S. monetary policy to the analysis of cryptocurrencies.

One of the topics that he has been frequently addressing as of late, especially during a 21-hour tweet storm that left many of his opponents scrambling to find adequate rejoinders, has been the degree to which the U.S. should tolerate monopolies forming in the tech space. In particular, Pishevar has focused in on the immense harm that some of the largest tech companies are currently doing to innovation in a wide range of fields.

As just one example, Pishevar cites the ongoing feuds taking place between Uber, the company that he helped found, and the orders-of-magnitude larger Google, which has a nearly unlimited budget to harass and knock around its competitors. Uber, says Pishevar, has long been dedicating a large amount of its budget to researching and developing self-driving vehicles. But lately, he says, Google has started filing nuisance lawsuits against the firm, spuriously alleging that Uber has stolen intellectual property rights from the sclerotic Bay Area giant.

While Google has nearly unlimited funds with which to wage lawfare, Uber has been markedly damaged by having no choice but to show up in court and defend itself against the frivolous claims lest there be a default judgment rendered against it. Pishevar says this is just one way in which the monopolies abuse their power to stifle and snuff out competitors.


Todd Lubar Talks About His Entrepreneurial Experience

The financial expert has been passionate about helping people to succeed in life. Today, he zeroes in on ensuring that individuals can walk to his corporation, TDL Global Ventures, and access loans. Over the years, he has gained much knowledge on conservative business model. Through his company, he has been able to engage in over 700 transactions. To this end, he has gained vast experience in reviewing and analyzing probable risk on any given loan scenario. By virtue of being in the business for long, Todd has known how to make informed decisions on each case.

While he was a loan originator, he developed close working relationships with real estate agents, clients, CPA’s, insurance agents and financial planners. These professionals have enhanced the growth of Lubar’s business by referring clients to him.

When asked on the toughest decision that he has made in the recent years, Todd Lubar responded by saying that it is difficult for him to choose between going on a business trip and spending time with his family. He contends that he has learnt to find time for everything irrespective of having busy schedules and professional life. Check out angel.co

He contends that people should learn to stay motivated even when their businesses fail. Todd says that while he was starting his business, he entered into a deal where he lost money. The executive goes on to say that he did not give up on his dream. He knew that he had to remain focused and stay on the course to ensure that he achieves his goals in life. Lubar asserts that he woke up the next morning and went to work as usual. He says that entrepreneurs should learn not to leave the plate, but instead be available for new opportunities. Visit his website toddlubar.com for more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is the proprietor of TDL Global Ventures. Before working for Legacy Financial group, Lubar was rendering his services for Crestar Mortgage Company. Todd has also been an employee of Charter Funding.

Todd urges people to read the book, “The Magic of Thinking.” The shrewd entrepreneur asserts that its literature material challenges people to set higher expectations and think big. Through the book, Lubar has a more well-rounded perspective to thinking.

Sheldon Lavin- CEO of OSI Group

OSI Group is a food production company. It is located in Illinois, United States. It is the largest food processing company in the world. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of this processing company. OSI Group has operations in more than 65 locations. The company has also operations in other locations through subsidiaries and partnership. For instance in England, OSI Group operate through another company. OSI Group was started in 1909 as a small butcher shop. It grew with time until it became the biggest company in the world. The management of the company is to be commended for the far the company has reached.

OSI Group was started by Otto Kolschowsky. He used to manage the company together with his two sons. This business started its journey to success in 1955 when it was chosen by McDonald’s as the supplier of hamburger. As a growing food chain business, McDonald’s needed more supplies as time went by. OSI Group had to look for ways in which they would supply enough hamburgers for McDonald’s according to the growing demand. This led to the creation of the first processing plant by this group to supply McDonald’s only. This would be the first processing of many that the company would set up.

In the 1990s, OSI Group was joined by Sheldon Lavin. He joined as one of the managing partners of the business. His brought expertise of financial and business management have been from the banking sector. He had the requisite knowledge needed for the business to start a transformational journey. Sheldon Lavin brought new expansion strategies for the company. The company immediately started opening branches in Europe, South American, and Asia. The company did not stop there. It has over the years been in expansion mode. It has been opening businesses in all corners of the world. Click here to know more.

Sheldon has been using acquisitions a means of expanding the business territories to beyond the United States.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has been with this group for more than four decades. Before joining the company, he was working as a banker and an investor. His knowledge in these two fields proved crucial for this company. He is the person who can be credited with bringing the biggest changes in the management of the company, especially in the 1970s when it started implementing expansion strategies. Sheldon is currently 85 years old is focused on continuing with the strategy of business expansion until the company gets to the level that he dreams of.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98

Richard Mishan Design Creating Timeless Art With Decor

The founder of the famous Richard Mishaan Design was born raised in Columbia where his interest in architecture and design was born. From an early age, Richard Mishaan found the buildings in Columbia and Italy fascinating. That is how he decided to become one of those who created those awesome designs. He joined Columbia University’s School of Architecture and later enrolled at the New York University for his BA.

Mishaan’s career to become one of the world’s renowned designers began from the days of his apprenticeship at Philip Johnson’s offices. He later found his company in 1991. Mishaan always has curved designs that went beyond the conventional models a fact which has led to his meteoric rise in Architecture and Design industry. He has now mastered the art of combining different elements from fashion, interior designs and architecture. The result is the stunning and timeless masterpieces Mishaan is known for.

When he is not exploring new ideas for the firm, Richard is an author who has written two books centered on his profession. The two books are titled Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. In his Artfully Modern book, he explored a different way of approaching interior decor. He was the idea that furniture and decorative accessories in good condition can be combined to create something perfect despite their prices, style or period of make. The company combines seemingly ordinary items to bring out the luxury of a room without necessarily being very expensive and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

To keep his creative Juices flowing, Mishaan gets endless inspiration from his everyday surroundings. He is also a big traveler and takes trips to some of the world’s most exotic destinations. You can also find him attending art exhibitions and design showcases. His attention to fashion trends has enabled him to incorporate it into his designs. The company has left a mark in many high-end residential buildings and commercial hotels and his Linkedin.

Other Reference: http://www.richardmishaan.com/

Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot in Colorful Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is considered to be one of the young businesswomen in the world. Although she is very young, Wolfe has changed the lives of so many people, especially those who are looking for love. Just recently, news were published that the successful businesswoman had tied the knot to the love of her life. According to close friends of the entrepreneur, Whitney left the singles club when she married Michael Herd. The wedding was held at some of the most prestigious locations in the world. Herd comes from a wealthy family that is associated with the oil business.

Although Whitney and her husband did not announce the wedding to the public, their friends have been posting pictures of the event on Instagram. Most of these friends are wishing the couple the best in their marriage life. Most of the pictures in the social media show how the couple is excited.The wedding was glamorous, and it was attended by some of the respected individuals in the corporate world. The friends say that the two are a perfect match that was made in heaven.

Whitney Wolfe and her wealthy husband have been dating for a while now. According to one close friend of the couple, the two met over three years ago when they were in Aspen for Valentine’s Day. After dating for several months, the modern couple got engaged in July, and they started their wedding preparations.The wedding plans began after the July engagement.

Wolfe is a young businessman who has been in the public limelight for a while now. First of all, the businesswoman is the founder of Bumble, a popular dating app that has won the hearts of very many people who are looking for a partner. Before starting the app, Wolfe was serving as one of the founders and partners in Tinder. After working in Tinder for some time, Wolfe acquired enough expertise, and this enabled her to start her application.

Under her leadership, Bumble has done quite well, and it has impressed very many individuals. People who are single can now connect and meet new friends through the application. It is quite difficult for love to blossom when two strangers meet each other. However, Wolfe is making it possible for young people to enjoy life and find love.The dating app is easy to use, and it has changed the lives of so many people. Wolfe has also introduced an application for women to connect.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitney_Wolfe

Rick Smith Enhances The Success Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, an inmate company, has demonstrated their will to continuously grow and expand their services. The Dallas-based company offers technological solutions that enhance investigation, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring, and information management in correctional facilities. In the recent past, the company acquired Jpay Inc., a technology company that premiered email, electronic payments, and a series of entertainment and educational apps to more than 33 correctional facilities. The transaction, which is a stock purchase agreement, was completed in the third or fourth quarter of 2015. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the acquisition would enhance their capabilities in different segments, including email, inmate tablets and payments for a modern correction institution. He added that JPay was their perfect match considering its innovative force and continuous success in the industry. Ryan Shapiro, the CEO of JPay, said that they had always looked forward to expanding their services. The management of JPay posited that the acquisition would help them to create cutting-edge products on a larger scale and read full article.

Rick Smith has exhibited unique drive, focus and experience, which have helped Securus Technologies to soar to greater heights. From 2008 when Rick joined the corporation, Securus has developed innovative products and services, thus maintaining their leadership position in the industry. Securus serves over 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections facilities in North America. Rick is highly knowledgeable in finance, information technology, telecommunications, operations and business development. He holds an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and the State University of New York, Buffalo respectively. He also holds an MBA and a master’s degree in engineering from the same institutions. Smith has worked for various companies, including Global Crossing North America Inc., Frontier Information Technologies, Midwest Telephone Operations, and Eschelon Telecom Inc. While serving as the president and CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc., Rick Smith helped the company to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He is also credited for the company’s initial public offer in 2005 and resume him.

Today, Rick Smith seeks to ensure that Securus Technologies delivers on its mission of solving and preventing crime within and outside correctional facilities. The corporation offers both civil and criminal justice technology. They are committed to releasing weekly service and product development proposals to help law enforcement and correctional institutions to address the issue of crime in the society. Due to their dedication to safety, Securus receives thousands of emails and letters from customers appreciating their good work. Recently, Rick Smith said that safety is at the core of their business practice. He added that it is an honor to serve and protect the community, which is their social responsibility. Securus is reputable for developing innovative, reliable and quality products and services and https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/3482358-richard-a-smith.