Milan Kordestani The Innovative Equestrian

Milan Kordestani’s Young Life

Milan Kordestani grew up in Stanford California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. Once his parents got divorced in 2009 Kordestani relocated to England and he attended Eaton Square School. In 2010, he moved back and attended a Preparatory school. He graduated from that high school in 2017.

Equestrian Life

Kordestani started riding horses at the age of 10. He fell off of a runaway horse while on a trail. Omid Kordestani found it astounding that this incident didn’t cause any trauma for Milan and instead peaked his interest. Betts Coup of the National Horseman wrote that Milan has natural form and is driven to be challenged and to succeed. He has achieved a lot in a short time. Kordestani only rode lesson horses for a few years and quickly move on to high-level competition, riding on world champion horses. He went on to win respectable ranks in horse events in 2015 and 2016.

About Milan Farms

Milan Kordstani created Milan Farms during his early high school years. Milan Farms is a company all about eggs, poultry and saffron production and is connected to various farms nationwide. Kordestani is the first farmer ever to grow saffron the way he does using microfiber. What you get from Milan Farms is free-range eggs, saffron, and mint. The company is proud of being transparent in raising the animals and keeping their plants organic. Everything is organic from the chicken feed to the wooden coop. Even the cartons that the eggs are sold in. Milan wants to take care of animals and the planet. Their model is that a consumer has a right to know how their product was created. The company brand and logo became trademarked in 2016 and grew to three separate farms that provides eggs for the the west coast, even Colorado. Its saffron is distributed globally. The company believes in innovation and are looking into special systems in which to grow saffron. Their production methods have already succeeded, however, they are working on perfection.