Matt Badiali Continues To Sound Call For Freedom Checks

American investors who possessed the foresight to research a little-known investment vehicle known as ‘Freedom Checks’ could be in line for a pretty good payday. Matt Badiali has sounded the trumpet in the name of Freedom Checks for some time now and believes that more than $34 billion was set to be paid to investors in Freedom Checks this summer.

Matt Badiali seeks to dispel much of the misconceptions surrounding the investment opportunity and wants to make sure that Freedom Checks do not become confused with any government entitlement program. The fact is, the opportunity has the potential to result in monthly returns that would far outpace anything that could be expected from programs like social security.

It is not difficult to understand why some would be investors are not quite sure about the legitimacy of Freedom Checks as many less than reputable companies have begun to make use of the term to promote own marketing efforts. These companies seek to take advantage of the lack of public knowledge regarding the issue and suggests to Americans that this investment opportunity is something given away freely by the government.

Matt Badiali repeatedly stresses in the newsletter he publishes, Real Wealth Strategist, that investors should take the time to understand exactly what fuels this investment before looking to take advantage of the opportunity. To do so, an understanding must be gained regarding Statute 26-F and a business structure known as master limited partnerships.

MLPS were established by an act of Congress in 1981 and allow for business partnerships to also be traded publicly. A few years later Congress decided to increase the benefits gained through investing in MLPs by increasing the tax benefits enjoyed by them and this led to the creation of Statute 26-F.

The enactment of Statute 26-F in 1987 meant that master limited partnerships could operate tax-free if meeting two requirements. The first of these criteria is that 90 percent of the revenue generated by the MLP must be a derivative of the oil and gas industry. Secondly, 90 percent of their income must be paid to investors in the form of Freedom Checks.

Fortress Investment Group 20 years of investments

Fortress Investment Group turns 20 this year. The investment firm made history in 2007 by going public. FIG was projected to offer stocks at $ 18 per share. At the time of the initial public offering, Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was valued at $ 14 billion, the shares were priced at $ 35 per share. Fortress was the first buyout company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. FIG was founded in 1998, and at that time was worth over $ 36.1 billion. The founders of FIG are Wes Edens, Randy Nardone, and Peter Briger.Over the 20 years of doing business, Fortress Investment Group has taken several companies public as part of their diversified portfolio.

FIG has as part of their portfolio Aircastle Limited, Alea Group Holdings, Global Signal, Green Tree Services LLC, Springleaf Financial and Prime Retail. Back in 2006, Fortress Investment purchased the largest ski resort in North America, Canadian Ski Resort. Later that same year on November 15, 2006, Fortress Investment Group went on to buy up RailAmerica Inc. The RailAmerica purchase was in the form of stocks at $ 16.35 per share and was completed by February 2007. Two years later, in October 2009 FIG sold RailAmerica by an initial public offering.

In 2010 FIG was recognized as by Institutional Investor as the Credit Focused Fund of the Year and again 2011. In 2012 and in 2014 FIG was recognized again as Discretionary Macro Focused Hedge Fund of the Year and Credit Focused Fund of the Year, by Institutional Investor. By June 30th, 2016 FIG was responsible for managing $ 70.2 billion in assets.December 28th, 2017, Masayoshi Son, founder of SoftBank announced the technology investment firm had acquired Fortress for $ 3.3 billion in cash. Despite the acquisition, FIG will still operate as an independent firm from SoftBank’s headquarters office in New York City.

Lawyer Randal Nardone’s career journey and his role in Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone is the CEO, director and founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has a rich educational background from prestigious institutions. He joined the University of Connecticut and attained his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English.He also attended Boston University School of Law where he graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He is a renowned lawyer and a specialist in finance. He began at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm as a member of the executive committee.Randal Nardone has been the chief executive officer and managing director of UBS. He has also worked at BlackRock as a partner. After gaining sufficient skills and expertise in the business industry, Randal Nardone joined hands with Wes Edens and Robert Kauffman to found the Fortress Investment Group.The private equity firm was established in the year 1998 with an initial investment of $400 million in equity.

The firm was founded as an alternative asset management company.In the year 2011, he was appointed the interim chief executive officer following Daniel Mudd’s voluntary resignation.He had also been named to the board of directors of FIG, a position he has served since the year 2006. He is recognized for establishing the Fortress Investment Fund and serving as its chief operating officer.He has been critical in Fortress Investment Group’s immense growth. He has steered the firm to a global corporation that controls over $70 billion in assets with a highly skilled and talented workforce of over 1800 employees.The assets are distributed in liquid hedge funds, private equity funds, and credit funds.

In 2014, the firm won the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year under his leadership. HFMWeek has also awarded the company the Management Firm of the Year.It was recognized and credited by Institutional Investor as the Macro Hedge Fund firm of the year in 2012. Randal Nardone’s hard work and dedication makes him one of the most accomplished businessmen of this century.According to the Forbes Billionaire list, his net-worth stands at a staggering $1.8 billion. He is ranked at the 557 position in the billionaire list. He has also earned over $100,000,000 in cash dividends.In the year 2018, Randal Nardone confirmed the sale of his primary business, Fortress Investment Group. The firm was sold at $3.3 billion in cash to Japan’s SoftBank Corporation. In part of the deal, however, the firm retained its headquarters in New York City.

Ian King; Pioneer of Banyan Hill Publishing


Ian King is a proficient guru in the cryptocurrency trade and entrepreneurship boasting of over 20 years’ experience. He is a graduate of Lafayette College with a BS in Psychology. He kicked off his career in Salomon Brothers working as a desk clerk. After his time at the financial giant, he switched to the worldwide financial conglomerate Citigroup. He worked in trading products. Soon, he earned himself a job at Peahi Capital in New York. His tenure at Peahi Capital saw him head of trade options. He served for over ten years at this hedge fund organization. Visit the website to learn more.

Later Ian King founded the Banyan Hill in 1998, a sovereign Society by then. He decided so after gaining interest in the cryptocurrency market. He developed intellicoins, which offer Bitcoin analysis. The organization aims at providing investment advice through publishing content about the best investment options. The site bloomed under his leadership. Gaining recognition due to its excellent investment strategies, asset protection trusts, international business corporations, U.S. dollar diversification, starting and managing offshore accounts, private foundations, foreign residency and managing financial privacy.


In 2016, the website rebranded to Banyan Hill Publishing. The aim was to accommodate services such as investing, entrepreneurship and asset protection. Ian King has worked with various experts with an array of skills in giving financial solutions to Americans. This organization offers a haven for investors and individuals who are vigil of their finances. Many have grown and sustained their wealth with the help of Banyan Hill Publishing financial advisors.



Banyan Hill publishing may have entirely different investment and financial solutions to people than what is in the popular media. Ian King encourages people to take a different approach to their finances. At Banyan Hill Publishing, there is an in-depth look at the various markets worth venturing. The website boasts of providing ample judgment in identifying promising opportunities. Below are some of the proficient editors behind the volume of information from Banyan Hill Publishing.


Paul Mampilly, who is a senior editor in charge of publishing Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes Newsletters and True Momentum. Matt Badiali publishes Freedom Checks and Real wealth Strategist. Jeff Yastine publishes the Total Wealth Insider. Finally, Ian King who is the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. He publishes Crypto profit Trader Newsletter. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.