Fortress Investment Group and Their Asset Management Services

Fortress Investment Group is known as the world’s largest alternative asset management company. They successfully manage investments of their clients both big and small. Along with working with everyday people and companies, they have managed the investments and assets of some of the largest business corporations around like Intrawest and RailAmerica Inc. While they work primarily with larger corporations, Fortress Investment Group is also able to take on the role of a asset manager for smaller companies and individuals who are in need of financial assistance with their investment opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens. Mr. Edens felt that there was a gap in the market for high-quality investment management and hedge fund producer. After its initial launch, the Investment Group quickly went into hedge funds, real estate management and debt securities for those who were in need of high-quality financial assistance in a professional and thoughtful manner. Currently, their revenue is set at $1.1 billion dollars annually, making them the largest investment management company in the world.The company also employs well over two thousand people who are trained in helping people with hedge fund management and asset management with investments.

These individuals are there to help with a wide range of different options for their customers at a price that helps those who are interested in using their services. Because you will be making smarter investment decisions, you will also come away making more money than you would if you were not using the expertise of the Fortress Investment Group company. Despite being founded as a private equity firm some 20 years ago, the Investment Group has grown as one of the best investment management options for those who are looking to not only manage their finances but make some extra in return of what they are doing. You can visit the Fortress Investment Group site to learn more about what they offer as well as any other information that you might need if you are looking to hire them specifically for their work and to get the job done by one of their professionals.

USHEALTH Group: Fostering Insurance Coverage in America

Quality healthcare has become a necessity with many countries formulating more laws to ensure that more people take up insurance both individual and for their families. The United States is no exception. Many insurance companies exist but USHEALTH Group remains a company of choice for many due to their quality, affordable and flexible insurance plans. As a result the company takes pride in over 15 million customers in America which it serves from various locations.

USHEALTH Group has insurance plans suitable for self-employed Americans, owners of small businesses and individuals. Two of its subsidiaries are involved in the underwriting of these plans. These are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. In the over 50 years of operation, USHEALTH Group has come to understand the unique nature and the difference in preferences among people. It therefore offers a variety of products so that customers can select what suits them best. Their products include insurance for accidents, Specified Diseases/Sickness, critical illness, Short Term Accident Disability, Life insurance, Dental and Vision plans.

USHEALTH Advisors is the national insurance distribution arm of USHEALTH Group.
To adequately serve its large clientele, USHEALTH Group works with USHEALTH Advisors Agents. Before taking up an agent USHEALTH Group ensures that the agent is well trained according to their standards and is evaluated based on the set metrics to ensure that they are well conversant with the products. The agents are also licensed and trusted. The agents serve customers in need of Life, specified Disease/sickness and supplementary products. USHEALTH Advisors has received numerous awards for its exceptional service among them the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in 2015. This is one of the most coveted international business awards.

USHEALTH Group wants to ensure fast and efficient response to their clients. They have therefore set up their own call center with trained professionals to pick and respond adequately to customer calls. The call center was evaluated by the Better Business Bureau and scored an A+ rating. It was also ranked among the Top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013. The customer service staff not only advises the clients when selecting a plan but also ensure fast and convenient claim processing for them.

Paying insurance premiums has taken a toll on many Americans especially those with low incomes. However, USHEALTH Group is determined to ensure that everyone is covered under their plans. Despite their plans being affordable, they offer first dollar advantages for the covered services to customers on a budget. They also ensure that these clients get massive discounts from their large network of providers. Therefore despite one’s level of income, USHEALTH Group is willing to work with what the customer has and get them a quality plan at their budget level.

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Jeffry Schneider – The Succesful Entrepreneur

jeffry schneider headshot

Jeffery Schneider is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and prominent business man with multiple success in the financial service industry. Some of his major achievements include being the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, a firm well-known for providing excellent services in education, sales, marketing and financial structuring.

Jeffry Schneider studied bachelor in science and graduated from the University of Massachusetts after which he returned to his hometown and began his career in the financial service industry. He was able to develop his skills in investment and alternative capital markets while working in renowned financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. The next big leap in his career was when he got to serve in a senior management position at Axiom Capital Management after which he got a similar position at Paradigm Global Advisors. This platform allowed him to gain ample experience in management.

Having acquired a lot of crucial skills in the finance field, he decided to found the firm Ascendant Capital. Under his leadership, the company has grown to be the leading boutique capital investment and financial service firm in Texas. The company of initially three employees has grown to employ more than thirty people and has helped different businesses earn an estimated one billion dollars; all this in just five years!

According to Schneider, his company’s culture is what has helped grow to be so successful. He encourages open dialogue and has developed a sense of trust with his customers as he is known to value investor’s interest. He supports charity organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Wonder Worries, Cherokee Home for Children and The Gazelle Foundation. He has a love for travel and has toured many parts of the world including Asia and Europe.

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NexBank Capital recently had another initial public offering that saw the total issued share capital rise to a high of $155 million up by $80 million. This was after the bank announced completion of an overly subscribed private placement of unsecured notes to seniors. These securities will earn a fixed rate of 5.50% for 5 years, mature in March 16, 2026 and are callable as from March 15, 2021. After the five years, they earn interest as per the current LIBOR which are determined by a spread of three months. According to Kroll Bond Rating Agency, the security falls under the BBB investment grade rating. The operation saw Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P. act as the lead placement agent. The bank sought to obtain more funds mainly to repay debts.

Speaking in a forum, John Holt the President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank said that the over-subscription was a sign of investor confidence in the business. He expresses confidence in the company using the raised capital efficiently to continue increasing its worth and meeting stakeholder needs. These sentiments were echoed by Matt Siekielski; the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He further states that as part of their main business strategy to grow capital they have raised above $200 million in debt and equity over the last one year which they plan plough back to the business.

NexBank is a leading financial institution based in Dallas offering commercial, mortgage and institutional banking services to individuals and institutions clients. The tier 1bank had a leverage ratio of 8.13% and total risk-based capital ratio of 13.14% as at December 31, 2016. NexBank Capital, Inc. set a record in 2016 on their balance sheet items when they reported total assets of $4.64 billion, total deposits over $3.22 billion, and total loans worth $2.83 billion. This depicted a 71%, 72% and 44% growth rate for assets, deposits and loans respectively from 2015. Net income for 2016 was also above $83 million, in comparison to $53 million for the previous year. The return on average equity stood at 35.48% with NexBank return on average assets being 2.47% in 2016.