From Humble Beginnings, OSI Group Is Now Passing Its 100-Year Mark

When it started in 1909, nobody knew that a small butcher shop called the Corner Butcher Shop would become what it is today. But history has proofed that whenever there are commitment and resilience, it is possible for a small group to grow into becoming one of the biggest leaders in the market. That is what is happening to OSI Group, a market leader in meat product supply in the world today.

How OSI Group Started

In late 1800, a small group of German-speaking immigrants moved to some parts of the U.S. This group would later settler in Chicago and some parts of Illinois. After a short time, the Germany community grew thus there was a need for them to get important services such as shops. Otto Kolschowsky brought about one ingenious idea, the setting up of a shop that would supply his community with meat. He called it the Corner Butcher Shop. Hardly did Otto know that this small butcher shop would one day be the world’s number one meat product supplier. Today, more than 100 years after Kolschowsky opened that shop in Chicago to carter for his community’s beef needs, a big come thrives. OSI Group now has a presence in over 17 countries.

The company has 65 well-furnished facilities that are home to over 20, 000 workers who serve hundreds of thousands of clients.Although the food company has maintained for a century now, there have been numerous changes. For instance, the company did not use the current name OSI Group. It is until a few years ago that this food company adapted this name. In 1928 for instance, this food processing company was referred to as Otto & Sons. Many years passed and evidently a myriad of changes to the company. One notable occasion was after World War II when Otto & Sons merged with McDonald Restaurants. New technological advancements that took the world to another level in the 1960s through to the 70s saw the now merged company gain even greater presence throughout the USA. After building the first meat processing plant in 1970, it was evident that now the company is making huge strides. Then in 1975, Otto & Sons changed to OSI Group, the name that is in use to date.

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