How Dr. Saad Saad Journey to Success

Dr. Saad Saad was born in the late 1940’s in Palestine, and he is one of eight siblings. During this time the State of Isreal was formed, and Palestinians were forced to relocate regardless to the fact that they were natives to the region. Dr. Saad’s mother was instructed to take the children and board a bus to an unknown destination. She carried only cloths since she was optimistic that things were going to cool down and they will return to their normal lives. This will not be the case, and later they were united with their father in West Bank, and they moved to Kuwait. Saad’s father who was a skilled petroleum mechanic gave them a golden chance to advance to Kuwait where his rear skills were in high demand.


Dr. Saad’s father made it clear that education was the only hope for them especially in the foreign land they resided. With no country or any other official document, pursuing a high level of education was their only way to gain respect. Knowledge is power and Saad knew that he could be anything he desires to be in the world. The dream to become a pediatric surgeon started in the 1960’s after Saad suffered from heat stroke that rendered him unconscious. It was during the summer, and Saad had accompanied his brother to a construction site. The heat was unbearable and this affected Saad leading to the heat stroke, after the incident he realized he wasn’t meant to work outside. The only place that had an air conditioner in Kuwait was the operating room and after discovering this Saad decided he will become a pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Saad went to Egypt to do his medical degree at Cairo University, this was his passion, and it is evident in his exemplary performance. He was ranked second in his class and graduated with honors and later went to England for his internship. 45 years ago Saad moved to the USA and did his residency in surgery and in pediatric surgery where became the first board-certified pediatric that could fluently speak English and Arabic. He landed his first job with the Saudi Royal family and got an opportunity to offer his services to children in Saudi Arabia. In 1989, he returned to the United States where he continued with his career and began to think of ways to improve the pediatric sector. Dr. Saad came up with ways to reduce both pain and recovery time and by eliminating a second incision which helped him to achieve his goal. He has had a successful career in the US; his work has helped many families across the different states. The story of Dr. Saad gives hope to individuals all over the world that with the right mindset anything is achievable.

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