Imagine going to a McDonald’s to grab a quick burger and fries. Easy, right? It’s convenient says a Linked post… but perhaps not the tastiest choice for a satisfying appetite. But what if I told you that there’s a McDonald’s that provides an alternative to its traditional french fries?

Venezuelan McDonald’s fast food restaurants have suffered from a nationwide shortage of potatoes, forcing the king of quick serve to unleash an unexpected alternative. It’s called Yuca fries, one of Dr. Jose Gonzalez favorite. And while perhaps they’re possibly not so tasty to happy meal customers, it hasn’t stopped the famous American fast food chain from waiting on long lines of hungry Venezuelan patrons.

The yucca is a starch, just as a potato. It’s anyone’s guess as to why McDonald’s chains in Venezuela would choose such a starch as a replacement for the potato, but one could surmise that if it looks like a french fry, it probably tastes like one as well.


An International Strategist

With an education that few can match, and significant professional experience, Sam Tabar is a lawyer and investment strategist worthy of recognition. To understand the importance of an individual like Sam Tabar to the investment world once must dive into his background.

Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford University in 2000 with honors. Shortly after graduating from Oxford, Tabar moved onto Columbia Law School where he was an associate editor for the Columbia Business Review.

Simultaneously to attending law school, Sam Tabar began his career in investments as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Fiom LLP. After three years in this position, Tabar moved on to the SPARX Group where he served as Managing Director and CO-Head of Business Development. Tabar held this position for nearly six years at which point he moved on to Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. After three more successful years in this position, Tabar moved on to Schulte Roth and Zabal LLP as a Senior Legal Associate specializing in Hedge Funds.

While Tabar’s education and resume speak for themself what is arguably most interesting about him, is his ability to thrive in the global business community. Tabar happens to be fluent in both French and English, and also speaks Japanese well enough to communicate with international executives in the Asia-Pacific Region.

In the current business climate there are many solid business people, and a variety of lawyers with the expertise and knowledge to serve the finance industry. While the aforementioned commodities are in abundance, an individual like Sam Tabar who is equally adept in both rules is extremely rare. Aspiring business students and law students alike would be wise to study the career trajectory of Sam Tabar in an attempt to emulate his successful career.  Now as the CEO of FullCycle Fund he’s embarking on a new adventure.  But he still cares about the community.  As he remains involved with as many charitable efforts as possible.

The Work and Creations of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana can be called a modern day renaissance man. He has tried, and been successful, in a diverse area of work performance. He is a businessman, a supporter of local causes, a photographer, musician, and has been involved in aviation.

Music is something that has come late in life to Jon Urbana. Using Ableton software and a guitar, Urbana found he could enter the world of electronic music. He has done remixes of existing songs as well as crafting his own original tracks. He has built up a base of followers on the music website Soundcloud, and a few of his most popular tracks are embedded here.

Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Ellipse, a company that specializes in medical equipment and systems. He’s responsible for Twitter usage and other online advertising methods detailed more at Among their top products is the Ellipse Nordlyn, a versatile platform that can be used in the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, and for use in hair removal. The product works with the use of laser and waveband technology.

He is also a Villanova legend and former professional lacrosse player. Jon Urbana started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado. The camp is designed to to help young lacrosse players refine and hone their skills. Those participating in the camp will learn from top professional lacrosse players, including members of the Denver Outlaws.

Another activity Urbana is involved with is his photography. Like his diverse work profile, his photography spans a variety of subjects and most of it is posted to Jon Urbana’s Official Blog. There are tight shots of cute and curious cats and kittens. Another favorite subject are colorful and artistic photos of exotic natural plants and flowers. Sprinkled in are off beat landscapes that have an other worldly effect. Zoo-like shots of wild animals are a part of his collection at Flickr. Subjects include a family of apes and elephants that almost look like have been asked to pose.

You can find examples of his work at

Considering a Career in Investment Banking?

There are numerous reasons to consider a career in investment banking. It’s one of the jobs that present numerous opportunities to help people. An investment banker takes most of his time helping people to increase their investments and growth in portfolios, which ultimately results in improving their personal and financial lives.

Investment banks provide many finance related services some of which are raising capital for companies, merger and acquisition management, and underwriting. When raising capital for companies, they act as an intermediary between the issuer (company) and investors. These banks also help companies to restructure their equity and debt and ease their financial distress.

But do all young professionals and students remember to ask themselves whether they have what it takes to excel in an investment banking career before making a move? The career opens its doors to anyone with the ability to provide valuation estimates, personal interaction skills, work stamina, and mental and emotional horsepower. An analyst working in the investment banking sector performs valuation calculations on the myriad equity securities or debt being offered making valuation skills indispensable.

Personal interaction skills are also required to excel in this important career. Investment bankers with excellent communication skills know how to avoid disconnects and wasted efforts. They effectively communicate with external parties including lawyers, clients, accountants, and consultants. Work stamina is also required. When deadlines for deals are approaching, analysts have to take their time to ensure nothing goes wrong.

In return for the hard work, they get many opportunities to rise to the top. It’s common to find these finance experts rise throughout their career and become involved in multiple projects. During the first years in the industry, they carry out financial and operational grunt work and then progress to take more senior roles. The career gives them a great level of exposure to corporate strategy. This makes it easy for them to work later on as a CEO on corporate restructuring, strategic acquisitions, IPOs, and the likes.

James Dondero is an example of an investment banker who started as an analyst and has risen to the top. He is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management and has over 30 years of experience in investment banking, focused largely on distressed and high-yield investing. Mr. Dondero is also the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nextbank, and CCS Medical. He also serves on the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Mr. Dondero began his career in 1984 an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Before founding Highland, from 1989 to 1993 he worked as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. His portfolio management experience includes emerging markets, common stocks, preferred stocks, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, leveraged bank loans, and investment grade corporates.

Young professionals and students who have a burning passion for organizational analysis, market, or finance should apply for investment banking roles. These are the minimum requirements. Many famous worlds’ most successful investment bankers began by pursuing their dreams. There are opportunities for advancement and the investment field values fresh ideas than anything else as has been illustrated by the life of Dondero.

What is Product Recognition Exactly?

Search engines have not changed all that much. Sure, the way search engines function has improved in order to provide better search results, but for the most part, you still type in keywords into your search engine and then the search engine churns out results. It does not matter if it is a standard search feature, a video search, search for news, images or anything else. No matter what you are looking for, it all revolves around typing in the appropriate information into the Internet search. But shouldn’t there be a better way to find what you are looking for? There is, and it is all with the help of product recognition. This service makes shopping online far easier than ever before. In fact, all you need to do is upload an image and the product recognition is able to compare the uploaded image with a saved databank of product photographs. From there, it is all about offering up the very best search results without you ever needing to type in a single word or phrase.

Slyce is on the leading edge of helping bring product recognition to the forefront. While the major search engines have not embraced it yet, this is something that is taking on new shapes and is helping bring about a far easier way to look for products online. With the help of your cell phone camera or simply downloading an image off of the Internet, you have the power to track down exactly what it is you want and what it is you are looking for.

So, the product recognition service is rather straight forward. You need to start out with an image. You can snap a quality photograph with your cell phone that picks up detail on the product (blurry shots are going to make it difficult to cross reference everything) or you can download an image from a blog or other online service. From there, you are able to upload the image to the service. The service has an ever expanding databank of products that can be purchased from retailers around the world. It then takes key points of the product, such as color, design, fabric, cut and dozens of other variations you might typically overlook and then compare it with the images in its databanks. It can then bring up the best potential match for what you are looking for with the product recognition service.

Why Economists Need a Good Education

There are many jobs that an individual can take that don’t require any schooling or any kind of an education. There are jobs out there that individuals can get without a whole lot of effort put in. The job of an economist is not one of those jobs. This is a career choice that requires a commitment to education. This is a career choice that requires the right kind of schooling. An economist needs to have a good education and a love of learning. The best economists out there are the ones who are willing to continue to learn more as time goes on.

Why does an economist need to have a good education? This kind of a career requires the kind of knowledge that can be taught. This kind of a career requires the individual to know a lot about the world around them and about what is going on. Those who are going to make it as economists need to be committed to learning. They need a good education so that they can make accurate predictions. They need a good education so that they can understand all that is going on, and so that they can help others to understand what is happening, too.

An economist needs to get the right instruction from the right kind of school, they need help from a qualified educator. When an economist receives the right kind of help, they will possess the smarts that they need to help lead others. Economists need to know what they are talking about, and they need to be ready to give out advice to those who are looking for it. An economist needs to be educated in order to do their job right and in order to help others succeed. If someone is looking to become an economist, they cannot be afraid of education.

Christian Broda is one of the many economists who have received the proper training to do their job right. He is someone who has put in the time that is necessary to get the education that is right for such an individual. Christian Broda received the kind of schooling that he needed in order to be good at what he does. He knew that he needed to commit himself to education if he was going to make it as an economist, and he did just that in order to become the individual that he is today.

Capitalist Marc Sparks

Savings and investment is a key part of the economy. People need to be able to work with skilled investors who know the capital markets well. Someone may need access to capital in order to help start a business or expand an existing one. Another person may seek out expert advice in order to help them invest their existing capital in more effective ways and in doing so earn a good rate of return on their own capital. A skilled investment capitalist like Marc Sparks can be the ideal ally for those in need of all kinds of money management services.

One such investor is Marc Sparks. Sparks has spent decades working in the business field of capital management. In doing so, he has helped numerous investors gain the kind of results that can help them start a business, or expand into new markets or even just retire early and enjoy life better. Sparks insights have been honed after working in this field for many decades, skills that have allowed him to spot investment opportunities that may not otherwise be readily apparent to the untrained eye. A person seeking his help can contact him directly in order to learn more about leveraging capital and managing all aspects of their fiscal plans.

Marc Sparks has been managing capital for many years. During this time, he has started his own private equity firm known as Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek Capital is a Dallas, Texas based firm that has a long history of working with business start ups and helping them develop even further states a bloomberg article. His work with this firm has alerted others to potential investment opportunities in the Dallas, Texas area and the entire American Southwest. His leadership has helped provide area investors with all kinds of investments that offer a huge potential rate of return while decreasing any potential risks that may lead to the loss of capital.

Timber Creek Capital was created by Sparks in order to work with many area starts ups that may need his guidance and his access to a great deal of working capital. The company has been able to provide those who own a business or want to start one with the ability to tap into talent that helps them meet their goals as well as physical facilities such as office space, computer rental and other kinds of supplies at a price that many investors find easy to afford.

Order your copy of Marc Sparks They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success on!


No Fighting Over Food

 Have you ever gotten so angry over someone taking the last piece of food that you felt like hitting them? Well, a New Jersey man acted on his rage and someone ended up calling the police.

Mr. Bacon, a nineteen year old, beat his friend because the other man took the last piece of sausage. Can you believe that?
Hopefully, you have never gone so far as to actually hurt someone when they took the last piece of food. It isn’t worth it. Mr. Bacon beat the other man pretty badly over the last piece of sausage. I wonder what he would have done if it had been bacon that they had been fighting over, instead?
Mr. Bacon better have learned his lesson this time. Fighting over sausage – or over any food – isn’t worth it. Amen Clinics workers think it is just silly. The man is due in court next month for his fit of rage over the last piece of sausage, with more information available here.

Airlines Spending Billions on Terminal Improvements

According to this article in BuzzFeed News, U.S. airlines are investing billions of dollars to improve the quality of airline terminals. A few years ago, New York City’s La Guardia airport terminal was a drab, uninspiring place to wait for a flight. Delta Airlines invested $160 million in upgrades and La Guardia now features upscale dining options, shopping, and a beer garden.

Other airlines have followed Delta’s lead, and Brad Reifler is glad to see it reported on Reuters. United is planning major improvements to Newark International Airport. American has announced $2 billion in improvements to its Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix facilities. Jet Blue is upgrading terminals in Fort Lauderdale and Boston.

The improvements are intended to offset increasing customer dissatisfaction with the flying experience. Airline mergers and reduced flights scheduled have resulted in less capacity to meet demand. To increase profits, carriers have reduced services to economy class customers and increased seating capacity by reducing space between seats. As economy seating becomes less comfortable and fees rise, many customers are turning to lower fare carriers. By increasing terminal amenities, major carriers are hoping to attract more affluent fliers.

Bill Gates Is Still The Richest Man In The World

Dethroned by Mexico’s Carlos Slim about two years ago, the Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, declared in 2015 for the second consecutive year, the richest man in the world with a net worth of $ 79.2 billion. According to the annual ranking of Forbes magazine published on Monday, his wealth increased $ 3.2 billion compared to last year. In second and third places, one may find Carlos Slim, the telecommunications tycoon with a wealth estimated at $ 77.1 billion with an increase of $ 5.1 billion since last year and the American businessman Warren Buffett with 72.7 billion dollars with $ 14.5 billion increase in previous year. Folks at Bulletproof Coffee know that Warren Buffett also passes the Spanish Amacio Ortega, founder of the clothing brand Zara, now at number 4 with a net worth of $ 64.5 billion.

With the exception of the standings, there is no big change from last year, for the five richest men in the world: the 5th remains Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, with 54.3 billion dollars. Liliane Bettencourt, the first woman in the ranking, is at tenth position. In total, the heiress of L’Oreal has a fortune estimated at $ 40.1 billion. The French Bernard Arnault, owner of the luxury group LVMH, is at 13th position with $ 37.2 billion. At the age of 30, the owner and founder of Facebook Zuckerberg made it into the top 20, now at 16th place with $ 33.4 billion.