The Elephants Get Their Pink Slip From Ringling Bros Circus

Feld Entertainment Will Discontinue Elephant Acts By 2018

What will the circus do without the pachyderms that have been entertaining audiences for the last 100 years? Circus posters have touted their massive gentleness for decades, and the clowns running around the Big Top have been cleaning up elephant poo for as long as any circus goer can remember. The days of seeing Ringling Bros herd of entertaining elephants will just be enjoyable memories when the elephants are put out to pasture in 2018.

There are 14 elephants traveling with the circus, and they will join 29 others at the 200-acre Elephant Conservation Center in Florida when the change is made. Gianfrancesco Genoso has heard that the reason for this ground shaking decision is not clear, but some insiders say money may be the answer. The cost of putting on a traveling circus show is elephant size for sure.

The elephants will be missed, but they are far better off living life in central Florida. The Conservation Center has all the conveniences of Africa or India in terms of a free range, ample food and most importantly the lack of poachers. It seems we have poached on their gentleness long enough, and it’s time we give them what they deserve.

HBO’s Streaming Service Coming in April

HBO’s long-rumored streaming service is expected to launch in April. Th service, which will work somewhat like Netflix, is reportedly called HBO Now, and will allow people without a cable subscription to choose to subscribe to the networks content.

No official launch date has been announced just yet for the service, however, sources claim tat it will likely launch in April prior to the first episode of the HBO series Game of thrones. Dr. Jennifer Walden has heard that the service may also launch with a partner in tow. Apple has reportedly been in talks with the network to bring HBO Now to the Apple TV. It makes sense for HBO to offer the service on as many platforms as possible. When it launches, expect it to also be places like PlayStation, Roku and Xbox.

When it does launch, HBO Now is expected to be priced around $15/month. The companies HBO Go Service, a similar offering for cable subscribers, is currently priced at $10 per month.

Should We Be Encouraging People to Get into Certain Fields?


The tech industry is known for being innovative and needing people with specific, advanced skill sets. It is also known for being male dominated. People who observe the tech world have noted for some time that women are a particularly small minority in this industry. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times indicated that it may be getting even worse. The main problem has been that fewer women than men get into this industry in the first place. Now it seems the main driver that is worsening the problem is that women in the tech world are leaving due to hostile work environments and feeling they are not being advanced at the same rate as male colleagues.

If women are indeed being subjected to hostile work environments in the tech industry more often than in others, then this is a problem that should be looked at and remedied. It may, however, point to a related issue. So much effort is being expended to get women interested in math and science at a younger age due to the fact that they have historically been underrepresented in careers within these fields said Gianfrancesco Genoso. Maybe this is the problem. Perhaps men and women are just different, and they simply, naturally gravitate toward different fields. If this is the case, then recognizing it and not trying to artificially change it by steering girls in school toward a path they may, later on, realize is not for them might not be the best solution.

Image Recognition: When a Computer Has Eyes

Mobile technology and the Internet have vastly changed the way we live our every day lives. From being able to instantly find places to eat within your neighborhood and locating people with similar interests as you by simply touching your finger to your phone has pushed us into an age where we expect instant gratification, and the ability to constantly improve the way we live.

Image recognition software is just another step in this evolution.

Look Through the Eyes of A Computer: All About Image Recognition

Imagine being able to snap a picture of something with your smartphone and having it analyzed by software to immediately tell you what it is. Does you car have a dent that needs to be fixed? How much could you get that pair of shoes for in a different store?

Image recognition software is making all of these technological fantasies become realities. In short, image recognition software acquires an image by taking a picture and then allows the computer to analyze the image to determine exactly what it is. Similar to what your eyes do for your brain, the image recognition software sees the image and the computer analyzes it and determines what it is.

What is Image Recognition Software Currently Being Used For?

This type of software is being used in a variety of ways:

  • License Plate Matching – Police departments currently deploy this type of software to match license plates with databases. It helps them recover stolen vehicles and determine if any parked cars have outstanding parking tickets.
  • Face Recognition – Have you ever uploaded a picture to Facebook and tagged someone? This is known as facial recognition software. The software can differentiate people by comparing various parts of the face.
  • Shopping and Pricing – Shopping has become an almost instantaneous experience. Image recognition now allows people to snap pictures of items they like and then search for prices and compare with other similar items on their smartphones.

Slyce: The Revolution Behind the Software

Slyce is an innovative software company that is taking image recognition to the next step.

From Snap to Buy software that allows users to take pictures and immediately search for prices to physical advertising recognition that focuses on digitally printing large scale billboards and marketing materials from a simple mobile photo, Slyce is making it easier for people to complete simple tasks on a daily basis.

The future of mobile technology is image recognition. Soon, people will be able to get estimates on fixing a car with the swipe of a finger or get input from a doctor about a medical issue without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Belgian Inventor Makes Real-Life Tricorder


A Belgian entrepreneur, Walter De Brouwer, has invented a real-life tricorder. He had been working on it for ten years after his son, who was then five years old, was hospitalized after a fall. He commented that the experience taught him how hospitals work — and don’t work. He derived further inspiration from one of his favorite T.V. shows: Star Trek.

He called his device the Scanadu Scout, after the legendary city Xanadu described in Samuel Coleridge’s poetry.Scanadu is also the name of his company. The device is small, white and round. The patient places it on their forehead, and its sensors pick up their heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen level. It also gives a complete ECG reading. It then sends the data to a smartphone app for Android and iPhone stated Paul Mathieson on the project.

De Brouwer got funding for the project through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. He sent his backers the first Scouts in January. After the FDA approves it, it will become publically available. His backers, in the meantime, will test the Scanadu Scout.

De Brouwer is also working on a device called the Scanaflo, which will be a urine test kit that can be used at home. It will check the levels of glucose, protein, blood, and other things in people’s urine.

Keith Mann: Dynamic Man

 Keith Mann began at Dynamic Associates as a Manager in the Alternative Investments Division back in 1995. Due to his impeccable talent, he quickly became the Senior VP of the company. Shortly after Dynamic Associates, Mann co-founded his own business venture; Dynamic Search Partners. This firm specializes in tracking opportunities for qualified professionals in the investment world. Also, they work with top hedge funds all across the country looking to hire qualified executives. Mann is currently working as Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, which is located in New York City.

Mann also helps the company organize several charity events, to give back to the people. In 2008, at a company mixer, the company raised $8000 to Hope and Heroes. They also have a team, which is led by Keith Mann himself, that works with Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools teaches young people the skills they will need to be successful in college. In addition to working with the organization, Dynamic Search Partners also donated $10,000 to the organization in 2013.

It was back in October of 2013 that the company officially announced its partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York. On the 13th of September, Mann led a five-member group of executive recruiters to Crown Heights Charter High School for a day building resumes. They held two resume building workshops during which they sat down with the students one a time and helped advise, review, and edit the students’ resumes that they’d be using in their college applications.

What Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools is trying to create is an on-going platform for them to be able to assist students in learning practical skills that will help succeed in college and after college. Uncommon Charter High School, which was only founded six years ago, graduated its second class of seniors in 2014.

FCC Slams Marriott and Other Businesses Over Wi-Fi Blocking


The United States Federal Communications Commission has finally ruled on whether or not Marriott and other hotels, conference centers and business may block their customer’s personal Wi-Fi hotspots on their properties.

The answer?

A resounding “No.”

On Tuesday, the FCC ruled that any individual or business that intentionally interferes with or blocks Wi-Fi hotspots will be subject to “enforcement action.” Lee Slaughter noted the FCC even noted that Marrott’s excuse that past blocking helped the company better secure its own networks against hacking and other attacks was a weak one and purposely pointed out that this ruling also applies to attempts to “force consumers to purchase access to the property owner’s Wi-Fi network.”

This is a huge win for conference and trade show vendors and hosts, as well as business travelers and vacationers, who rely on their personal Wi-Fi services for providing them with inexpensive entertainment and information or to process credit card sales transactions. Before this ruling, some hotels and convention centers would charge their customers thousands of dollars after purposely blocking personal Wi-Fi connections.

What does this mean on a broader level?

Other businesses that also offer paid Wi-Fi connectivity to customers, such as cafes, restaurants and transportation companies, also won’t be able to interfere with or block personal Wi-Fi hotspots. Sadly, this ruling also means that companies will try to recoup losses in other ways, such as by charging higher fees for other services.

Cablevision Becomes The First Cable Company To Offer WiFi Based Phone Plans


For 1GB of data, one can expect to pay as much as $5. That is a little over 3 hours worth of YouTube videos. With the abundance of money that cell phone providers charge for bandwidth, it comes as no surprise that many people utilize WiFi connections when it comes to downloading large files as opposed data from their 4G/3G plan.

As such, it comes to no surprise that more and more companies are looking at the possibility of releasing a WiFi based phone. Last week, Cabelvision proclaimed that it will be providing WiFi based phones through a sister company called Freewheel, according to

Through Freewheel, a user, like Sergio Lins Andrade, would be given unlimited talking, texting and data for only $29.99. Better yet, if you are an Optimum Online customer, you can get the same service for only $9.95. What’s also worth noting about this new service though is that you can’t use a regular cell phone and would have to purchase a specific Motorola Moto G phone through Freewheel, which costs approximately $99.95.

This service can prove to be especially useful to people who reside on the eastern side of the United States, because a large majority of Cablevision’s 1.1 million hot spots can be found on the eastern side of the country.

The company proclaimed that while the service may not be suitable for someone who is always on the go, it can prove be a cost effective alternative for individuals who work at home or a building that has WiFi, for individuals who are looking for ways that they can cut down on their expenses and for children as well.

Skip The Glasses-New Computer Monitor Adjusts To Your Eyes

Does a computer screen that has a vision corrective application sound enticing to you? If you could use your computer and forgo the glasses, does it sound like something that might be of interest to you? Well, Dell has announced its plans for a new computer screen that has the ability to magnify to a person’s prescription. If you think it sounds to good to be true, think again.

The new screens won’t be cheap, but will they be worth it? Flavio Maluf says of course! Well worth the investment. It is estimated that more than 30 million people currently wear contact lenses in this country. The lights can be drying and the intense brightness can be a real distraction after a while. Corporate executives who are looking for answers to eyes strain from hours of computer use may think this is the answer to prayers.

Sony Cancels Christmas Release of “The Interview”

Due to threats presented on the internet by what is assumed to be North Korean hackers, the Sony Pictures film “The Interview” has been cancelled. A statement by Sony said: “We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public. We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.” Brad Reifler, a major player in free enterprise and a foreign policy enthusiast cannot believe that a movie could have this much impact.

This batch of virtual attacks is another in a long string against Sony Pictures. Though this time they are coupled with the threat of physical violence towards moviegoers. The question remains as to whether North Korea has the capabilities to strike virtually or physically at all.